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  1. On internet, I read many posters comparing the protests in Beijing, 1989 with the protests in HK. But in fact the two events appear in very different ways. In 1989, there were not mobs smashing shops, subway stations and lamp posts on streets. Nobody intentionally blocked roads, streets and public transits to force others strike. People didn't beat or insult people who had different opinion with them. The Communist Party leader Zhao Ziyang even could walk into protesters and give them a speech. I bet if Carrie Lam walked into HK protesters she would probably be beaten to death. What is the cause of the difference of these two events? I think it is humanity. Western world used to claim that democracy is universal value and use it to start wars for plundering resources from weak countries in the world. But democracy has never been universal in the world. If you read history you know that. Democracy even isn't universally valued among Canadian. If it was universal, why there are so many conservative supporters roaring separate from Canada just because Trudeau wins the election? But it is true that there is something which is universal and can make people who have different cultural, ideology, religious believes....put up with each other. It is called humanity. For example, I guess you all know what the video below is. If I ask what have you seen from the video, I guess a person whose mind was fully programmed by political-correctness would say "brutal communist tank crashes peaceful pro-democracy protesters". But if you give up the political-correctness and only see the fact, you will find out that the only thing you see is humanity. The soldier who drove the tank knew that he wouldn't get a traffic ticket if he ran over the man. But he chose to stop because he had humanity in him. During HK protests, what I see is that protesters gradually lost their humanity. People beat other people who hold different opinion with them. University and underage high school students are used as mobs and street fighters. Politicians, teachers and lawyers who are supposed to voice against such things, support or make excuse for these inhuman methods. And media use fake news to program people's minds with hatred to fuel the movement. This is The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. How could the student of the university do these to their school without lost their humanity or even lost their minds? HK police allow a politician and some high school principals to go inside Polytechnic University to bring underage mob protesters out and promise them that police will not arrest them. You can see in the video, some adult mobs still try to stop these kids leaving. They even don't know they should not bring these kids there in the first place.
  2. Mob students burnt their university Feel familiar with a scene in the film? These Hongkies just like these Nazis in the film. They don't understand that they not only have burnt schools and books but have burnt their civilization as well.
  3. These Hongkie "pro-democracy" protesters also reminder me the mother dog in Mark Twain's A Dog's Tale. The mother dog went to school with her master and leaned a few words without knowing the meaning of these words. These Hongkies were colonized by their British masters and also leaned some cool terms like democracy or freedom from their master without understanding these terms' meanings. They are just like the mother dog in Mark Twain's story. Now they put on a big show, thinking they can play these words coolly and fool everyone in the world like the mother dog fooled every her dog audience. A big mistake though. They have underestimated their human audience's intelligence and have just showed the whole world how ignorant and how cruel they truly are....
  4. I see Rue speaking to himself above...LOL....I suppose the post meant to me, so I response here: It seems like you have confused simile with name calling. These protesters are destroying their home city and their own future under the delusion that they are fighting for their future. Their action is just like the snake's-------the stupid snake's I mean. These so-called pro-democracy protesters even burnt a man who was arguing with them alive. I even don't remember that Nazi did this when they dominated streets in Germany in 1930s. If I compare their actions with a snake's, who should feel being offended? Them, or the snake?
  5. Recently Deutsche Welle (DW) interviewed a protester leader Joey Siu, who is the Vice President of Student Union of the City University of Hong Kong. In the comment section of the video, I saw many commenters noticed that the girl used too many "I believe" instead of solid fact and logic to support protesters' deeds and demands. I can not resist to comment under the video, saying that all her words could be summarized in short "In times of desperation, we protesters only believe what we want to believe". Unfortunately, my joke isn't only a joke but the truth as well. Now the protesters are just like this stupid snake. It eats its tail because it believe its tail is another snake which is attacking it. It bits. It feels pain. Then it thinks "I was attacked by another snake, I should bit it harder for revenge". After it bits harder, it feels more pain and goes into vicious circle. In the reality of HK, Carrie Lam and HK police is the man who is trying to save the snake in the video. Unfortunately again, I don't think the snake will appreciate what the man does for it. I think the man is so lucky that he doesn't get a bit by the brainless snake like what Carrie Lam and HK police get from protesters.
  6. It seems like you have no idea what law enforcement means.... On October 5, 2019, a masked pro-HK-portester protester entered a shopping mall in Richmond, near Vancouver, probably trying to harass shoppers who were supposed to be Chinese from mainland. You can see from the video how Canadian police deals with such kind of aggressive activity....though this guy didn't dare to vandalize shops or throw Molotov cocktails like his Hongkie mob comrades.
  7. Another spectacular show: "pro-democracy" council members successfully silenced Carrie Lam during Hong Kong Legislative Council conference by heckling and throwing object at her. "Civilization will lead to democracy but democracy doesn't exist without civilization. Here is a great example!" Someone commented under the CNA NEWS video. Though it seems like HK pro-democracy politicians are still more civilized than pro-democracy mobs. The mobs used to throw Molotov cocktails and shout "rape your mother" at those who disagree with them. As for "Hongkie protesters have lost their humanity", who would use their children as mobs to achieve their political goals meanwhile still have some humanity in them?
  8. In the math class of Hong Kong University for Mentally Handicapped Students: Teacher: ...Now, let's solve application problems. During yesterday‘s protests, our student Mr.E threw a Molotov cocktail into a subway station and student Mr.R threw a Molotov cocktail on a police car. How many Molotov cocktails were thrown by both of you in all? Student Mr.E: One. Teacher: Wrong. Student Mr.R: Three. Teacher: You are wrong too. Student Mr.R: I can't be wrong. If Mr.E is wrong, and I disagree with him by giving you a different answer, I will be deemed to be correct..... You are just a CCP supporter who always tries to discourage us by making us feel like idiots. Eat this Molotov cocktail.... Teacher: I wasn't a CCP supporter but now I have to agree with CCP-----you just can't give monkeys Molotov cocktails....
  9. After posted many dark stuffs, maybe it's time to bring in something lighthearted for the discussion: When Star Wars: Phantom Menace was released in 1999, I was still young and felt that the Jedi philosophy was kinda laughable. Now after I watched all these videos which showed how these Hong Kong protesters gradually lost their humanity during the protests like young Anakin Skywalker fell to the dark side in the film, I find the Jedi philosophy is quite prophetic: Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.....
  10. Just add a bit more "glory" to Hong Kong mob protesters...
  11. You do what ever you want. I bet you will get nothing but only disgrace to yourself. Using personal attacks in an argument won't help anyone to win the debate.Playing victim or using baseless accusation against who has different opinion with you won't help your cause either.
  12. In one of the top-ranked HK university--The Chinese University of Hong Kong, protester students attacked the president of the university: Everyday, these Kongkie protesters show the whole world how civilized people they are..... The president of U told his students: "...some of you told me that you want to talk to me face to face, but I rarely see faces but mostly masks..."
  13. When I found and watched this document video on YouTube, I really felt pity for these people, knowing what kind of fate awaited them. But now I have second thoughts: Since I didn't see the prequel of the video, I mean I didn't see how these people behaved during the time when they felt their US master would win the war, my sympathy might be misplaced and these people might deserve what they would get....?
  14. Episode 10-06: Though many people say Terminator: Salvation is a bad movie, I'm the one of a few who like it. I particularly like the John Connor Speech scene: "If we attack tonight, our humanity is lost. Command wants us to fight like machines. They want us to make cold, calculated decisions. But we are not machines! And if we behave like them, then what is the point in winning?" Unfortunately not everyone could understand these great words. Some people are so brainless that they even can not make cold, calculated decisions like machines. One day, they will end up like those old machines rotting in some dump yard. I guess some of them has already lived in the place like a dump yard. Should I feel no pity for them like I have no pity for machines in dump yards? I'm not sure.
  15. messege received...and I have enlarged your words to let everyone to see it clearly....
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