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  1. Well according to this court of law and testimony from HRC employees they troll the net looking to set up innocents to file a complaint against and then commence to fining them. Has the HRC become nothing more than a make workshop experiment for those that lean so far left they set up innocents to be persecuted. It appears to me that is exactly what they've become. Link: A real court of law stripped the back the layers and it's ugly for HRC and it's investigators. http://www.freedomsite.org/legal/jan16-08_...eral-court.html Snippet: Despite an Eastern Ontario snowfall that
  2. I would think it be a violation of their Charter of Rights to drug test minors without parental consent. Drugs have been in schools since drugs started being manufactured, back in the "Olden Days" when I was in collage one wing of the school was for drug use and smokers. These people smoked their pot and did what ever one does with hash oil and went on about their day. On a side note the cafetaria did a booming business as a result of that wing's activity. The more we stigmatize drugs the more appealing it is to our youth, open and honest dialog is the only way to combat our youth abusi
  3. If you think incest is acceptable we have nothing to discuss, it's repulsive to me. Do you understand that?? If it were legal for brother and sister to marry it is I as a member of Canadian Society that would be expect to pay into yet another social program to aide the children born of incest. We have enough broken unwanted children in this world we do not need children being born as a result of incest burdening our healthcare system or our social service system. In closing it's repulsive to me, morally absolutely repulsive that any SANE individual could consider incest NORMAL between
  4. Thankyou, that is EXACTLY the point. He reprinted those pictures as NEWS. CAIR and it's foot soldiers are pissed off, that is not a violation of their human rights it's human EMOTION. I think there is a bigger issue at play, Political Islamist are trying to silence any voice that speaks out against Radical Islam. Authors and individuals are being sued willy nilly by multiple Muslim Organizations, to SILENCE them. This tactic of intimadation worked in Europe and England, will they be allowed to silence us because the left stand side by side with the Islamist desire to crush our right to
  5. Great post Jerry, you are correct there is a reformation taking place in Islam and it's women leading the fight. Currently their are numerous blogs from the Middle East and the free West that denounce Sharia Law by Muslims. Here's video of women fighting for equal rights, not in an Islamic Countrie but England where equality has been negated for cultural practices. Give them hell girls. Link: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Lb8shFIkx78
  6. What makes incest wrong, if one needs to ask that question this country has gone to the dogs. Children rarely or happyly agree to have sex with their fathers or brothers, it's called sexual abuse for a reason. To assume that one would willing sleep with a direct family member is beyond repulsive to me, has society sunk to that level of deprevation that having sex with a sibling/parent could be deemed OKAY. Indeed it appears that our young are being tought "Any thing Goes" by a segment of society that repulses me to the core. No values or morals under the guise of tolerance isn't fooling so
  7. (1) No person shall publish, issue or display or cause to be published, issued or displayed before the public any statement, publication, notice, sign, symbol, emblem or other representation that (a) indicates discrimination or an intention to discriminate against a person or a class of persons, or (b is likely to expose a person or a class of persons to hatred or contempt because of the race, religious beliefs, colour, gender, physical disability, mental disability, age, ancestry, place of origin, marital status, source Well that is a piece of absurb legislation, one could argue that Rap
  8. Let them rail and rant and yes dare I say spew forth their hatred, it's societies role to decide what isn't acceptable not the HRC. As a member of society I deem these vermin hateful thugs and some day when they grow up and apply for jobs their actions vis vie facebook will come back to haunt them. A google search will bring up dozens of forums who posted their words where they are being lambasted, would any sane employer want any of these young men to work for them? Society has already judge their words, no need for a HRC tribunal. Let free speech reign, and yes even hateful speech is acce
  9. Thankyou I feel the same way. For the detractors of Political Islam what do you think organizations such as CAIR represent? Political arms of Islam to further their aim of Islamifying democratic countries. England now MAKES nurses turn hospital beds towards Mecca five times aday and they were ordered not to administer medical aide during prayer time because it's disrepectful to Islam. Non-Muslim women being denied medical treatment in the name of tolerance. Political Islam is growing faster than I can absorb, under the guise of reasonable tolerance and accomadation they are killing British
  10. You are correct, a child isn't mature enough to understand the consequences of his actions if he meekly or with fear consents an adult is suppose to be mature enough.
  11. Iran; the left's newest "Cause" protect it from the Evil US. I guess they ran out of women to whip and murder with stones. Here's some nice pictures and stories from Iran, yes quite the country. Link: http://www.adnkronos.com/AKI/English/Polit...=1.0.1756615459 Snippet: Tehran, 10 Jan. (AKI) - Iran's supreme court has confirmed that two youths, found guilty of rape will receive 100 lashes each before being cast off a cliff - an ancient Islamic punishment - local media reported. The reports named the youths as Tayeb and Yazdan. "This is a chilling sentence," said Iranian human rights ac
  12. Rubbish, we all have the power within us to improve our lot in life. It's a life style choice not a community punitive sentence. Throwing pots of money at a section of society who wears a cloak of "Victimhood" is an excuse not a reason.
  13. The only hatred that is being riled up is the Hatred hurled at Ezra from Muslims, sites popping up all over face book calling him Jew Pig and other nasty stuff. Those of us who are offended to the max by the SS HRC are calming discussing the injustice of a state run organization that can persecute someone for hurting another's feelings. Simply the hatred hasn't come from the cartoons but the actions of Muslims, they are the ones hurling anger and hatred at those they can't silence. The cartoons aren't the problem, and never will be, it's the Expectations of Political Islamists that they c
  14. Mock the source as much as you like, but these people's words speak for themselves. Refusing to condemn the stoning of women as unacceptable and yet they screech and bawl and pound their fist in condemnation when someone draws a picture of Mo. Talk about twisted ideology.
  15. The complaintants filed the complaint on the basis that the Cartoons stirred up hatred. No they didn't but their actions since filing a Complaint with the SS HRC has certainly riled up hatred towards Jews from so called "Moderate Muslims". Of course the Islamist are always the victim, even when they espouse hatred towards us pigs and Jews. I can only imagine MSM wailing on about the suffering of Muslims in Canada, no mention of the hatred hurled at the Jewish Community from Political Islamist and "Moderate Muslims". At least we know the truth now.
  16. LOL Oleg, you do have some strange tales to tell. Very amusing sometimes. Personally when I see a couple of "Sensible Shoe Wearen" gals I usually just cross the street. Their glares of hatred and envy are usually to harsh.
  17. No pride in one's community leads to a slum enviroment, we can't force people to have pride in their communities. Sadly they have been tought to scream I'm entitled when they need something. It never occurs to them to work as a group to improve their lives, they want the government to handle life's little messes.
  18. If a majority of Canadians want the mission scrapped then the PM is obliged to listen to we the people. Personally I want them out when their mandated date comes up, it's time to let the rest of NATO play ball.
  19. It's enough to make one ill, pandering to an illegal alien for votes. Ship him out, bye bye have a nice life in India Singh.
  20. I don't expect anyone to Honour my "Sacred Cow", however Artists have been crapping Literally on Christ for years do you see Christians lining up to file complaints? NO, Islamist aren't in Canada to be equal, their role is to be Superior. They are winning.
  21. I concur Oleg, the Koran is written like a "War/Sex Manual". It teachs it's followers how to wage a war and win. Women and children aren't human were demons in the Koran. Even in polite society Muslims refuse to address violence in the name of Allah or Sharia Law. Watch the following video. Note they refuse to condemn the stoning of women. Link: http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/019530.php Snippet: Bedier also tries to excuse stoning by noting that Islamic law prescribes it for both men and women, and that four witnesses are needed to establish the crime, with 70 lashes for a false
  22. The most successful communities I've worked in were of the mixed varity, there is a level of pride in the community that helps it avoid what is happening in slums and racial enclaves.
  23. This is another attack on Canadian Values and our beliefs. It is a direct attempt by Political Islamists to enforce Sharia Law on Non-Muslims. Under Sharia Law pictures of Mad Mo are illegal, under our current criminal code we can draw Mo and suffer no criminal prosecution. The fact that the complaint was allowed to precede should scare ALL Canadians, I don't care what upsets or insults Muslims. Contrary to the far lefts' assertion hurt feelings isn't a crime yet. I'm not a Muslim nor will I allow a communist organization such as the HRC to dictate and enforce 7th Century Islamic Law upon m
  24. Exactly, it is in the best interest of their leaders (usually barking mad Mullahs and Imams) to keep them poor and illiterate. Islamic leaders have an army of the poor willing to fight and die for any cause that they slap the word Islam in front of.
  25. How bad is current society? Well there seems to be a lapse in morals amongst our young, females having numerous children fathered by different fathers who never pay support or become a "Father" to those children. We support this lifestyle without a peep of complaint. The Globe ran an article on the Black Community in Toronto and it's fatherless children, it seems impregnating young women is a nobel goal parenting those children isn't part of the equation. We've become a society told to embrace all lifestyles, if we murmur a complaint we are labeled intolerant by those that engineered thes
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