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  1. There are thousands of mob protesters. Do you think all of them are undercover cops? If the mobs were undercover police officers, why would so-called peaceful protesters and the opposite party leaders always demand government to pardon them but send them to prison? If they were undercover cops, I suppose you would be happy to see riot police beating them. But since it seems like you are not happy with riot police's action, I suppose these mobs are not undercover cops but true protesters.
  2. A Thailand insecticide ad has been turned into a parody to reflect current events in HK by pro-police Hongkies. The plot of the parody: A woman comes back home with her kid and finds 3 曱甴, which means cockroach in Cantonese but also refers to mob protesters recently by pro-government Hongkies, in her kitchen. The cockroaches pick up 3 molotov cocktail bottles with labels of power, violence and political-correctness and demand her to revoke the bill. The woman hastily picks up a spray with Fresh Air label on it, which represents "cancel the bill", but gets jeered by cockroaches. "Are you trying to reason with them?" The kid questions his mom. Then the woman takes out an insecticide spray which represents "enforce law", and cockroaches die.
  3. At least eight passengers were injured when an MTR train derailed in Hong Kong on September 17, 2019, leading to a service suspension on the East Rail Line. So far there is no way to tell what is the cause of the incident. But previously protesters were found throwing debris on railways to stop train. Protesters have created their anthem: Glory to Hong Kong. Considering all these violence caused by their fellow mob protesters in their home city, it is obvious that different people have different views on what is glory and what is shameless.
  4. An idiotic mob protester misfired a molotov cocktail and burnt his black shirt accomplice.
  5. This girl is the vice president of the Student Union of Hong Kong Baptist University. But in this video, her IQ seemingly doesn't match her title. I think anyone whose IQ is above a kid's level knows it is normal that international passengers' belongings get checked by customs. I can't see why she felt angry with Australian customs officers. Did she really think she should be treated like a queen just because she was a protester? And she believed that her, a Hongkie's freedom of traveling to Australia should be protected by Aussie's constitution? If it was true, what would be the use of customs?
  6. Comparing the activity and tactics of HK protesters with Nazi's doesn't mean I claim them Nazis. For example, in a post above I compared a PLA Navy type 052C destroyer with US Navy Arleigh Burke-class destroyer and mentioned the similarity of their design. But it doesn't mean I thought they were the same things. In another post, I said "UK and American submariners copied Nazi submarine tactics so good that Hitler's successor Grand Admiral Karl Donitz was able to use it to get rid of some war crime charges in Nuremberg Trails", which doesn't mean I though British or US were Nazis. As for your accusations against China, you need to present proof or reasonable argument to support them. The launder things for example: If all HK citizens hated CCP as you believed, why would CCP officials use HK to launder their money? Would it be too risky to get their unlawful activity leaked and exposed by some insiders?
  7. When a problem is related with economy, usually there isn't an easy fix. I have just joked on YouTube at a CBC news Pharma industry challenges Trudeau plan to lower drug prices: "Pharma industry challenges Trudeau plan to lower drug prices. Oil industry wants Trudeau to raise oil price but Trudeau tells them No because He can't.." If Trudeau or any Canadian PM has not power to manipulate drug price and oil price in Canada, HK government or CPC will also have no power to manipulate residential property price in HK. HK is just a small place where 800 million people are crammed in. Most of HK territory is filled with hills, so the habitable area even far smaller than its geographic area. Unless HK government builds thousands of 300 floors residential skyscrapers, there is no way to improve the living conditions of HK citizens.
  8. Hundreds of Staff of Queen Mary Hospital Protesting inside their hospital on Sep 2, 2019
  9. Thousands of Hong Kong school pupils boycott classes, join protests The editor of Chinese state-owned tabloid Global Times Hu Xijin recently visited HK and upload a video of his tour. In the video, he showed homes of some HK residents who he visited and speculate that the hardness of over 1 million poor people's living especially housing conditions might be the root cause of the protests. In the video he said he visited a family whose 3 bed rooms apartment home was only 50 square meters (538 square feet). The largest bed room was 5 square meters (53.8 square feet) . Another family hadn't kids, so their home was a one room unit, which meat everything, kitchen, bed room, living room was in that single room (like a bachelor unit in Canada?). In his video, the foyer and gym of the condo building looked modernized and very nice, but inside of the units of its residents were really miserable. Another building he visited was about 40 years old. Three families lived in a unit about 70 square meters (753 square feet), the smallest area of a family was only 6 to 7 square meters (64 to 75 square feet). Each family had their own kitchen if you called it kitchen since it only had 2 square meters area and toilet was just by the stove. He said his tour guide told him there were about 1 million HK residents lived on such condition. I'm not sure if his speculation was correct. But if I lived in such kind of home, I would definitely prefer staying on street rather than staying at home on weekends.
  10. I'm not only listening what people say but also watch what they do. Usually people's action not their rhetoric shows what they truly are. As for propaganda, most video I post here are from CNN, BBC, CBC, Global News....and even VOA. I'm just questioning why these propagandists' audio stories are not accordant with what I see in their video. Definition of Propaganda: What Global News' reporters and editors did on that fake news video is definitely accordance with the definition of propaganda. And if you read the comments under the Global fake news, you would find they had pathetically fooled no one. Of course you could claim that everyone commented there was a Chinese propagandist, but it would embarrass Global News more because it sounds like nobody watches their video except Chinese propagandists....LOL
  11. But in Global News, the source video of mob protesters sabotaging subway trains and attacking passengers is deliberately edited off and entitled with "Hong Kong police seen on video targeting commuters with batons and pepper spray", though some of these so-called "commuters" have forgotten taking off their black mob masks. Of course, what these mobs have done you will never seen from mainstream media: At 0:31 of the above CNA news video, you can see the LED display on the ceiling of the subway station showed "Serious Situation, Evacuate Immediately" and you can see mobs were crashing everything include that display with long steel bars. Do you think any commuter who had normal IQ would still stay in the station and train when police arrived. Even at 0:13 of the Global News video, you can also see the so-called "commuters" using umbrellas to resist police officers entering train cars. What kind of "commuters" would do such thing?
  12. The statement sounds so familiar that makes me remembering some Schwarzenegger's old film...
  13. Third Cathay Pacific Group oxygen tank found emptied before take-off from Hong Kong airport https://sg.news.yahoo.com/third-cathay-pacific-group-oxygen-162850290.html Only Cathay Pacific employees could access these oxygen tanks. But from their union leader's mouth, they are all peaceful and dedicated professionals who should not be kicked out by their employer regardless what kind of damage they have done to their employer. "We don't want to lose Cathay" ? What a joke! Does she think Cathay Pacific is the only airline in the world so passengers have no option but use it anyway regardless how much it is unreliable? She even don't know that what they are doing is destroying the company then the lives of themselves since no employer would hire an employee who used to sabotage the employer's property and endanger the employers's customers' lives. I despise these people, not because they are Honkies and I'm a mainlander as Rue speculated, but because they are so selfish persons who never consider others but themselves.
  14. Protesters blocked Hong Kong International Airport again on September 1 Black-shirt mob protesters disrupted subway trains and stations then took off black their shirt, changed back to "peaceful" protesters and fled when riot police arrived. Passengers heading to HK airport stranded as Airport Express is suspended On BBC, as usual, these black-shirt masked protesters claim that they are all peaceful and law-abiding citizens, though some parts of the BBC video tell audience otherwise. Finally find somethings truly peaceful: Hundreds of British Overseas Citizen passport holders begging their colonial master's mercy to allow them living and working in UK. Currently, these British oversea citizens are only allowed to visit UK without visa for less than 6 months. They are not allowed working in UK. In short, they are allowed to spend the money which they earned in HK in UK, but not allowed to earn money from their master...
  15. Multiple Oxygen Bottles Discharged On Cathay Pacific Aircraft In Canada https://simpleflying.com/cathay-oxygen-bottles-discharged-canada/ Regardless who did this, it is terrorism.
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