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  1. I was not aware that theoretical physicist Einstein was BC2004's philosophical mentor...LOL Uncle Sam was sick, due to some incurable disease. Frustrated by his doctors who had failed to find a way to cure his sickness, Uncle Sam turned to alchemist Trump to seek a solution. "Just don't worry. You have found the right man," Trump told Uncle Sam with confidence. "You just need to try every vial of these stuff over and over again, " Trump pointed his finger to a shelf which loaded with thousands of vials with labels from Indian God Oil to Chinese Dragon Penis. "I'm sure among them there is something which can cure your disease once and for all." My story ends here because everyone knows what will happen next: May be it is true that there is a vial of something which can cure Uncle Sam's disease. But Uncle Same has 99.9% chance dies due to poison before his hands reach the true cure. Even if Einstein was as a good philosopher as a physicist, you should still need to notice the hidden conditions which made his motto applied. Judges don't send theorists to prison for coming out thousands of theories but none of them can be proved. But judges do send doctors to jail if they use their patients like guinea pigs.
  2. I know President Trump is a human which means he is smarter than either a monkey or a chimpanzee. Have you ever considered why he is so eager to meet Kim Jong-un right now? It's a diversion to draw focus of the public from the trade war. The suddenly announced tariff on Mexico weeks ago also served the same purpose. It's nothing about to the border security. It's just a diversion to cover up his failure on delivering the trade war victory over China which he prematurely announced on Tweet. Do you remember my joke "The rabbit f**ked a cat to show he has balls. He didn't care what he was f**king"? Trump bullied Mexico just for showing his supporters that he had balls. He didn't care who he was bullying but only who he could bully.....
  3. "Stop! I mean it! No treat!" It seems like the monkey trainer in the video of my last post does know how to calm down an unstable shrieking monkey and make it a stable genius again...
  4. I agree with you on Trump's intention. As for monkeys, the name "Monkey Wrench" reminds me them, sometimes they do work like stable geniuses when scientists give them some simple tasks to do for testing their IQ. But when the problem is too complex for their IQ to resolve, they become unstable due to frustration and begin to thump, yank and shriek, trying to get positive results by merely using brutal force........
  5. If I was an US citizen, I would definitely vote Trump for his humor in this one:
  6. President Trump in this video makes me laugh. I guess these Saudi Arabia leaders must feel lucky that they were with Trump because if they were with Trudeau and, instead of discussing bilateral relations between both countries, the host began to talk China...pork...pork....China.... endlessly, how could they bear it without shouting "Shut up"?
  7. See the pattern of the engines of the first stage of N1. I think the purpose of the outside fuel/oxidizer lines was just for distributing fuel/oxidizer evenly to each engine. Because if Russian put the lines inside tank, only one line, either fuel or oxidizer, could positioned at the center of the rings. And since it had 30 engines, if another line wasn't at the center of the 2 rings, it would be very difficult to distribute fuel/oxidizer to each engine evenly, so they resolved the problem by placing the 2nd line outside, I guess.
  8. So who do you think you are? Some would-be internet French grammar teacher? As for grammar, there is a huge difference between the meanings of the sentences below: 1) Hitler disagrees a post of xul and will report it to Gestapo because the post has a parody video in which Hitler plays Churchill. 2) Hitler disagrees posters like Rue because they are Jewish. The sentence 2 means Hitler will disagree anything Rue posted because of his identity, even if what he says in the post is obviously correct or true. For example: (In 1939) xul: Who is the Fuhrer of Germany? Rue: Hitler is. Hitler: Disagree! I'm not Fuhrer. Goring: Finally, it's my turn. Arrest him! So Hitler was arrested in 1939 and ww2 wouldn't happen....LOL, even Hitler was unlikely that silly.
  9. This is why Soviet lost the Cold War. The Soviet leadership hesitated at beginning. They knew Soviet economy couldn't afford such luxury TV show. But at end, when they saw Apollo Program was on the way, the idea of face keeping dominated their minds. So they greenlighted N1 project without sufficient funds which forced Korolev taking very risky approach. Finally, Soviet lost both face and money on N1 project. It kinda like Hitler in Stalingrad. He wanted Caucasus without enough German troops. So he borrowed some from Romania and Italy instead. Finally he lost both his troops and Caucasus.
  10. This is exactly what I meant....
  11. Yes, if he was American President he had done a great job.....
  12. Hitler was elected to do what his voters meant him to do And there are Dr. Goebbels comment: We didn't force German people. They gave us the mandate. And now their little throats are being cut.....
  13. In this video, the oaf whom Hitler played thought he had won the ww2. Did he win? At the end of the war, he lost what British fought for from the beginning....Poland, Eastern Europe, Canada, the Empire.....
  14. He escalated the Cold War to a new level..... Eisenhower tried to limit the extent of the Cold War to a manageable level. It was JFK who turned it off the course just for the TV effect which would benefit his election campaign.
  15. It's sexy enough for a movie.... There are some conspiracists who believe the Moon landing was fake. If I was an American I would wish that Apollo Program was a just a Hollywood project which used CGI to create splendid visual effect to fool its audience since it would save a lot of money. Just imagine, if you were an American and President Trump popped up on TV screen announcing "I have just borrowed $700000 billion from foreign countries to send a couple of American talking monkeys to Mars" , how would you feel? Happy or sad? There was a film King Kong in which a crazy film maker captured a monster for shooting a film to please his audience. In reality, JFK was the crazy film maker and Apollo Program was his monster, though it wasn't the only one. There will be many old faces showing up on big screen in 2019. Top Gun 2, new Midway....now there is Apollo 11....it's kinda like a dying ww2 veteran taking out all his old medals to bring them to his coffin....
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