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  1. Well it's finally be discussed in the open now, heres an interesting article. Alloting money that benefits a small minority is pandering to those groups and is discrimination against the majority. Link: http://www.nationalpost.com/todays_paper/s....html?id=356483 Snippet: Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion criticized federal multicultural funding as dividing immigrants instead of uniting them, and called for better integration of newcomers. "An awful lot of money is spent on multiculturalism and on keeping our immigrants separated rather than integrated," Ms. McCallion said in an interview
  2. Bingo that is exactly what fires up their anger. It's jealousy, and they cover it up under the guise of Political Ideology. If they don't like capitialism why don't they put their money where their mouth is and go squat on an ole homestead and commence to living off the land. Don't drink the water it's most likely poisonous, the soil will need to be tested also. Don't get me started on the toxins in the ole house. But what the hay they won't be feeding the ole capitalist machine will they, those who do decide to live like this should check themselves for a third nut or nipple regularly t
  3. Watching the Palestinians dancing and partying and celebrating in the street was repulsive. I can only imagine the hatred these animals have for innocent Jews, to make merry in the street and celebrate the death of innocents. Absolutely sickening, they also have been using children as human shields on roof tops because evil Israel is sending out leaflets to area residents that they will be firing on terrorist targets and so they use children as human shields. Animals, vile animals.
  4. Well stated and I concur. I would like all funding for the arts stopped, if they have talent they should be able to survive without my tax dollars being wasted on art that looks like it belongs in the dust bin. Honestly the artsy fartsy crowd sense of intitlement is scary, but hardly surprising since we've been pandering to these dead beats for so long.
  5. Should youths be exempt from the law? No, screaming no. In fact parents are the problem these days, they make excuse for the little scum buckets instead of hauling them out behind the shed and beating the crap out of them. Our youth aren't taught that there are consequences for their actions and when they become in conflict with the law the parents are in the court room mewling like asses that he's not a bad boy he's just misunderstood. Yea right, one local scum bag has racked up over 30 criminal convictions, he went to jail for two weeks for beating a cat to death with a golf club. He was
  6. Has this forum become the new Marxist forum? Give me a break the fools that call themselves "Socialist" use every social program to their full advantage and they have the nerve to tell us to be less materialistic. Okay here's a challenge, they give up sucking the tit of social programs and I'll park my big ole truck and pedal a trike to work everyday. I swear I will, it won't be hard it's only three feet from my bedroom and no Socialist will be harmed by this experiment. They can stay in Mommy's basement with their pop and chips, posting stupid solutions to real WORLD issues.
  7. A little clarification Leafless: Those of us that live in Atlantic Canada aren't sucking the taxpayers tit vis a vis the Feds it's Ontario and Quebec that are. We ain't "Bilingual Enough", Ontario is fast becoming a have not province and your Geographfical slurs are old trite and frankly boring. Ontario is a has been province, Alberta is where it's at BABY. My province is governed by the Cons, useless bunch of wankers. As for Harper he's just another leader of yet another far left party that is posing as a Conservative Party. The Cons are Liberal Light or Diet Con, nothing he does represent
  8. Oh the horror expecting new Canadians to adapt to our culture, contrary to the Leftest agenda of Multiculture that resulted in racial and ethnic gettos and enclaves. Racism 101 enforced by the left and sold to the stupid public as "Tolerance" and "Diversity". Oh Dear me, we wouldn't want the truth to be told that all cultures aren't equal. Let's all pretend honour killings are a good thing, while we are pretending we can forget the horrors little girls must suffer under the guise of diversity. England should be so proud, little girls go missing and they think this "MIGHT" be a problem, women
  9. Eyeball wrote: think official hypocrisy is probably more damaging than the police-state that's required to enforce prohibition. Opinions such as this scare me, you justify any means to force your socialist agenda down the throats of all Canadians. Socialism slash Communism has killed enough people, how many million more must die before you wake up and realise your ideology is just plain stupid and generated by feeble minds that need the goberment to hold their hand whilst crossing a cow path? An adult chooses to smoke, a child doesn't. A responsible parent would not smoke in an enclosed
  10. Kuzadd are you smoking pot again? Inflammatory surely you jest. You have been the worst offender I've ever met on the net for insulting Christians yet you expect society to bend over and kiss Radical Islamic ass to appease and pander. Do you know what you are? A hypocrite, a very big one. You'd crawl into bed with Radical and Political Islam because your hatred towards Christians has grown so large you can't think (not like you ever did)clearly. You miss are a prime example of WHO should be before the HRC and get her assed whipped and bankrupted for their beliefs. I'll eat Mo and Allah
  11. I have to laugh at those that state we are ONE RACE, really so those that make a living doing "Facial reconstruction" using Racial Guidelines are Racist are they? When one can't be identified by personal observation a DNA sample is needed, opps their goes the ideology of we are ONE RACE out the window. It's kinda sad that those that like to think we are all the same can't find an ounce of evidence to prove it. Yet they are the same people that scream RACIST at anyone who dares challenges their stupid ethos. Hypocrisy pie anyone?
  12. LOL the Cons are still sending the truely sick to the US to get treated, dah I wonder why. Your system is so much better than the current Socialist one we have in Canada. The irony is Cuba has got on the Health Care BandWagon and offers cheap treatment in posh hotels. Yea Canada's health care system is better than the US. If you never get SICK.
  13. What exactly is African Culture? Do we really want to teach these black youth how to be more violent? Let's be honest, the Jamaican Gangs are killing innocents with guns to gain more power. So please explain how the following is going to enrich their education: Genocide is being commited in the Horn of Africa vis vie Arab Wahhabis funded by China, Russia, France and Saudi Arabia. Will this be part of the Africian culture at this Liberal Arts School? The Sudan, more Africans who rather be tribal leaders than have peace, thus they allow Arab Wahhabis to prop them up and be in power if they
  14. They aren't worried because it's Christians and suspected ( Warman using his thought police powers and his internet trolling to entrap people using his HRC spidey powers) White Supremacist getting their asses hauled before the HRC not Liberals. Their time will come and I'm going to enjoy their hypocrisy, their hatred hurled verbally towards Christians has been recorded and noted. As Cap posted Mr. Kisella is a wee bit upset, of course he doesn't advocate free speech unless it's the Liberal Voice Speaking. Here's Steyn's response to the Private Members Bill: http://steynian.wordpress.com/2
  15. The guestion was asked who are they hurting when two consenting adults have incestious sex, the answer society. Frankly I suspect those that advocate "Incest" hurts no one if it's consentual are lacking the ole grey matter that defines acceptable sexual practices. Thankfully society at large would never allow those twisted individuals to practice their perverted sexuality openly. What's next from the "Far Left" pet sex??
  16. Sadly people who think like you do deem all whites "Racists" funny the blacks can have organizations like the "Black United Front" the Jews can have organizations for Jews only and the Muslims can have CAIR and other "Muslim"organizations based on faith and race but god forbid a "White Man" open a Whites' Only Club and ole hell would break loose. Talk about a narrow racist mindset Cybercoma. I am tired of the "I blame the white PEOPLE crowd" and their hypocrisy against WHITES. White Man and Women's guilt is dead or almost dead, blame someone else for the failures of minority groups. Not
  17. Find it funny Drea that a human who gets bitten by a rabit squirrel can die? I don't find that amusing. They forgot to add the HRCs to the list, with thought police running around looking/trolling to find something to offend them I'm sure a Aussies wicked humour would offend the Perpetually Offended. Good Day Mate might offend those oh so sensitive Canadians.
  18. There is an easy fix, and most Canadians agree, scrap the Official Bilingual Act. There is absolutely no need for RCMP officers in Canada to know French because 12 percent (that stat is old) of the Country speaks it. Arabic, Chinese perhaps but French hell no, Quebec and NB are the only truely Franco provinces. Why should taxpayers be one the hook to train officers to learn french when the over welming majority in Canada don't speak the language.
  19. Honestly Guyser sometimes you are thicker than a four by eight, here's a link which clearing lays out the complaint the HRC is persecuting Mr. Steyn for. Link: http://www.steynonline.com/component/optio...page/Itemid,33/ To debate a subject try researching it first Guyser. What I find rather galling is that the NDP were responsible for the expanded mandate of the HRC in BC, Sask, and Alberta and those are the provinces that the Five Elmo's Boys filed complaints in. I guess they are judge shopping. It's okay for three provinces to use taxpayers' dollars to provide legal counsil for these f
  20. I don't believe lack of education was a factor in the September 11 attack on the US. All the hyjackers had an education, the Doctors in Scotland had an education. In fact most of the suicide bombers are highly educated, so their inability to read wasn't the cause for their Radical beliefs. I believe the teachings of the Koran are the cause of Muslim violence, if one hasn't read this book they should. It's nothing but violence, revenge and child sex to spice up the boring bits. Blaming poverty and education is just a red herring to hide the fact that the very Teachings of the Koran are th
  21. Quote from RB; mean what happen to sex being special, private and personal - at one time it meant a boy meets girl, fell in love, they got marry, had some children and live happily. Not as today boy and girl meet tons of whatever they can get easily. Under the guise of Liberal Ideology these values are scorned and mocked now. To follow the traditional path isn't a good thing anymore, our values aren't worth much to people who believe in socialism and Modern Liberalism. The anything goes group voice has been louder than the "Traditional Family Values Group", they think they are progressive
  22. Thankyou Muddy, he/she's bang on, lack of discipline is the problem in our schools. Society handed the rearing of their children over to teachers and when things get rough they demand these children get a free pass from violent behavior. Parents need to step up to the plate and stop blaming everyone but them for their lack of parental concern regarding discipline.
  23. A local reporter, Peter Duffy, did a segment on Min and Max sentences and why our courts were sentencing hardcore criminals to the min. He interviewed an experienced Judge and the Judge stated that Parliment under the Liberals sent a scathing memo to all Judges to start enforcing the min because it was costing the Liberal Government to much money to incarcerate criminals. Yes it's about money, under the Liberal Regime criminals received sentences of "House Arrest" for manslaughter instead of the usual five years of Federal Time. By sentencing them to House Arrest they passed the cost of in
  24. So Peter and MH both of you would be comfortable mortgaging your property to pay for legal counsil if someone files a complaint against you. Can you both afford to seek legal counsil to the tune of one hundred grand? Should one of the SSS HRC Agents plant evidence on a forum and then precedes to file a complaint based on planted evidence you'd have no problem with it?? Because this issue has gone beyond the Human Rights Commission hearing valid cases, it's agents have admited to planting evidence and then filing third party complaints. Do you understand how absurb this organization has bec
  25. Yes it should be illegal, if we stop making incest illegal it allows them to breed. In order to protect society from these repulsive persons they cannot be allowed to breed ergo producing off spring with IQ's as low as 65. A liberal social experiment at the expense of society will not be tolerated by us Cons. I cannot see society ever accepting Incest as a norm, never. We as a society deem what is acceptable and this type of behavior should remain illegal to protect society from being victimized by a small morally bankrupt segment of society. If one can't control their sexuality and fee
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