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  1. millions to cause a shit storm for he Rs. this segment with Lou Dobbs and Mark Meadows is lovely... Dobbs trashes McConnell, McCarthy and McDaniel in one breadth! Ds are finally gonna love Trump! Trump's Save America PAC starts 2021 with more than $31M, filings show
  2. this belongs in the "future of the R party" thread but yeah... millions to cause a shit storm for he Rs. this segment with Lou Dobbs and Mark Meadows is lovely... Dobbs trashes McConnell, McCarthy and McDaniel in one breadth! Ds are finally gonna love Trump! Trump's Save America PAC starts 2021 with more than $31M, filings show
  3. i guess because... they weren't trying to overthrow the government. or at least, they didn't seem to be because they weren't even nearly as successful as the Trump rioters. and as i've pointed out... thats the way it goes sometimes. people will put up with a little nonsense from people who are upset... until they invade the capitol building chanting "hang mike pence". also fox news doesn't agree with you... on Fox they say that "mob to storm the Capitol" to "attempted murder"! AOC's Ted Cruz tweet sparks growing pushback from House Republicans just a fact of life i guess.
  4. and people of color still get the bad end of the socioeconomic stick. again, what do you mean when you call them racists? what did tucker say?
  5. then i'm glad that we are finally in agreement that the violence should stop and those who perpetrated it should go to jail!
  6. why don't you quote the organization instead of some extreme think tank. i mean, everything you say seems to be coming out of the mouth of Tucker Carlson. anyways... it doesn't matter. the whole riot at the capitol thing was highly unpopular. fox was unable to turn it into some kind of love fest. trump lost the election.
  7. you don't give an inch do you? Secret Service investigating death threats against Pence Trump supporters chanting 'HANG MIKE PENCE' at the Capitol Building but that was just a bit of fun right?
  8. but but... do you believe in racial equality? i'm not sure you've stated this definitively. BLM is an organization whose purpose it to promote racial equality.
  9. i get it now that your mind is pretty walled off... possibly permanently. you don't give an inch on your interpretation or beliefs. lets sum it up though. you live in a world where most people look the other way when BLM protests get out of hand because their core cause is to promote racial equality. the Ds suffered not. you live in a world where most people are pretty shocked when the capitol building is invaded by protesters looking for politicians. i can safely say that because Rs took it pretty heavy. and corporate america would have none of it. you may believe it should be the o
  10. yes, it is a topic. please... go on.
  11. how is BLM racist? i think we're getting to the core of the matter with you here...
  12. here's the thing... if others suggested sedition... it didn't happen. sedition happened in the name of Trump. if it happened in others names then they would be hung out to dry too. but it didn't. Trump is the only one on the hook.
  13. Trump tried to frame the neo-nazis as statue defenders. hundreds of them marched the evening before singing white nationalist hymns. the footage of clashes were devoid of any people with "save our statues" signs and plenty of swaztikas and white nationalist flags. Gordon Sondland and others knew exactly what Trump meant on that call. what would the Ukranians know about crowdstrike? nothing. Gordon Sondland and other testified that military aide was being held up. they testified that Trump wanted an investigation into the Bidens... they didn't even need a real one, just an announcement.
  14. i watch fox and cnn. if you just watch fox "opinion" then i can see where you might be confused when people support black lives matter but don't support property destruction that appeared at some of the larger protests. and there are thousands of peaceful BLM protests just like there are thousands of peaceful StopTheSteal protests. so BLM does not equal violence any more than StopTheSteal protests implies violence. BLM promotes racial equality though. so anti BLM protests promote anti racial equality.
  15. well the Russians are blaming the US anyways it would appear... Russia bemoans U.S. "interference" as Alexey Navalny's arrest fuels mass protests
  16. Russian supporters of Navalny feeling emboldened with Biden in office? i wouldn't be surprise if the CIA is actually lighting this shit up. Russian police arrest thousands in pro-Navalny protest
  17. this is interesting... i propose its still Trump shredding the Rs. he'll be busy trashing Ds but also Rs he doesn't like. and the thing is that intelligent Rs have already figured it out that Trump may be powerful with his base and Rs in general but if he can't get independents and in fact, turns off establishment Rs then. the Rs are done. Trump stocks new PAC with tens of millions as he bids to retain control of GOP obviously Trump has issues with revenge... he'll go to his grave trying to fuck people for slighting him.
  18. what do you say WestCanMan? agree that violence is not acceptable as described?
  19. no actually, he was impeached twice. call it bogus all you like. he was impeached. and we all know how Trump works. he never says something directly. he implies it. and then he implies it again and again and again. and when shit starts happening he does nothing to stop it because its what he wants because he's implied it again and again and again. "very fine people on both sides" "i would like you to do us a favor" "i just want to find 11k votes" "Pence needs to do the right thing" don't start saying that Obama or Clinton or the Democrats did that. and so it was f
  20. what "other board" are you talking about?
  21. as pointed out... Trump was never charged with anything. so not sure why Trump lovers always bring it up. yeah, it may have looked bad for him as so many of his guys went to jail. and then he had to bail them out... not sure why. but the Russians were involved in the 2016 election. and they were pushing for Trump. thats definitive. unless the R led senate are also pushing the narrative for some reason. numerous indictments and convictions by jury of peers in a nation of laws happened. and criminals should always be brought to justice in a nation of laws.
  22. so you think the trial will not come at all? do the Rs have some procedural out? will the Ds give up on it? i wouldn't think the Ds would give up on it... just because the whole capitol fiasco was not popular and so they'd just get to remind/re-popularize the whole event over again... while the Rs claim its time to "move on".
  23. what he said. and the "whataboutism" has to stop... its what keeps politicians able to continue to screw people over and make a mockery of democracy.
  24. two more Proud boys going to jail. MTA worker, second NY man with bomb-making files identified as Proud Boys, face new Capitol conspiracy charges two more Trump supporters... wining. not.
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