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  1. Should we be able to beat our wives too? Within reason of course, they will learn with a good smack in the face when they disobey right?? No government in my house. Feel free to roll your eyes Geoffrey if it makes you feel any better. Geoffrey the simplicity of your analogy is assine. In Canada if you strike, slap or hit someone including your WIFE it's called common assult and it falls under the Criminal Code. Are you equating spousal abuse to spanking a child? That's insulting as a female, and I assume to those whom tap their little ones hinny for having a trantrum. We females foug
  2. Well, it may seem a small differnce, but they didn't elect leaders who then turned to terror, they elected leaders who promised to continue already sufficiently demonstrated terror. They didn't elect them so they could build schools and community centres, they elected Hamas because Hamas promised to kill the pigs n' apes in Israel. Sadly they wanted their cake and to eat it also, where are all their fellow Arabs? Why isn't the Arab world racing to aide the Palestinian People? Of course it's apparent that the Arab world uses the Palestinian people to spread their brand of Jewish Hatred
  3. I have no issue with homosexuals and their right to equality but really displaying their flag, why? Do hetrosexuals or metrosexuals get a flag day? NO, it's political correctness run amok to fly a flag to honour someone who has sex. Soldiers die while fighting for their country, the other has same sex. Hardly an equal analogy or cause so spare me the socialist bile and agenda. It's time for the gay community to toodle along and get a life. Their socialist supporters should find a cause worth fighting for-like battered and abused children, elder abuse, the homeless, the mentally ill.
  4. Your clueless. Where do you think that profit comes from to begin with? Do you think Canadians can buy all the oil Alberta produces? The Americans make our industry. Do they take a cut? Sure. But I'll gladly take their dollars in exchange for slimy black stuff. You just don't get it. Without NAFTA, Canada would be poorer than it already is. Alberta needs NAFTA. If you don't like oil profits going south, buy more shares in oil companies and stop whining about it. Alberta gets $ 4.00 a barral thats all they get norway gets $ 22.00 a barral there should be a thing called fair trade , s
  5. LOL a tree hugger finds Jesus, how's that for irony. I suppose the freaks and geeks need a party to support and the greens fit that bill to a tee.
  6. Where does a bunch of over paid paper pushers get off telling Candian Parents how to discipline their children. Enough with this liberal nanny nation tripe, the left and the left/left need to get out of our homes and mind their own business.
  7. I wish the rest of Canada had as much pride in their country as Quebec does as a province. Multiculture, a socialist myth, has pounded Canadian Culture into oatmeal. To gain National Pride again we need to reclaim this country as a majority and stop pandering to minorities like Quebec Seperatists. This country belongs to all Canadians not to 12 percent of it's people who speak French.
  8. FYI, there were none to begin with. Gander ...goose....but then again, I bet the same rules dont apply in your world. I can't see us beating the Taliban using traditional methods, these terrorists are animals. When one is willing to use their children as bombs, how can we fight them using the traditional methods? The "So called experts" believe we have to treat the Aghanistan government/people as if we were part of their culture ergo using bribes, pandering to the tribal system of elder power and we can forget even a modicum of gender equality in Afghanistan. It seems so hopeless for o
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