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  1. there is a date. and Ukraine didn't get all of the assistance because the administration delayed too long.
  2. read the article i cited! Russia spent $3 billion less in 2017 ($66.3 billion) than they did the previous year compared with NATO spending $900 billion! what kind of a fuckin "dominant position" does one need?! NATO spending accounts for 52% of world spending on military! get a grip! lol! its a shake down...
  3. arms manufacture and oil are the biggest industries in the world and the most disruptive. check it out... the arms business is taking the US tax payer to the cleaners... why should Canada hop on board any more than we already are? Defense Spending by Country
  4. protection racket! again, take NATO as an example... there's no reason to be spending that kind of money. all countries should be drawing that down... the US is the ONLY one wanting increases in spending because they are the predominant suppliers of the products. NATO military spending continues to dwarf that of Russia
  5. utter bullshit. this is an old ruse that the US are doing all this for "the West". its a protection racket, pure and simple. if any country wants to be an "ally" of the US then we all know what they need to give up in return.
  6. yeah, its like my fence with my neighbor. he owns the fencing company that will build the fence and suspiciously he wants a fancy fence that i don't think we need.
  7. i might add that if Trump doesn't like the Iran deal he has every right to introduce modifications... he has not. he has no ideas. all he does is tear up existing agreements and then introduce new ones that are 95% the old ones with 5% window dressing and call it the best deal ever. the guy has no ideas.
  8. sorry, did Trump promise to get out of the middle east or do something about it? i'm confused. iran had an agreement with P5+1. are you implying that Canada should have negotiated its own deal with iran? here's an idea... want Canada to have a real say? then make us a member of the UN security council! oh yeah... the big guys aren't going to allow some small state to have an equal say. Trump can complain all he likes about NATO members not ponying up... the US is the biggest arms dealer in the world. NATO spends way too much compared to any of their adversaries... its just a cash cow that US arms manufacturers want to increase profits from. what Trump should be saying is "i'm going to safe US tax payers a bundle and reduce our NATO spending to that percentage of GDP that other countries are"... oh, but thats not good for US business! so, not happening.
  9. are we at war? as always... the innocent suffer most. funny how Trump is soooo silent on the matter. no, not funny, very telling.
  10. me too, then i can kill my neighbor for his lands and women in the coming barbarism towards feudalism. the perishing of the weak and assault on the life expectancy of the strong will be a small price to pay for the glorious display of unbridled narcissism.
  11. crass disregard for the lives of innocent people who often have no choice but to travel because of family.
  12. White House violated the law by freezing Ukraine aid, GAO says of course, detractors will declare that the politically independent GAO has been infiltrated by Deep State forces decades ago in preparation for the anointment of the chosen one.
  13. and Trump wants the NATO deadbeats to help out in the middle east! for what? to make things right again? cause he can't do that? hahaha! oh the sudden realization that international allies maybe aren't such a bad idea... but too late for Donald. maybe Russia can help?
  14. Canadians bitch. people who were born here, lived here, were loved by families... here. caused by iranian missiles, caused by trumps escalations.
  15. glad we're all in agreement that Trump just caused the deaths of innocent Canadian civilians and others on that plane. its a tinderbox and Trump just threw in the match. no need for heads up for anybody... including our troops. he's a military genius, of course.
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