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  1. Two millions years ago, when dinosaurs first met the new smaller creatures which now are called mammals, they might not realize that one day they would be extinct and left the world to mammals. But the extinction of dinosaurs wasn't caused by mammals. It was dinosaurs own problem which caused their extinction. They stopped to evolve to adapt the changing climate. This was their problem. This was the cause they became extinct.
  2. Trump: China only taking advantage of American riots, not causing it? This BBC must be paid by China to make fake news. How could any American problem or failure not be caused by China? Pelosi: This time it is still a beautiful sight to behold since it will help me to bring Trump down.... I remember about 3 decades ago after the dissolution of the USSR , an American columnist wrote an Article on which direction the US should go as the solo superpower in the world. He suggested that US should become a new Roman empire----democracy with mighty military power to rule the world. I still remember my feeling then after reading his article: "This guy is too obsessed by the glory of the Roman Empire but has definitely forgotten how it met its bitter end....."
  3. 1. Nazi Chinese soldiers getting beaten by democratic Indian "army". It seems like democracy always triumphs Nazism.... Though somebody may whisper: A single soldier with a driver in a single vehicle? It seems unlikely that this was an invasion or even a border patrol. Was he probably a negotiator? Is detaining and beating a negotiator politically or legally correct? 2. But.....really? Indian Army dismisses reports claiming detention of its soldiers by Chinese forces 3. It Seems like Indian Army didn't lie. The shield of a culprit in the video had "POLICE" printed on it. The photo was posted on Chinese social media after the video showed up on Youtube, then being deleted. Some Chinese social media poster claimed that after these Indians chased after the PLA vehicle in the video, some PLA boats landed troops behind them and cut them off. Then 72 Indian culprits were detained. Of course I have no way to confirm if these video, photo and claims are true or false since both Chinese and Indian governments tight lipped on the incident. But I can not neglect the fact that they do fit and explain many facts we have known so far: 1. Indian mainstream media reported "Indian soldiers were detained by Chinese army", except these guys who showed in the video and laid on ground in the photo were not soldiers; 2. Both governments abnormally tight lipped on the incident; 3. Indian government turned down Trump's offer to mediate the conflict----because if the video is true, Indian government must feel shame for these men's deed and don't want it drawing any international attention.
  4. The US's monetary hegemony is not only based on its economic power but backed by its military power as well. Now due to the rise of China, the US's economic power is shaken but has not collapsed yet, meanwhile its military power remains strong. Using US's naval forces for example: US navy has 11 active aircraft carriers. Other countries in the world have: China 2 + France 1 + India 1 + Russia 1 + UK 2 = total 7, and any of them can't match an US carrier. But just like USSR, if US's economy collapses, its military power will collapse sooner or later. This is why US is very nervous to China's new economic power regardless Chinese goal is peaceful or not. Combining the power of the rest of the world to bring US $ down is impossible even if all other countries are willing to do so, because the negotiations may take many years to reach an agreement, and US will certainly to bring down some weak countries by its financial even military powers to make examples to others which want to join the agreement. But the rise of China does give other nations leverages when they bargain with US. This is why Trump prefers to take on China by US itself rather than with US's allies together. Because the costs of being blackmailed by these so-called allies exceed the costs of doing it by US itself.
  5. Grand...LOL (The video needs to watch on YouTube) HK TV I see someone joked on comment section: More police officers than reporters, more reporters than protesters.... It reminds me the negotiating scene in 1997 film The Fifth Element: I bet this is the feeling of their US master's....
  6. American aboriginal: What I'm standing on is our land! British colonial pirate: What I'm holding is a gun..... Maybe the method isn't Nazi's at all but an universal value of human race? You didn't understand what I tried to express: Germany didn't lose ww2 just because its government wasn't politically correct. If political-correctness always triumphed, today's Canadian PM should dress like this.....everyday: If you knew how close Hitler was to win WW2 if he didn't committed a series of mistakes, and if you assumed that the country which Hitler ruled had the size and population like China, probably you would consider nowadays Canadian PM might wear uniform like this one:
  7. Nothing like Nazi Germany....its size is as large as US or USSR....
  8. An interesting video on Chinese Muslim in Xian city, uploaded by a Youtuber who traveled between many countries and uploaded a lot of videos on different cultural in different countries.
  9. I wonder which doctor would willingly prescribe hydroxychloroquine daily for President of the United States and "many many front line workers" . Dr. Theodor Meroll or Dr. Donald Trump himself? So why just blame the poor Indian? President of the US walked into doctor's office and order him to prescribe hydroxychloroquine for him. In India, hydroxychloroquine probably isn't a prescription drug since the Indian could buy it himself from a drug store. So he prescribed the drug himself.
  10. This is the so-called prove that Chinese eat bat soup: But if you read this BBC article: 武漢肺炎:隨疫情擴散全球的五大假新聞 Translation: But the video clip wasn't shot in Wuhan. The lady in the video is Wang Mengyun, the host of a popular tourism channel on Chinese social media when she toured in Palau. After the coronavirus breakout, some people find the old video and reload it on internet. Wang apologized for the video, saying she just wanted to show her audience the cultural of Palau people, not knowing bat might carry virus then. If you hear the misleading English dubbing of the video and speculate what kind of people added it, you may understand why most Chinese from mainland think CCP‘s reeducation camps may be the best place to save those HK and TW separatists'.....IQ.
  11. Why couldn't you stop to disgrace yourself by stopping to lie here? Or may be you are just a victim (like those HK teenager black shirt mobs) of those HK /Taiwan separatist or so-called pro-democracy media's fake news and anti-China propaganda? These photos which you posted here come from a Bloomberg report: Bloomberg Indonesia's 'Scariest Market' Takes Bat Off Menu Over Virus Fear It has nothing to do with China. The market is in Indonesia. This is why those so-called Chinese pro-democracy political dissidents are not popular among common Chinese people. It has less things to do with CCP's brainwash but has many things to do with these dissidents' ways of trying to brainwash Chinese people. If someone always uses such kinds of bullshit trying to brainwash you, how could you trust him and follow him for a revolution or uprising? There are bat lovers and weirdos everywhere, not only in China. Why should only China or Chinese to be blamed?
  12. This is what Trump called partnership..... Coronavirus: anger in Germany at report Trump seeking exclusive vaccine deal As for China, I don't think it is a agreement between Canadian and Chinese governments. It may be either a commercial agreement between a Chinese vaccine firm and a Canadian vaccine research institute, or an international cooperation project under WHO vaccine developing frameworks which many parties may involved.
  13. Canada used to put faith on US to get medical supplies. But since Trump even doesn't want to share medical mask with Canadian doctors and nurses, how could you ask Trudeau to put faith on him to get vaccines for Canadian? And you hear the post boy who Trump has named in charge of making vaccine. He said "a few million doses of vaccine by the end of 2020". A few million against 372 millions Americans, how many doses vaccine do you think that US would want to share with Canada even if Biden was the president? At least both EU and China have agreed to share their vaccines with other countries under WHO framework if they get succeed. US on the other hand, no words from Trump's mouth. I bet one of his true motive of cutting ties with WHO is to not share vaccine with other countries but use it as a bio-weapon. Traditional bio-weapons kill people so they are morally hardly to be used. Vaccines can work as weapons by saving lives of selected people and let others die, which almost has same effect of those killing bio-weapons but makes it easy to be accepted by persons like Trump.
  14. So this is how humans are treated in Canada? In cages for displaying? I remember some Trump supporters called Dr. Fauci a vaccine salesman after he didn't fully support Trump's reckless reopening plan....
  15. Having a vaccine can prevent further damage on Canadian economy. 1.Trump is re-opening US without getting the outbreak under control, which Dr. Fauci warned might be very dangerous. 2.Considering the close ties between Canadian economy with US's, Canada can't shutdown its border with US forever. Once the border is reopened, if Trump's reopening plan results a second wave as Dr. Fauci warned by the end of this year, Canada will face very difficult choice---save economy or save Canadians' lives. Even if the reopening plans in both US and Canada go well, since virus is still there, people will still feel unsafe and many sectors of economy won't come back to normal, and it also goes globally. Using words which conservatives may easily understand: the oil price won't back to normal..LOL Only vaccines can cure all these problems and make economy truly back to normal. Since there is no way to produce 7 billion doses vaccine in short time, which country gets a vaccine first, which country's economy will have advantage on truly reopening over others. This is why Trump recently has forgotten his Voodoo medicines Quinine and disinfectant but talks vaccine a lot.
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