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  1. Ontario PCs will place stickers on all gas pumps bringing attention to the fact that increase in gas prices is due to the Federal Liberals carbon tax. Or as the PM likes to say "price on pollution". That should suck some votes away from the Grits.
  2. When Trudeau stopped giving (non)answers to questions, he started scribbling furiously in a binder. Guess he was bored and wanted to be elsewhere.
  3. Where's Sophie? :huh:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. scribblet


      @capricorn  im  betting she's pregnant

    3. capricorn


      Maybe, but I'm thinking she's just ashamed of him and staying away from the spotlight. I haven't heard anything of her since the India debacle. And, if Margaret is still living with them there's another reason to vamoose somewhere, maybe Montreal.

    4. BubberMiley


      Ah.. Justin's wife. I get it. I should have realized. Of course you've been writing a soap opera in your head with Trudeau as the central character.

      Of course.

  4. Another dead giveaway that you were previously a MLW member under a different moniker. You're right though. BC knows more about Canada then most Canadians.
  5. "Li'l buddy" will give you away every time. :lol:

  6. Trudeau called a byelection for BC Nanaimo-Ladysmith for May 6. Is this an indication that he will not call an early general election?

    1. scribblet


      Looks that way...  a good way to get parties to spend their money so they do not  have enough for the election

  7. "That was before his head went pear-shaped and he started a UFO talk show."

    - Stonehenge Apocalypse.

  8. Justin is reviving political ghosts to look into Lavscam and to make recommendations to the Liberals. He has recruited Anne McLellan, otherwise known as Landslide Annie :lol: for the job.

    "She was re-elected by narrow margins in the new riding of Edmonton West in the 1997 and 2000 elections, despite the Liberals' general unpopularity in Alberta.[5] Her frequent narrow escapes gave her the nickname "Landslide Annie" in Canadian political circles."

    1. betsy


      Looks like this drama will be alive for a long time! :lol:

  9. The Liberal majority injustice committee strikes again.

    1. betsy


      I bet they're in a panic over this:


      OECD announces it is monitoring SNC-Lavalin scandal, raising prospect Canada has violated international anti-bribery agreement


  10. Anyone for pizza?

  11. In addition the Liberals insisting that the SNC Lavalin HQ would leave Canada (Quebec specifically) if found guilty in a criminal trial is a monumental lie. It's reported the company has just spent millions renovating their premises and they signed a deal to remain in Montreal until 2024. Lie upon lie from the Liberals. Why all these efforts to save this company's skin? The real motive will eventually be uncovered by the media.
  12. Watching Trudeau speak, he gives positive sounding sound bites but shakes his head from side to side implying "no". "Jobs jobs, reconciliation, jobs jobs....."

    1. capricorn


      He blew it.

    2. capricorn


      Trudeau will be apologizing to the Inuit this afternoon for the tuberculosis outbreak from the 40s to the 60s.. Obviously he cannot offer more than one apology per day.

    3. scribblet


      No contrition, no sorry, bordering on arrogant as he blamed Raybould....     Are you going to apologize?   Yes, I'm apologizing to the Inuit this afternoon  !!


  13. Well, after about 3 minutes into Butts' opening words, I don't have to hear anything else. He disagreed with JWR's characterization of events. Quelle surprise.

    1. scribblet


      Butts: "I am fully aware that two people can experience the same meeting differently." "I do not see how our brief meeting could constitute pressure." .......  he actually said that

      Alternate universe?

      Liberals actually voted against Butts testifying under oath and did not volunteer to do so

    2. scribblet


      Sigh....  women just don't understand

    3. DogOnPorch


      Buncha hysterical flighty things. Not sound thinkers like Butts and JT.


  14. He's getting out of town while the going's good.
  15. Wilson-Raybould throws grenades at Justin Trudeau. Trudeau needs to resign and call an election.

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    2. scribblet


      He can't  throw her out as an mp....  also she confirmed Butts did lobby her directly.   is this now a crisis....

    3. betsy


      Raybould wasted no time at all!  She lobbed right away. 

      When asked if she'll get thrown out of caucus - she said she doesn't think they'll throw her out of caucus.   That was a.........challenge.

      She's daring Trudeau to throw her out of caucus.


      I have such great admiration and respect for this lady.  She is the role model for indigenous youth!

    4. betsy


      Trudeau underlined his lies when he did not answer the question whether he told Raybould that he is a  member for Quebec (Papineau).  Instead, he repeated his talking point about jobs!


      When all you can do is give talking points - it means, yes!  Raybould is telling the truth!  No doubt about that, AT ALL!

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