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  1. just heard that patty, who owns "100 percent fed up" has been contacted by R lawyers and will be a star witness in front of a judge tomorrow!! sorry, i made that up... its not happening. patty won't be showing up in front of a judge because she's afraid of perjury charges.
  2. geesh, has a judge seen any of the shit on that site? no, of course not. there aren't any Trump lawyers bringing any of those "facts" to a judge because... it ain't true. there isn't a fathom of anything about it thats true.
  3. did you miss me? Donald Trump is a one term president who was impeached. Isn't that a presidential record? doesn't that make him the biggest US presidential loser in history?
  4. yeah but... one is a talking head on tv. the other is the president of the united states. theres a difference. lots of people don't like Hannity or Carlson either... but you don't see elected officials trying to promote fake murder conspiracies against those guys. Trump is going to use his power to have people who don't like him arrested... its going there.
  5. no, of course not... but since its a flame war then i fight with flames. and Trump is an idiot so... its so easy. and this shit that i posted here is pretty serious. its a new level for any world politician. worthy of any old banana republic. and apparently, people like me have some mental condition... where as Trump who spends his day watching TV and tweeting bogus murder accusations at TV personalities from the oval office, and those people who think that theres nothing at all odd about that behavior, they're perfectly normal.
  6. and unable to have appropriate constructive dialogue. People With Extreme Political Views Have Trouble Thinking About Their Own Thinking
  7. Plump Trump lashes out at Morning Joe because he doesn't like him. Barr to "reopen" non existent case and seek the death penalty. Trump promotes conspiracy theory accusing MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough of murder "guess i wasn't so bad after all" George W Bush
  8. yet another big racist baby tantrum. Trump abruptly leaves briefing after clash with reporters 80k dead and climbing.
  9. you started it WestCanMan. my first forum posts had titles like "Will the Virus bring Trump down?" not inflammatory or biased at all. the virus is a concern for any political figure.
  10. cops do this all the time. all the time! its a regular police tactic man! there is no "abuse of power". cops do this to squeeze info out of participants. Flynn lied when there was no reason for him to lie? Flynn was cooperating until he got the message that Trump was going to do everything that he could to get him off. talk about abuse of power! i understand the need for Trump supporters to glom on to any shred of hope. any tiny mistake made by the cops. they did it by the book. they do this ALL THE TIME at all levels of policing. they do it because it works. Stone is next. mark my w
  11. what are you talking about, Shady? there was a crime investigation. it was an investigation into collusion with Russia. the Trump campaign had numerous close ties to Russians. the Russians were actively engaged to influence the election. its basic logic to want to see where that goes because if there had been quid pro quo for Russian help then that would have been illegal. certainly its all a little mute at this point as Trump has been unsuccessful at making the Putin regime look like a bunch of nice guys. but Trump has still paid off for Putin with the withdraw of the US from the world m
  12. i'm sorry Rue. you know that i did participate in constructive dialogue in the past. not sure how one combats complete drivel spam like that from Tbot. as i said, i'm guilty of fighting fire with fire. if there is some other tactic that i could employ then please let me know. i suspect that without moderation then this forum is dead anyways. Tbot is only the first to come. soon the white supremacists etc... they'll all be here.
  13. fuck you're just such an obvious troll. there is no logical discussion with you. you're incapable of it. are you just sitting in some office in Russia or something. funny that you "joined" this forum in march and already have 600 posts. you are a professional Russian troll.
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