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  1. Sidney Powell seeks dismissal of Dominion's $1.3B suit "reasonable people would not accept such statements as fact but view them only as claims that await testing"
  2. i said, that people are listening to Tucker, Maddow etc... and treating that as fact. when, in fact, it is not fact. more news, less "opinion", which isn't even opinion but some kind of wild mind control echo chamber shit.
  3. i'm glad to hear that everyone is in agreement that Tucker is no a news anchor. its unfortunate that whether its Tucker or Maddow that people still view their "opinions" as fact. what the US needs to do is return to the old FCC fairnes doctrine so that the US consumer gets less echo chamber and more facts.
  4. of course, Tucker already covered this but... his lawyers proved in court that he doesn't actually report fact. Tucker Carlson Thinks Everybody’s Too Upset About Trump Supporters Invading the Capitol nothing to worry about really.. Capitol rioter charged with assaulting DC officer buried stolen police badge in NY backyard: FBI "was pulled into the crowd where people beat, tased and robbed him of his police badge, police radio and MPD-issued 17-round magazine, while also trying to forcibly remove his service weapon from its fixed holster. He lost consciousness and was hospit
  5. yeah, wonder why... oh, i think we know why. Judge rules ICE must keep records about sexual assault and detainee deaths
  6. Duckworth slams Tucker Carlson over remarks on women in the military "F*ck Tucker Carlson. While he was practicing his two-step, America’s female warriors were hunting down Al Qaeda and proving the strength of America’s women. " yeah, i know, i know... Duckworth is a democrat. but since she's "a former combat pilot in the Iraq War who lost both legs after her helicopter was downed", i'd say she's got more street cred then "dancing with the stars" Tucker!
  7. i think if MIGs shot down a pregnant women then... no one would want to side with the Russians. women around the world would be fist pumping for that women. you go girl!
  8. from the judge dismissing a defamation suit against Tucker... supported by evidence presented in Tuckers defense. Judge Rules Tucker Carlson Is Not a Credible Source of News 'This “general tenor” of the show should then inform a viewer that he is not “stating actual facts” about the topics he discusses and is instead engaging in “exaggeration” and “non-literal commentary.” ' its to bad that Tucker has so many non-reasonable viewers. case closed. no facts from Tucker.
  9. of course Ron Johnson isn't afraid of an insurrectionist mob attacking the capitol! he's one of them! haha! Ron Johnson says he didn't feel threatened Jan. 6. If BLM or Antifa stormed Capitol, he 'might have.' just... might have? its more of that "the overthrow of democracy by an angry mob for the sake of a populist tyrant who doesn't give a shit about them anyways ain't so bad as everyone is saying" excuse. and more of "the overthrow of democracy is not half as bad as having racial equality in policing" shtick. hilarious.
  10. RINO's everywhere!! GOP doesn't need election reform to win, Georgia's lieutenant governor says
  11. 70%! thats twice Trumps all time average in the first 50 days! winning! haaha! i can't name anything he's done. probably nothing. but he's already 70% doing nothing! but i don't really care. its just fun to toss this stuff at zealots...
  12. the hordes are coming! the hordes are coming! except that the number of undocumented immigrants in the US continues the decline year after year for the past decade with no noticeable change in that decline under Trump or Obama policies. Illegal Immigration In America Has Continued To Decline
  13. but i thought the media was FAKE? confused again... why would Biden take questions from the FAKE media? suddenly its important to take questions from the FAKE media?
  14. indeed, you won't hear about Ratburger again! he's a snitch who CLEARLY HID election fraud somewhere but nobody knows how or where or when... but that doesn't matter, he's UN-LOYAL to the KING of the US democracy. but you will hear about no voting on Sundays! multi-day line ups to vote in poor, black, democratic leaning counties where it will be illegal to eat, drink, go to the bathroom or be in the shade to stay in line! and you must have a Republican party ID to vote anyways!
  15. of course i know what a combat role is. but i'm not an expert. are you an expert? didn't think so... come on! both WCM and DOP are alluding to something... just say it. the military isn't for women! right?! thats what Tucker was saying. stop dancing around like pansies and man up! pun intended! haha!
  16. No voting on Sunday! that keeps the FRAUD down a bunch...
  17. even more importantly... who cares? Bidens has 70% approval rating on Covid response. i guess the administration is interpreting this as "less some ass yapping in your face" is a good thing. since "some ass yapping in your face all the time" never pushed Trump higher than 40% approval rating!
  18. yeah, but when are we going to have REAL freedom? when are we going to get rid of stop signs, speed limits, seat belt and drunk driving laws?! god, i could go on and on at the number of communist plots to control our freedom and minds! really, if you think about it... not wearing a silly mask is such a small victory.
  19. i know nothing about it. just identifying that the people who DO know about it are telling people like Tucker who DON'T know about it to shut the fuck up. haha! i'm obviously not a fan of Tucker. that man can thread a dump truck of bullshit through the eye of a needle and not even blink. his methods are so obvious. one, set up a bogus baseline of facts with "everyone knows that", "that should be obvious" etc... and, two, have those bogus assumptions prove some deranged hypothesis, "the others are trying to destroy our nation", "elites are in control of the government and are trying to des
  20. of course not. wtf does that have to do with anything? do pregnant police officers participate in swat raids? what kind of silly argument are you making? is that the argument Tucker was making? i admit that i didn't catch that segment. would have loved to see it. but now that i'm thinking about it... no problem with women operating combat drones pregnant. if thats a "combat role". or with bouffant hair! haha! as long as they hit the target.
  21. is that what they said? no, they didn't say that... they said that women will serve. and since they're women, they will get pregnant and will continue to serve.
  22. Editor at conservative journal: Trumpism has become something 'between a business and a racket' "every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business and eventually degenerates into a racket"
  23. US military tells Tucker to shut the fuck up. Military leaders thrash Tucker Carlson after comments about female troops “remember that those opinions were made by an individual who has never served a day in his life.”
  24. hahaha! only donate to me!!! Trump doubles down on calls to donate directly to him this is going to roast the RNC.
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