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  1. more Whataboutism? can you cite anything even nearly as numerous? my favorite bit is Hannity... "lets bludgeon Trump with this new hoax", "we've never called the virus a hoax".. just classic stuff.
  2. Convicted by a jury of peers! Thats when the bullshit meets its match my friend. Stone, Flynn, Manafort etc etc all convicted by a jury of peers. Trump will do no better when his day comes. He is trying to sell his absolute immunity defense already.
  3. The Trump death panels! How hospitals will decide who lives and who dies in the COVID-19 crisis
  4. hilarious. Fox has done a 180 in three days! On Fox News, suddenly a very different tune about the coronavirus
  5. Saying Quiet Part Very Loud, Trump Admits "You'd Never Have a Republican Elected in This Country Again" If Voting Access Expanded "The things they had in there were crazy," Trump said of the voter protection and expansion proposals in the bill. "They had things—levels of voting that, if you ever agreed to it, you'd never have a Republican elected in this country again." HAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAHA.... ugh sputter, no really, HAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAHA!
  6. Flynn is probably one of the most interesting characters. because its as if he really does have the goods on Trump. Trump seems to be sweating this one. And its interesting how he can assume unsubstantiated information as reason to pursue his agenda... so that he can blame someone else later i guess as thats seems to be his MO. Donald Trump 'strongly considering full pardon' for Michael Flynn
  7. what are you even talking about? what a bunch of pseudo medical science arm chair stuff, Rue. come on. look, i get your position. everyones going to get it so... let it go. if you don't agree that we should be attempting to flatten the curve to ensure that the medical system stays intact and that everyone gets the attention they need then thats fine. they can do this in Taiwan and Japan but maybe not here. and current shutdowns are simply trying to blunt the first wave and attempt to exhibit more control on infection rates. Is Taiwan's impressive response to COVID-19 possible in Canada? but i might add that its most interesting the amount of "fear monger" discussion going around and how its directed at "media" or "politicians" or whoever but never at the medical community! they're the ones on tv everyday warning that the medical system will shortly be overrun. i'm not worried as i'm not old enough to be seriously at risk. but i don't want to have our medical system inaccessible for the next year either. or having our economy shut down indefinitely because we can't get people to not take it seriously. like i said, i have family in Japan and its business as usual over there aside from a lot more masks in public. the economy hasn't taken any kind of a hit. we can do the same here but my understanding is that we need to blunt any kind of wave. and the wave is the drastic upwards trend being seen by the medical community. those are the charts with the rockets going straight up!
  8. Trump is doing well in the polls with this currently. if you go back and read some of the good posts at the very beginning of this thread there was a bunch of good back and forth about how well this could turn out for him if he handled it properly. i'd suggest his floundering on not keeping a strict war footing (like most state governors) is precarious. he seems enthralled by the state of the economy and that if the economy isn't spectacular then his political fortunes are sunk. he needs to give that up. history has provided that "war presidents" do well irrespective of the economy. as also identified, this is a perfect situation for him to further solidify control of power. given how directly he has approached this in the past he is not seizing the opportunity. here nor there as long as he thinks he has the political capital to continue.
  9. we're at the very beginning of a logarithmic curve, man... check it out, the curve is a rocket going straight up: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ do the math. for every 100M infected there will be 2M dead. its unknown how many will be infected in the first wave. but without immediate severe action then it could easily be 1/4 to 2/3's of the population in the US. 1/3 gives you the 2M dead. i'm not really sure what "fear mongering" people are talking about.
  10. this article is a must read as it identifies specifically what was discussed earlier in this thread. whether Trump, the authoritarian leader, would take the bull by the horns and run with this opportunity for absolute federal power. Trump Is an Authoritarian Weakman "Coronavirus would be the perfect opportunity for an autocrat. Trump isn’t taking it." "But the stylistic question—how much ability Trump has to tailor his brand of politics to fit new circumstances and meet new demands—may well have been settled decisively in this crisis. The answer is no." i'm proposing that this puts him in a weak position going into the election cycle. it was either all in or not.
  11. Honest Government Ad | Coronavirus: Flatten The Curve
  12. lavish blanket appraisals appropriate for those who prefer dog whistles to informed dialogue. people aren't republicans or democrats... they're people who vote either for republican or democrat candidates. and when properly informed are completely capable of coming to sane decisions that benefit everyone involved.
  13. Republicans Are Worried Coronavirus Stimulus Bill Is Too Generous to the Unemployed "Lindsey Graham thinks it “incentives” people to lay themselves off, because he has no idea how layoff works." this should be popular with southern rural voters... of course, they'll be watching Fox News so they'll never hear about it.
  14. i don't use words like that. look, if you want to say that R governors saying stuff like the presidents message is "confusing" or "of no help" or whatever is a clear case of them bonding ideologically with the president then so be it. to use blanket dog whistle words that are designed to blanket all criticism or investigative thought is an entirely different matter.
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