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  1. Alex Jones is sick of Trump and wishes he never met him! I think there are a lot of R's and people on the right who feel the same. Alex Jones seen on leaked video saying he's 'sick' of Donald Trump
  2. that was pretty easy! Tuckers staff spent all day and couldn't find me!
  3. whew! i was getting scared there... Tucker Carlson Suggests QAnon Doesn't Exist Because He Can't Find Its Website i guess all of those Q shirts, signs and flags are just associated with the rise in popularity in the letter "Q"!
  4. hang on! i thought that those people died of old age or other illnesses! Trump said so! he said that all of the numbers were being exaggerated! Tucker said the same thing! but now we're told that state governors were hiding numebers? and that the numbers were real? how is it that you can say one thing and then as soon as Biden is in office say the opposite?!
  5. i might add that its not surprising that rabid Trump supporters push memes that imply armed violence.
  6. maybe you could continue to argue this in the "was the election fraudulent" thread. even though its bullshit. the rate at which tallied votes are reported has nothing to do with voter fraud. there is nothing "statistical" about it.
  7. only fools pledge allegiance to one man. thats called a cult. but back on topic. yeah, Trump doesn't have to just defeat the "left" anymore... he has a war within his own party to fight first. and Ds would love for Trump to come back in 2024. they'd just show insurrection videos all day... the same videos that 70% of voters blame him for. Ds are just going to go about running the country for four years while Trump destroys the republican party. no, the Rs have to ditch that pig now, and they know it. Thats why Mitch "the traitor" McConnell and others are pushing in that direction.
  8. and if he runs in 2024... Rs are finished. he's a one term guy who didn't win the popular vote either election and NEVER broke 50% approval rating. is it only going to get better from here? by doubling down on the same old same old? Trump is the Ds best political friend... 2020 proved it. and i love this video. "dems never learn". well, they just learned how to win an election against Trump! hahaha!
  9. Maryland's governor looks forward to post-Trump GOP "I think the party has a winning message. We just had a bad messenger." yeah, i think he got that right.
  10. Mitch rips Trump as the idiot he is... but acquits him? because its unconstitutional even though a bipartisan majority of the senate decided that it was constitutional? yep, it is now known to be possible that the US could turn into a tyranny. but yeah, the leader of the R senate agrees that Trump was responsible for the insurrection! McConnell rips Trump, says actions 'unconscionable' but trial was unconstitutional "There's no question... that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day," he said. "The people who stormed this
  11. you're not actually serious are you?! hahahaha! CLEARLY, Trump is an idiot! everyone knows this! even his supporters! and he does NOTHING for anyone but himself! that is also clear to his supporters. the idiot is accepted to keep the "others" party out and nothing more really.
  12. oh my, some Rs close to Trump are lying? which ones? well, of course we know Trump is serial liar but.. House Republican pleads for Pence, Trump aides to speak out on Jan. 6 insurrection "Herrera Beutler issued the statement amid a new wave of attention on a story she has been telling since last month: that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy relayed details of a phone call he had with Trump while the violent mob was ransacking the Capitol. In Herrera Beutler's telling, McCarthy urged Trump to call off the mob, to which Trump initially responded t
  13. i think i cleared up the interest in calling international free enterprise... "left". thats fine, whatever you want to call it. i agree completely with your assessment of the effects of cheap labor.
  14. sparked by another great thread... Trump needed his voters to show up in person and Biden voters to vote by mail so that he could cast doubt on vote by mail. As designed, he claimed the virus wasn't a serious issue for months! And because of it, 400,000 people are dead! but lucky for him, politicians are rarely held accountable (aside from being voted out of office) due to their purposeful inaction in times of crisis. what an intense desire not to fail Trump has... so many dead.
  15. but Tucker said the counts were being inflated! Fox Hosts Now Convinced Coronavirus Death Tolls Are Being Inflated what is it? under counted or over counted? make up your mind. i'd suggest that because Trump needed his voters to show up in person and Biden voters to vote by mail so that he could cast doubt on vote by mail, as designed, he claimed the virus wasn't a serious issue for months! and because of it, 400,000 people are dead!
  16. ah ok, so your definition of "left" is collectivism... say, vs individualism. whether that be government collectivism or free enterprise collectivism.
  17. waiting for the solid defense, DogOnPooch... but we all know one is not coming. heehehehe
  18. funny how you use video like this to somehow prove that it was just a big pillow fight! hahahaha! hilarious!
  19. ouch! another rat fleeing... i mean, traitor!
  20. well good thing he's gone then as he was naive. and the way the Dems were able to hide all of their corruption and even a national election heist. to the point where there is no evidence admissible in a court of law. and yet Trump practically advertised his flaunts. Trump's clearly an idiot. need a stronger candidate next time who can play ball with the best of them.
  21. well, then Trump should have just offered cash for the votes? it was that easy but he didn't do it? was he trying to save his supporters donation money? what a loser! hahaha!
  22. i'm really interested in the concept as... i question the validity of it. how can you be a corporate globalist and yet "left"? of course, could be the usual mix up of word meanings people seem stuck on. i mean, you're either for free enterprise or not. and into trans national free enterprise or not. but none of that is socialist. so the meaning of "left" seems to mean, less government in the mixed economy and less trans national enterprise as opposed to local free enterprise. which is government intervention. its a good understanding of the fact that politics should be issues based t
  23. either she's a traitor or a rat fleeing a sinking ship... doesn't matter. if Trump is having more supporters leave than he does gain then his political capitol shrinks.
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