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  1. Where's that Liberal scrapbook? Better keep it handy. Here's a pic of Trudeau with a proven and vocal anti-Semite who was presented with a certificate of volunteerism. by a Liberal MP. The MP had to withdraw it and issue an apology to Canadians.



  2. capricorn

    Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    Justin Trudeau tells the widow of the civilian murdered he could not meet with her and her sons while in Fredericton to offer condolences cause he was too busy meeting with the families of the 2 murdered police officers. Understandably, she did not take it well. https://atlantic.ctvnews.ca/fredericton-widow-says-she-swore-at-trudeau-during-condolence-call-1.4055945 Another example of Trudeau's lack of tact and class.
  3. Yippie!!! Another stat holiday to be announced by the Feds to mark the residential schools :'legacy'.


    What else can we commemorate for a nice paid national holiday. How about National All Religions Day? You know, diversity is our strength.

  4. capricorn

    Canada's Refugee System in Chaos

    That includes politicians who see each of those refugees as a potential vote.
  5. Here's another one for the Liberal Party scrapbook. The mosque in question lost its charitable status for preaching hate and intolerance.




    1. capricorn


      Looking at that photo, I can't help noticing that the hands of the 2 Liberal politicians are not visible but the hands of the 3 mosque officials are in full view. Who's hugging who? Hmm.

  6. capricorn

    Saudi Arabia expells Canadian ambassador

    Some posters here have articulated opinions more interesting and plausible than the opinion of the CBC link you provide. I did not learn anything new by reading that opinion piece.
  7. capricorn

    Saudi Arabia expells Canadian ambassador

    That depends whether Trudeau/Freeland don't make another boneheaded undiplomatic move to escalate the situation. Sure, but it's a great place to vent.
  8. capricorn

    Saudi Arabia expells Canadian ambassador

    Sovereign states have the right to set their own justice systems without interference from other nations. Let's reverse the situation and suppose it was the KSA that was publicly criticizing Canada for being too lenient in prosecuting and punishing criminals. Would Canada remain silent? Or would Canada rebuke the KSA for interfering. The answer is fairly obvious.
  9. capricorn

    Saudi Arabia expells Canadian ambassador

    I don't think Trudeau has the stamina, physically and emotionally, to get his ass over to Riyadh to repair the relationship. It requires more brains for face to face diplomacy than jogging shirtless and marching in pride parades.
  10. capricorn

    What happened to the post numbers?

    Forget it Greg. Chalk it up to a moment of confusion on my part.
  11. I'm watching The Godfather again. I know, I should get a life. But it seems every time I watch it, I see something I missed the last time I watched it. :mellow:

    1. betsy


      It's due watching again  - the trilogy - sometime next year.   Along with Goodfellas.   And, Columbo.

  12. capricorn

    Canada's Refugee System in Chaos

    https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/micronesia-asylum-seekers-trudeau-tweets-1.4773362 How soon before those 1,250 make their way to our "irregular/illegal" border? Attention employment opportunity: bellhops needed at Lacolle PQ to carry luggage. Good pay and benefits. Apply on site.
  13. Seamus O'Regan, Minister of Veterans Affairs, apologizes for saying immigrants are better at creating companies and jobs than native born Canadians.


    Trolling for the immigrant vote, the Trudeau mindset in full display.

    1. betsy


      We know the Liberals mean for illegal border crossers to stay!  They're importing voters  - wholesale!

    2. capricorn


      Strange the English media did not report on this apology at all.

  14. capricorn

    Ford's welfare rollbacks

    This morning, in a call-in radio show one woman on the cancelled pilot project called to complain she didn't know how she would be able to pay her mortgage. The poor dear.
  15. capricorn

    Should assisted suicide be expanded?

    Thank you so much turningrite for sharing your personal experience. You provide much food for thought. I wish you well as you face your very serious challenges. What I find most objectionable about this case is that it appears some health care workers at that London hospital went outside the bounds of the assisted death law by offering it to him. This is against the law. And this under the guise that Mr. Foley can't afford the care he needs. Re resources yes it's a big problem and I really don't know how this can be resolved other that the government reassigning money from other programs. The funds spent on accommodating illegal migrants for one comes to mind.