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  1. Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould emphasized the need for an impartial and independent debate commission or commissioner in a letter to a House of Commons’ committee this week. “Formally establishing an independent commission to organize the debates could help ensure that the interests of Canadians, rather than private entities and political parties, are central to how leaders’ debates are organized and broadcast,” Gould wrote. She went on to outline some of the government’s views on how such an independent body would operate, including that it should be guided by various high-minded principles such as “democratic citizenship, civic education and inclusion.” The commission or commissioner should also ensure that “the decision they take reflects diversity in Canada,” she added, while working to ensure debates are as accessible as possible. Yet Gould was decidedly vague on whether the body should be set up inside Elections Canada as well as the politically sensitive question of how and when it should establish _ and publicly reveal _ the criteria for deciding leaders’ participation. The senior official, who did not have authorization to speak publicly, said the government has been working for some time and while some details are still being finalized, the intent is have the new entity ready for the October 2019 election. https://globalnews.ca/news/4466825/trudeau-liberals-leaders-debate-organizing-body/ How do you make political debates diverse and inclusive? Should be interesting to see how Liberals implement this ambitious plan.
  2. I used to be able to quote portions of media articles or excerpts from other members' posts. That quotation function has recently disappeared. How can I retrieve it?
  3. Trudeau switches from talking about "carbon tax" to "pollution tax". The more to appeal to the plebes.

  4. capricorn

    Ford eviscerates local GTA politics

    Stay granted on previous Bill 5 decision, paving way for 25-ward election https://www.thestar.com/news/toronto-election/2018/09/19/stay-granted-on-previous-bill-5-decision-paving-way-for-25-ward-election.html Without the NWC in the mix, what will be the protesters' rallying cry? "Dictator Ford puts Toronto politicians out of work." To which many Ontarians will say "GOOD, By the way, McDonald's is hiring."
  5. capricorn

    Québec Provincial Election

    From a Montreal Gazette blog: François Legault’s CAQ started the campaign with a comfortable lead. The new poll, conducted between Friday and Monday, indicates that, with less than two weeks remaining in the campaign, the CAQ and the Liberals are in a dead-heat. The CAQ has dropped four percentage points in a week, with the Liberals gaining one point, and Québec solidaire gaining three points. The latest standings: CAQ – 31 per cent; Liberals – 30 per cent; Parti Québécois – 21 per cent; Québec solidaire – 14 per cent. https://montrealgazette.com/news/live-quebec-election-does-francois-legault-still-hate-anglophones The linked blog has a ton of info on the upcoming election.
  6. capricorn

    Québec Provincial Election

    This election looks like it will be a nail biter. Legault (CAQ) got into trouble over the immigration file, resulting in a 5 point reduction in support and the Couillard Liberals are not far behind. The numbers were apparent in a Mainstreet Research poll released Monday, the first since the French debate. Mainstreet now has the CAQ at 31.8 per cent, down five full points since the first debate. The Liberals were at 29.2 per cent, essentially flatlining but still up 0.8 per cent, with the PQ up two points to 21.2 per cent, and QS up 2.5 points to 14.1 per cent. https://ipolitics.ca/2018/09/18/the-curious-case-of-quebecs-shifting-poll-numbers/
  7. capricorn

    Ford eviscerates local GTA politics

    Sophia Jones also doesn't like Ford's looks and repeats that sentiment in almost all his/her posts. Few politicians are as pretty as Justin Trudeau.
  8. capricorn

    Québec Provincial Election

    Sure it is. All politicians do it to up their chances of being elected.
  9. capricorn

    Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    After telling Canadians and veterans that veterans are asking for more than what the country can afford, it turns out that Trudeau and his government have left $372M earmarked for veterans unspent since taking office in November 2015. https://globalnews.ca/news/4447716/trudeau-liberals-leave-372m-meant-for-veterans-unspent/ It's despicable and shameful how the veterans are treated in this country.
  10. capricorn

    Ford eviscerates local GTA politics

    After vowing to not interfere with the matter of Ford invoking the NWC, Trudeau sticks his nose in it. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/toronto-mps-letter-against-ford-bill-1.4822576 I figured all along he could not hold his tongue on this matter and relished the opportunity to criticize Ford.
  11. capricorn

    NAFTA negotiations.

    To be fair, legalizing the weed will keep Trudeau's supporters high enough to vote for him once again. Of course, this is in addition to screwing up our relationship with the US, wishing that enough Canadians dislike Trump to win even more votes..
  12. capricorn

    NAFTA negotiations.

    https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/goldstein-liberal-nafta-strategy-trumps-a-tyrant In this climate of mutual distrust, I would be surprised if a deal was reached any time soon. Otherwise who would Trudeau and his crew run against in the next election?
  13. capricorn

    Québec Provincial Election

    There will be a leaders' debate on Thursday. Looks like immigration will be the main issue. https://montrealgazette.com/news/quebec/liberals-would-help-regions-attract-and-keep-immigrant-workers The CAQ wants immigrants to learn French within a given timeline or leave Quebec. Not surprising, the party is at only 11% of support in the latest poll. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/caq-would-give-immigrants-3-years-to-learn-french/ar-BBN08VX The latest polling. https://montrealgazette.com/news/quebec/quebec-election-liberals-slipping-in-latest-poll-as-war-for-nationalist-votes-rages
  14. capricorn

    I am the New Minister of Immigration!

    I applaud your appointment as Immigration Minister and agree with your plan of action. I would add one more step, preferably right at the beginning of the process. Make it mandatory for all prospective immigrants and would-be refugee to view a short film depicting our harsh Canadian winters. Show plenty of ice and freezing rain, and blinding snowstorms. That should make some think twice about choosing Canada as a desirable destination weather wise.