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  1. not always.... When an idiot is doing a job which he is paid to do... Both Trump and Obama do the presidential jobs they are paid to do. Both of them have got many haters among US citizens. And the haters of both presidents think it would be better if the president whom they hate did nothing than doing what he has done.
  2. It looks like the generals of the Pentagon are definitely not sleeping while future threat to their millions $ paid positions in American weapon companies after their retirement from military looms....
  3. xul

    Trump-Trudeau Fall-Out

    It isn't only about Trudeau... In the temple of a mysterious cult Kanada, this is the daily morning ritual of the PM (Priest Master) and the elites priests of the cult: ........ The day before yesterday: PM Harper: Mirror, mirror on the wall---who is your closest pal of all? God Bush appeared in the mirror and replied dully: The Priest Master of Kanada. Yesterday: PM Trudeau: Mirror, mirror on the wall---who is your closest pal of all? God Obama appeared in the mirror and replied dully: The Priest Master of Kanada. Today: PM Trudeau: Mirror, mirror on the wall---who is your closest pal of all? Angel BC2004 appeared in the mirror and replied frankly: Not you! But her voice was so low that neither Trudeau nor the other elite members of the cult had heard her. So the PM asked again and this time: God Trump appeared in the mirror and yelled: F**k off!
  4. xul

    The Russia/USA Game

    so, how much difference is there between TASS's fake news vs CNN's fake news If you pay attention to the posts of right wingers's here, you will find out a lot of complains on "liberal media tyranny" and they are not referring foreign autocratic governments like Russian or Chinese. And I have to agree with them, partially. I remember years ago, there were comment sections under the news pages of most media websites. Now most of them have gone because right wingers used to use this function ranting their hatred towards liberals, fake news of media, system...etc.
  5. Yes, Americans do care more about King Jong-un than who becomes Canadian PM. I think Americans should be grateful for Canada always has such unproblematic leaders.
  6. America would go on because there weren't Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping out there waiting to strike at American weakest moments.....lol....but yes, the major great powers then were busy to compete dominance in Europe, and America then was not as important as today to draw their attention.
  7. I think the another variant name of creative destruction is shock therapy. Though the method reportedly has got success in some small countries like Poland, with American help of course, it failed in Post-Soviet because no one outside could help to save the day for a country with such size and population. Anyway, the success of the method is depend on whether you have a way to create a better one. The key and the goal of the method is to create. Destruction is just the approach to achieve the goal. President Trump's problem is he only destructs things, and have no idea how to create.
  8. If you merely wanted to break things, you wouldn't need a 70 years old man. A kid younger than 7/2=3.5 years old will do better on the job. Breaking things is easy. To reshape what you have broken to a better one is hard.
  9. If Xi couldn't sell any goods to US, maybe he would sell some American debt instead? Trump may be right on many things, but he doesn't have a viable strategy to achieve his goal. This is why I think he will fail his voters. Now he has fired everyone who would come out a viable strategy for him. I think he will disappoint you.
  10. Indeed... I think Canadian liberals also haven't learned the lesson correctly from this Trump phenomenon. When the wind slightly blows to the right side, they rush to extreme left to balance it like what a sailor would do to his/her sailboat. These Canadian politicians are supposed to know better that when you drive a car on icy road, if the car is skidding to right, it will be better that you don't turn the steering wheel to left immediately. You should let go the wheel and let the vehicle to weaken the trend and regain its balance first...then you can consider which direction you want to go---beware, still don't turn the wheel to left too hard unless you want to lose control again...
  11. xul

    Lowering Voting Age to 16

    A country isn't a board of directors, so financial status or tax isn't the problem. For example: Slaves neither pay tax nor financial independent, but we can not justify slavery for that. I guess in old time, a king didn't need to pay tax because his people paid tax to him, but which doesn't mean he wasn't qualified as a king---the most politically powerful person in a nation.
  12. xul

    Lowering Voting Age to 16

    It's very true.....and if a person haven't certain level of life experience´╝îhe or she will be easily mind-manipulated and mind-controlled by an experienced one whom he or she occupationally trusts, like...a teacher of students or superior officer of soldiers, then the result of vote will be greatly distorted by a small group of people who have access to exert great influence on teenager voters. I think this is why in some democratic countries soldiers are not allowed to vote even if the soldiers are adults.
  13. If I was you I would advise Canadian Liberal PM Justin Trudeau sending liberal Canadians to Mali and any place like that instead of peacekeepers, armed forces, nuke launchers... The benefits: 2. The liberals can try to lecture their political-correct doctrines to ISIS to covert them to Canadianized moderate ISIS 1. There will be no liberal Canadian existing on the planet earth soon, so the war loving conservative dudes will dominate Canada and do whatever they want---which means---no limits on defense spending...
  14. xul

    War enthusiasts, come in please

    Trade war is also a war....how about this one?
  15. xul

    War enthusiasts, come in please

    No. I only use Google Translate to find what Tolstoï means in English since I can't read French.