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  1. Boehner said it. if he has no shame then i have no shame.
  2. banging a beautiful communist spy while not providing any classified information is what James Bond types do. agreed the known facts with Gaetz are insufficient. only time will tell. but i'm calling it... not even Fox is rushing to help Gaetz. Trump is AWOL. Gaetz is hanging in the wind.
  3. "Unlike ActBlue, which is a nonprofit, WinRed is a for-profit company. It makes its money by taking 30 cents of every donation, plus 3.8 percent of the amount given." holly fuck. buyer beware i guess with the old Trump donations. i here he can't wait to get that super PAC in gear! luxury real estate is for losers!
  4. yeah, its not about what was in her court documents that immediately got thrown out. it was what she was saying at media announcement after media announcement and regurgitating on fox news and having fox news people say over and over again that she said. in those statements she never ever says that the claims are "wild accusations", "impossible" or any of the rest of it.thats what Dominion is going to lean on... i'm calling it that she's toast.
  5. if Swalwell was knowingly giving secure information to a Chinese spy then he should be hung out to dry. except that never happened. and the senate intelligence committee would have been party to that information when it was led by the GOP under the Trump admin. under the Trump admin, Gaetz gets a DOJ investigation, his associate gets indicted. he's not been charged or convicted yet... so maybe when the girls were talking about high school he thought they were talking about college? honest mistake!
  6. these people were just jumping under the bus for Trump... the "people say", "someone just handed me this", "i don't know if its true but" president. since that stuff doesn't even make it on to paper in court cases someone had to lie down on the road for him. typical mob boss stuff.
  7. funny how "leftist lies" stand up as fact in court! "leftist" being anyone who isn't wearing a tin foil hat and claiming that the election was stolen by Hugo Chavez. hahaha!
  8. yeah, but Swalwell was never under investigation for anything. and his party still supports him. not even Fox news supports Gaetz now. he's fucked.
  9. whether you like him or hate him... Boehner has a view of the inside. conservatism used to be about less taxes, less welfare state which meant less wealth distribution all around. and then the usual made up hot button social conservative topics. now its the party of ludicrous conspiracy theory, elite sex pedophile rings, lizard people, gun nuts, name calling even though no one knows what the names mean. Panic Rooms, Birth Certificates and the Birth of GOP Paranoia i honestly think that the GOP caters now to the aging baby boomers who have lost their minds to senility and a lack
  10. i find this topic very interesting. it reminds me how long blacks protested in South Africa for decades and got nothing but death and segregation until the black boycott of businesses in Port Elizabeth in 1985. apartheid was defeated. Top CEOs speak out against Georgia's voting restrictions
  11. yeah i love that. whether it be Powell or Tucker... they're all claiming in court that "no reasonable person would believe" them! hilarious!
  12. unless there was a political effort to slow walk that... until after the next presidential election.
  13. i learned from the best of them! thanks WestCanMan!
  14. its very possible that this extortion guy saw some opportunity... its the opportunity that matt is sweating.
  15. and since i make all of my money from a corporation that i own. i agree. its hard not to feel bad for the "taxed at source" slaves but... oh well. anyways, off topic! lets watch Rudy, Powel and Fox sweat!
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