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  1. its always personal when people promote that children catching large pieces of metal in their bodies is acceptable politically. or on any level. this is a site for Canadians and I don't know any Canadians who share that belief system. I also suspect there won't be another forum participant on this board who will support similar. unless there is another paid crank from the US participating. to be clear. I don't hate Trump. I bet he's a pretty fun guy to hang out with. I wouldn't allow him to run my business or my country. but whatever. you're not going hear real voices. you're a machine.
  2. like I've stated. you're being brainwashed to expect less. its, we're all corrupt so pick your corruption. you're the one giving up. I've been back on this board for a short time and I've already detected that bush_cheney2004 is a professional crank. this is what she does for a living.
  3. I'm not really interested in getting along with an american profession crank. this site is hosted by the University of Lethbridge which is a Canadian funded entity. its not a forum for foreign professional actors.
  4. i see what you guys are saying... its like when people get upset about crooked cops. how should we expect all cops not to be crooked?! no need to complain or demand that cop be fired! we can't afford to keep looking for honest cops! same with those damn fireman, judges etc etc.. whats a little corruption! whats a little killing foreign children! get over it! that's the job!
  5. how would you know anything about "most Canadians"? Trump deserves to have his share of children slaughtered?
  6. maybe you could do us a favor and ignore us too then. cause most Canadians don't think its cool to blow up children. doesn't matter who it is. you just justify it because you've been doing it so long. right? so you're down with it.
  7. wow, this is a job for you isn't it? I got your number now girl. don't think I can't sniff out a professional crank. you may fool regular posters but I can tell someone who really knows how to confuse rather than place anything in laser focus when it just.... doesn't... look... good.
  8. we get your point that you make consistently. Trump can shoot someone on 5th avenue and there isn't a damn thing that anyone can do about it. and that people like you will make sure of it. you keep making out that no ones getting hurt. but then just recently Trump had a phone call and suddenly Kurdish children were getting their body parts separated. not really sure if you just completely lack any form of ethics, morals or... you're some kind of political volunteer or you're paid to do this. I mean, this is a Canadian political forum for Canadians, right?
  9. man, the public impeaching hearings are going to be killer fun! god I hope Fiona Hill is on the ticket.. check out her testimony to date: Fiona Hill shuts Republicans up In particular, Jim Jordans star staffer getting shut down by Fiona! thata girl!
  10. geesh, Clinton got a blowjob. how can you compare that to the big D!? hahahaa! its totally understandable why the House could easily take years doing what its doing because just about everything Don touches lights on fire. campaign finance violations, obstruction of justice, federal election law, impoundment control act... etc.. etc... lets face it, the Iran-Contra scandal and Watergate are so light weight!
  11. ok, I agree then that that's an answer. albeit, a very scary one. supporters don't seem to care about the US position on the international stage. he could be having children cut up for body parts or whatever... as long as he's still "our" guy! geesh. I guess it has been a long time since Rs have had a president that they could be proud of. Bush Sr? and what is that end? does his supporters devise what that is? or does the R machine define that? I mean, overnight, "conservatism" went from one set of ideas to Trumps ideas. but that's another post I guess.
  12. I think Clinton was impeached. "Impeachment is the process by which a legislative body levels charges against a government official. Impeachment does not in itself remove the official definitively from office; it is similar to an indictment in criminal law, and thus it is essentially the statement of charges against the official. " Impeachment
  13. well, you're probably right. I think he probably has pushed things as far as they can go. but it is interesting that none of his supporters on this forum are able to answer the original question. what that breaking point is for them.
  14. being a dirty politician is not a bad thing? like, when you vote you go... "hmm, lets see...who is the dirtiest politician? you know, the most underhanded. the guy you can trust not to trust. that guys got my vote!" move to Russia where those decisions are made for you!
  15. intuitive?!! haahah! you're hilarious. is this like, lizard people intuition?
  16. yeah? and what purpose was that? the only purpose of anyone around Trump is to do his dirty work and if they get caught get thrown under the bus by him because he didn't tell them to do no dirty work. hahaha! from what we're hearing now, Boulton sounds like a real upstanding guy.
  17. we know now why Boulton was pushed out now... he wasn't in on the "drug deal".
  18. no persuasive evidence of systemic, deliberate mishandling of classified information and this is from Trumps State Department. as I've pointed out.... the rule of law can be a bitch. when its obvious that not a jury in the nation will convict someone then its best just to let it go then fail trying. of course, doesn't mean you can't look to other nations that desperately need help for a little assistance.
  19. as I've said... the danger is that Trump is in real legal jeopardy. more than any other president in recent history. and he knows it. unless he can be sure that the next president will pardon him then he's fucked. so, he's all in for tyranny. when he jokes about serving three terms or four terms... you know how Trump works. its not really a joke. he's not the kind of guy who wouldn't start stuffing ballot boxes. or worse. then he won't need his supporters anymore. its not like, he actually likes his supporters, right? I mean, seriously? he's spent his whole life looking down on yahoos like tha
  20. No, your answer is loud and clear... There is no illegality that Trump can be involved in that would need to be addressed in a court of law. Trump is above the law. If "they" cheat, "we" cheat. If "they" mangle democracy to gain power, "we" mangle democracy to gain power. If "they" lie, "we" lie. A nation of laws no more. Only corrupt power. Sad.
  21. again, the rule of law is all between one and tyranny. this seems to be the argument that Trump and the machine push... that everyone is corrupt. choose your corruption. what I will suggest is that no, all corruption needs to be dealt with appropriately to the rule of law. I mean, your argument is that, yes, Trump is above the law. is that what you're saying? and what if he gets away with this? every part of American policy is open to being dependent on something for Trump? then it'll be a cut in his pocket like the Russian oligarchs? like I said, there is a line. I'm asking about it
  22. no, its not a dumb question. and I propose that it tells a lot about fervent supporters of just about anything... I, for one, certainly know when I would regret voting for a particular candidate. they don't get carte blanche to do whatever they want. and maybe that's whats going to be the most shocking to fervent supporters of political parties or politicians... that there are people out there who are not locked in. there are people who when told to drink the cool aide then say "no, not doing that".
  23. well that a whole other topic to itself isn't it... the Republicans biggest supporters are old white male country folk. you know... hillbillies. everyone know how smart dem folks is!
  24. you know that project veritas is for tin foil hat people, right? hahaahah! I mean, talk about super cruel. they take down ACORN who is out there working for poor people and then are forced to admit that they lied and pay $100k in damages to the guy who lost his job over it. they admitted to making the whole thing up... but poor people got nothing out of it. they just lost a community outreach resource. fuck the poor, right?
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