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  1. if he wasn't "defending the place", the what was he doing? what were the capitol police doing that day? i can't wait to hear. you Trump fans on this site are extremists. even people with "centrist" or "right of centrist" leanings are "lefties" to you. ever figure that out?
  2. people keep trying to paint me the way they need to. i'm not a supporter of the Democrats. the only thing i can call myself is not an extremist. that politics should be issue based and not ideology based... or worse, some kind of cult or religion. i don't like Niki more now then i did before. just pointing out political discussion... Niki fleeing Trump is an indication of the winds of politics.
  3. "so what does all of this mean, well we're not sure"! hahahaa! i love Tucker. in this video he completely avoids the fact that rioters entered the capitol violently to overthrow the democratic election. he's constantly trying to paint the insurrection as something not so bad. so what does all of this mean? well, we're not sure! hahaha!
  4. Nikki Haley breaks with Trump: 'We shouldn't have followed him' ooooh, that smarts!
  5. 70% of the US population are now relieved to have Trump out of office. the capitol of the country is being ransacked so that a tyrant can take power by force! TWO tweets! ONE video! hahahha!
  6. more "whataboutism". if it can proven that Harris, Obama or anyone else incited violence then they should hang too. period. the capitol of the country is being ransacked so that a tyrant can take power by force! TWO tweets! ONE video! hahahha!
  7. pretty lame. come on... we all know whats going on. that was Trumps way of always trying to cover his ass. he knew how his followers would interpret it. he never once said that no one should touch legislators. he knew he had to bail the police officers out. the capitol was being attacked and he couldn't go on live tv and demand they stop immediately? he never demanded they stop... he suggested the be peaceful. he suggested no violence. IT WAS IN HIS NAME. he should have gone on live tv, demanded it stop and tell them he was authorizing troops immediately. no, IT WAS IN HIS NAME. and he fo
  8. he didn't yell. he told people they were in danger if they did not act. he told them their way of life was in danger if they did not act. and they acted. and he watched it and did nothing. and refused to denounce it. everyone knew that he could have stopped it and he didn't. they were watching his twitter feed. they were announcing it.
  9. you just ignore that fact that BLM rioters were not shouting "we're doing this for democrats!", "we're doing this for Hillary!". and yet the capitol rioters were yelling "we're doing this for Trump" and Trump did nothing. he refused to denounce the violence. to this day he refuses.
  10. yep. thats how it works. if i yell at people to storm the capitol and no one does. i walk. if i yell at people to storm the capitol and everyone does. i go to jail. you just gotta be careful what you say.
  11. or violent insurrection. when Trump found out that Mike Pence had fled Senate floor then Trump tweeted that Pence was guilty of not having the guts and the mob immediately started looking for him. look, if things had turned out differently... and numerous lawmakers had been dragged out naked and hung in the streets, and then Trump promoted marching on state capitols on twitter. how long do you think it would take for any business who ran their communication channels to shut it down? the feds shut down shit like that all the time, twitter and amazon were just being pro-active. its a b
  12. NRCC will ‘absolutely’ support Republicans who backed impeachment, finance chair says Trump won't like that... but i guess the point is, will anyone care?
  13. why do you keep bringing up BLM riots? were those arrested during BLM riots defending themselves with "Pelosi told me to do it!", "AOC told me to do it!", "Michele told me to do it!" or "the dems paid me to do it!"... oops, no. capitol insurrectionists are saying "Trump told me to do it"... every... one... of... them. hahahaa! they were screaming his name!
  14. Trump authorized troops at 3:36pm. he did not reach out to anybody! the request went up the chain of command. Trump was gleefully watching on tv. he waited. This is why the National Guard didn’t respond to the attack on the Capitol and you just wait... the intelligence community was aware of the violence that was planned that day and that was in the presidential brief. it'll come out. he knew what was going to happen that day. Trump makes Nixon look like a douhboy.
  15. the dems put together a powerful video... TWO tweets! ONE video! are all in there! Impeachment managers show dramatic footage of Capitol attack
  16. oh, so you're following made up people to go along with the made up actions now?! ahahahhaha!
  17. love how Meghan McCain says Niki Hailey was disgusting when she said about Trump, "give the guy a break"! ideo of Capitol riot shown at Trump impeachment trial 'literally took my breath away': Meghan McCain and that she's afraid of a MTG presidency.
  18. not good for his future political influence. Fulton County prosecutors launch criminal investigation into Trump phone call with Georgia secretary of state Georgia prosecutor opens investigation into Trump’s call to ‘find’ ballots
  19. but its the majority... and will be an interesting metric as Trump attempts to continue his influence. as since the jan 6 insurrection attempt he's incapable of being elected.
  20. those who perpetrated the insurrection continue to identify Trump as the inciter that they were following and taking instructions from. Proud Boy charged in insurrection blasts Trump's 'deception' in new court filing
  21. significant numbers of Rs believe that Trump was responsible for inciting insurrection. Poll: Majority of Americans support Trump impeachment and conviction Trump impeachment trial: Polls show slight majority support conviction
  22. this stuff i find just so interesting... because it really defines whether Rs will continue to accept Trumpism or not. another big player says no. Sen. Rick Scott: Marjorie Taylor Greene 'clearly doesn't represent the Republican Party'
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