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  1. Just assume: Before ww2 if US was bordered by Poland in Europe and Soviet was located by Canada in North America, would US still win the Cold War or could even exist until the Cold War began? I mean there would still be a cold war but it would probably be between Soviet and Nazi, not US vs CCCP at all. The "Market System Always Triumph" theory is just a political-correct day-dream which was created by fiscal conservative nerd professors. Even those conservative politicians and economists in power don't believe the theory. If they truly believe the theory, why do they always blame China f
  2. When I was a littler kid in China, there was a soldier who was made a model citizen by communist party's propaganda department because he reportedly always did selfless things to help others. When the soldier was killed in a car accident, Chairman Mao wrote an eulogy praising him: "It isn't difficult for a man to do a few good things selflessly, but it is hard to be a man who always does good things selflessly, never does anything bad or selfish." After Mao died, some Chinese began to use Mao's words, with a bit alteration, as a joke to describe a bad person...exactly the worst of ba
  3. I'm serious. I know it is politically, legally.....incorrect. But I think one of these true universal values which beyond race, culture, ideology....is: if some one does a favor to us as we requested, we feel obliged to do something in return once he or she has trouble for doing it. I think most of these rioters wouldn't be criminals but common normal people if they didn't believe in Trump. And they did the crime for Trump. I know it seems not right according to all kinds of political-correct books, but since Trump has done many not-right things, what does it matter if he does a bit
  4. empire 1 is the definition of those old empires, like Roman Empire and British Empire. But a modern empire like CCCP or US is more like a commercial empire defined by 2, which is usually composed by a parent company with many subsidiary companies. The bands between the parent country and subsidiaries are no longer the loyalty to a king or an emperor but how many shares of a subsidiary are hold by the parent country. The USA holds the majority shares of western countries on security, technology and economy fields, which makes it the boss of the empire and makes others subsidiaries.
  5. When talking the rise of socialism, it isn't necessary to be a Chinese century. I remember about 10 years ago, there was a Chinese web forum in which most members were Chinese immigrants in Canada. One day a Chinese nationalist came and asked: "Our country are getting better and better now. Why do you still want to immigrate to Canada?" Then somebody answered with a joke:" Because we want continue to pursuit socialism..... "😛 The joke reflected the fact that Canada and other western countries had economically become more socialist than China after Mao was gone. In recent years,
  6. Socialism Is Good was a CCP political propaganda song during Chairman Mao's time. I don't know who created these parodies but they are hilarious. If you don't understand Chinese, please click CC for English subtitle. The Original Song:
  7. Every empire was sustainable before it collapsed due to the common weakness of mankind: greed. Just like in this ad video: every rat is alive before it meets this rat trap which exploits rats' weakness. The only question that remains is: When will the empire of USA meet its bitter end?
  8. Senator Booker: "But this time, we brought this hell upon ourselves." What an irony! Have these American politicians had any idea on how many times they and CIA have brought this hell upon other nations? How many lives in those poor weak third world countries have been lost just because they are too enthusiastic to play regime-changing games for their own domestic political gain?
  9. I have never been a fan of Trump and Trumptards, but this time I have to speak something for them. What these Trump supporters did today is nothing worse than what those HK protesters did in 2019:Using rumors and baseless accusation to prop their movement against the system, illegal gathering and rallying, breaking in governmental buildings, etc. Exactly they appeared to be more civilized than those HK mob protesters, at least I see they have damaged nothing but a door which they needed to get through: But why are they treated differently by mainstream media and politicians? Th
  10. Just don't worry. TJ or Biden won't force anybody to take the vaccine. Since most people who doubt the vaccine on internet are conservative supporters, if they don't force it, which means most liberal supporters will take the vaccine meanwhile conservatives will most likely refuse it, the virus will spread out only among conservative supporters and kill lots of them after the mask and social distancing measures are cancelled for fully reopening economy, then liberal politicians will easily win any election....😜 What your liberal national leader is doing is just what Captain Kirk did to Ca
  11. The 200Mb/s is the speed between your router/modem and the server of your internet service supplier like Bell. If you use cable to link your computer and the router, it will be no problem. But if you use Wi-Fi, the real speed you can get depends on many factors, include radio interference in vicinal area and the objects between your computer and the router. Anyway, it isn't my problem and neither would be yours if you were comfortable to pay for 200Mb/s service but only get 20Mb/s real speed to watch blurry video. Back to the topic: Comparing to US mainstream media's way of making fa
  12. YouTube will automatically drop the video replying resolution if there isn't enough internet connection speed. If you use Wi-Fi, you need to check the internet connection speed via some websites like Bell Speed Test(you needn't be a Bell internet user), especially if you live in a crowded place like a big city. In these places since there are too many Wi-Fi routers, their radio signals interfere each other like some kinds of electronic warfare which results the transmission rates are far bellow the router's specification. If you live in a house and the computer is on 2nd floor but th
  13. Both are BBC video which was shot by a BBC reporter and his cameraman and both with the resolution of HD/1080p. BBC broadcasts worldwide with many languages, so does VOA.
  14. LOL but if you read this post, you will know the title is 100% accurate. This evening I randomly clicked open this BBC Chinese language news video How Everyday Life Has Changed in Wuhan via Google recommendation: It is a story of the lives of common Chinese residences in Wuhan city after the city recovering from the outbreak of Covid-19. I found lots of Chinese writing on comment section "Wow, BBC begins to report truth!" I told them that BBC would not show this video to its western audience. It's just made for its Chinese audience since they would have known th
  15. The joke was questioning your method of asking more military spending rather than your right. For example: if you were a worker in a factory and you felt you needed more tools to do your job, you could not just walk into your manager's office and ask him "I need $10,000 to buy tools and equipment." You needed to specific what kinds of tools and equipment you needed and explain why you needed them. If you were a general of RCAF and you wanted to buy F-35, you needed to explain to Canadian why you needed them. An explanation like "A F-35 looks pretty cool" isn't appropriate unless most Canadians
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