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  1. Why most American NGOs are target for criticism I wonder? I believe that it’s due to the fact they are not doing the job they actually should do. Their major function is to stay on guard of the USA constitution and democracy and rights of the American citizens. I would say NGOs are meant as part of check and balances system. Instead of that presently they are unfortunately tools to push pseudo democracies abroad. The worst thing about it is that it seems to be a deliberate decision by Bush command. Look at that childish democracy games in the Ukraine e.g. They are result of American NGO’s activities as well. Meanwhile we are facing more problems inside the USA than outside it. There’s appalling corruption in the upper echelons of power while rights of ordinary Americans are abused. Mind those abuses do not occur just occasionally but have become habitual practice. And our privacy is part of the past not the present. Special services are charged with intercepting private phone calls and mass media outlets are functioning under censorship in fact. I would calibrate this as the totalitarian regime rather than matured democracy. IMHO it’s time to use our NGOs to change things for better inside the USA.
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