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  1. This is why Soviet lost the Cold War. The Soviet leadership hesitated at beginning. They knew Soviet economy couldn't afford such luxury TV show. But at end, when they saw Apollo Program was on the way, the idea of face keeping dominated their minds. So they greenlighted N1 project without sufficient funds which forced Korolev taking very risky approach. Finally, Soviet lost both face and money on N1 project. It kinda like Hitler in Stalingrad. He wanted Caucasus without enough German troops. So he borrowed some from Romania and Italy instead. Finally he lost both his troops and Caucasus.
  2. This is exactly what I meant....
  3. Yes, if he was American President he had done a great job.....
  4. Hitler was elected to do what his voters meant him to do And there are Dr. Goebbels comment: We didn't force German people. They gave us the mandate. And now their little throats are being cut.....
  5. In this video, the oaf whom Hitler played thought he had won the ww2. Did he win? At the end of the war, he lost what British fought for from the beginning....Poland, Eastern Europe, Canada, the Empire.....
  6. He escalated the Cold War to a new level..... Eisenhower tried to limit the extent of the Cold War to a manageable level. It was JFK who turned it off the course just for the TV effect which would benefit his election campaign.
  7. It's sexy enough for a movie.... There are some conspiracists who believe the Moon landing was fake. If I was an American I would wish that Apollo Program was a just a Hollywood project which used CGI to create splendid visual effect to fool its audience since it would save a lot of money. Just imagine, if you were an American and President Trump popped up on TV screen announcing "I have just borrowed $700000 billion from foreign countries to send a couple of American talking monkeys to Mars" , how would you feel? Happy or sad? There was a film King Kong in which a crazy film maker captured a monster for shooting a film to please his audience. In reality, JFK was the crazy film maker and Apollo Program was his monster, though it wasn't the only one. There will be many old faces showing up on big screen in 2019. Top Gun 2, new Midway....now there is Apollo 11....it's kinda like a dying ww2 veteran taking out all his old medals to bring them to his coffin....
  8. Hitler was merely a patient of depression anxiety. He was a ww1 veteran and probably got the problem during an enemy chemical attack. Many years ago, when I read the books of ww2 and memos of those German generals, I wondered why Hitler made so many bizarre decisions as if he lost the sense of seriousness of the situation of the war. I had thought he might be a psychopath until a couple of months ago when my friend's wife was hospitalized due to some serious disease. I called him and told him "try to keep her in optimistic mood." "She is more optimistic than me," my friend replied. "The doctors give ICU patients some drugs so they all are optimistic." That night when I randomly picked up a ww2 book, I suddenly realized what happened to Hitler. Methamphetamine, of course. Methamphetamine was widely used to treat depression and doctors didn't know its side effects then. So Hitler's doctors naturally used it on their Fuhrer to treat his depression. When the war went wrong, Hitler went to his doctor:"The dose of drug is no longer effective. I feet bad again" The doctors didn't know Hitler's feeling was normal because Dr. Goebbels told them the war was going well, so they injected more methamphetamine into Hitler's blood to treat his "depression" and kept him always optimistic about the war. As of Stalin, he was a cruel man but not a psychopath, so was Chairman Mao. They did kill and destroy, but they did these for purpose. For example: Hitler breaks into a store, then burns it and kills its Jewish owner for no reason. He is a psychopath. Stalin breaks into a store for stealing money, then he burns up the store and kills its owner for covering up his crime. He was a criminal and cruel man, but not a psychopath. He was perfectly sane when he did these. If engineers put tons of counterweights in the front part of a Boeing 737 max, it will no longer need MCAS and will no longer be problematic. But they will not do this because the weights may lower fuel efficiency so the plane won't sell. Besides, German was once a civilized society but it didn't prevent Nazi rose to power. If you think Gemany had not been civilized long enough then, just see France: Vichy France Marshal Petain didn't seize power with help from his army. He was empowered by legitimate representatives of French people to turn his country to a fascist state. And there is Trump. He only got half of the voters as his hardcore supporters, he has behaved more like a Fuhrer than a normal president. If he did have achieved what he promised, I mean build great walls, consentration-camp immigrants, reboot economy, get jobs back, build huge military, make US a slave state again....it won't be hard to imagine how many Americans would become his new followers. And once he got over 90% votes in an election like Nazi did in November 1933, what kind of counterweights could stop him to become a Fuhrer if he wanted to? The economic situation in US nowadays is no way close to the situation of Germany or Russia in 1933 or.1918, but we all have seen how Americans has changed the civilization of their society. Once the situation was as worse as the one under which Nazi or Bolshevik rose in power, how far would they go to decivilize their system?
  9. I think the old ww1German generals like Guderian and Rundstedt were stuck on Rule of Law. After all, Hitler was a legitimate ruler of Germany then. His party won the 1933 election, and he was empowered as the Chancellor via legitimate process. Guderian and Rundstedt would make model citizens of Canada if they were Canadian.... Most people don't know, the success of most modern areospace and aviation projects reflects the economic and industrial strength of a nation rather than how intelligent the engineers and scientists who work on the projects. For example: India is capable to lunch lunar rocket and sent something to the surface of the Moon but Canada isn't. It's nothing about Indians brown ass' gene is superior than Canadian white ass gene. It just reflects the rise of Indian economic and industrial power and the fall of Canadian economic and industrial power. Honestly, US should still take the most credits of the success of Appolo Program. If Von Brauwn fled to South America like most of Nazis, US would still send men to the Moon, might have a few years of delay, meanwhile he would rot in some ranch and his name would be forgotten.
  10. It seems like BC2004's ancestors migrated to US more than 100 years ago.....
  11. Your Americans should know, most people in the world dislike US not because you are rich but meddlesome. Just like raccoons roaming in our yards. Lots of people dislike them because they mess up our trash cans. But destroy them? No need. Just buying some raccoon proof trash cans the problem will be fixed. The raccoons, will still roam in our yards and probably call it freedom of navigation operations. But both we and they know that they will no longer be able to mess up our yards...
  12. Oops! I forgot adding second question on second example: After Americans leave earth, will other parts of the world feel better? I think it depends The people in those countries which are bombed 48 times by F-16s will cheer for the event Russian will welcome it since without US, Russia will become a new Soviet and great again. China will welcome the event in general. The political and military benefits are obvious. On the other hand, there will be economic impact since US is the major market of Chinese industrial products. I think Indian will welcome the event. American will leave a huge vacant in Indian Ocean region and Indian will be able to realize their long-lasting dream of dominating the region due to its geographic advantage. Among those American allies: Japan will welcome it. If you know Japan is actually still an occupied country like Iraq you will understand it though like China, there will be economic impart. EU will definitely welcome it though they may have some Russian problem needs to be fixed. But considering Russia current economic status, it won't be difficult. All US protection l beggars like Taiwan, Dalai Lama, some Eastern Europe small countries, all sorts of so-called freedom fighters who are funded by CIA.....will cry for their dying day....
  13. Before discuss this topic, let's see an example: Tom is an American capitalist who owns a company with a factory which is a Walmart supplier and employs 100 American workers. Tom earns $1,000,000/yearly and his workers are paid $50,000/yearly. One day Walmart hacks the price of Tom's company's products so Tom's income becomes $0/yearly. "Why should I pay every worker $50,000 each year meanwhile I earns zero?" Tom thinks. So he closes his American factory and opens a new factory in China, and hires 100 Chinese workers who are paid $10,000/yearly. The question is: At the end of the year, how much Tom will earn? If we don't count in other factors like the tax or transportation costs...etc, the answer is Tom will earn (50,000-10,000)x100=$4,000,000/yearly. So, where does the 4 million dollars come from? A communist will say: It's obvious....Tom siphons $40,000 from each of his poor Chinese worker yearly... A capitalist will say: No. Tom doesn't force the Chinese workers to accept the wage. Exactly he pays his workers more than other Chinese companies do. IMO it seems like each American worker siphoned $40,000 yearly from Tom's pocket... ------------------------------------------------------ The example also works for a country: NASA has found a planet which environment is just as same as earth. So NASA has build a spaceship which only American citizens are allowed aboard. I guess at this point some Americans will yell: "What? No Russians, no Chinese, no Muslim.....I'm a F-35 maker. How could I live on that planet without them?" I advice these F-35 makers just don't worry. In a pure USA blood planet, without Russians, Chinese, Muslims....I'm sure your Americans will begin to blast each others asses sooner or later just like what you did 150 years ago. It's the human nature. So you can still sell your F-35s there. My question is: In that planet, will you Americans live better than the current world?
  14. In 1944, he was appointed Chief of Staff of the Army by Hitler after the failure of July 20 Plot, succeeding General Zeitzler. He hold the position until shortly before the last month of the Third Reich, so he was able to meet Hitler everyday during the last year of Hitler's life. If someone who wants to learn the detailed Hitler's personality, Guderian's memo is more valuable than Meistain's, who as a army group commander, only occasionally met Hitler. To generals, comparing to Stalin, Hitler wasn't a bad boss. On the last day with Hitler, Guderian and Hitler shouted each other before other generals. Hitler only asked him to have 6 weeks leave for his heart disease---a very polite way to relieve a subordinate. And this wasn't the only time he shouted at Hitler. There were other occasions he and Hitler quarreled so loud that Hitler's adjutant had to come in and ask them if they wanted to shut the window since everyone outside could hear them. Hitler didn't kill everyone who refused to joint Nazi or disagreed with him. Of course he also didn't promote them. Guderian had served as Hitler's Chief of Staff of the Army for nearly a year without getting any medal from Hitler for being honest to him. Guderian's successor, General Krabs, hold the position for only a month, but Hitler added a Oak Leaver over his Iron Cross for being his yes-man and blind follower.....the general's last following action was to commit suicide in that bunker after his Fuhrer...
  15. Even before the last day of Hitler's millennium reich, most Germans were not Nazis, that's the fact. Though I'm sure most of them wanted Germany to win the war even if which meant Nazi would rule Europe. But there is still some significant difference between being a Nazi and being a German who wanted Nazi Germany to win. To the Germans who wanted to overthrow the result of ww1, it wasn't necessary to embrace Nazism. In Guderian's Erinnerungen eines Soldaten / Panzer Leader, he described how he dealt with Hitler's order which obviously violated the Geneva Convention: So even if you were a German general, you still could refuse to execute Nazi's order if it obviously violated your moral judgement. The only consequence was, Guderian ended up with the rank of colonel general, but Rommel and Manstein who were more comfortable embracing Nazi ideology made field marshals. Of course, after Nazi was defeated, Manstein made a prisoner for war crimes by Nerumberg Trail. Guderian didn't. Some sort of No Gain No Pain....LOL
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