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  1. LOL Dancer you rebuttal was brilliant, and thankyou for the WORKING link.
  2. I'm not surprised, Judges seem to have compassion for the Criminals but not enough empathy towards the victims. In the future I would not be surprised if Judges condemn homeowners for being home and asleep during home invasions. To far fetched, I don't think so.
  3. FYI nothing has changed for me, this forum world is all it should be.
  4. Her mania at over statements is rather amusing, it's apparent she is a liberal to the bone thus she believes the propaganda that "Legal Guns Kill" and illegal ones aren't the problem. The slimy scum sucking crims love people like her it helps them re-arm and kill innocents. The police spend so much time and energy going after hunters they don't have time to go after gangs of killers. Alas it's the liberal way, subjecting innocent gun owners to red tape while the scum roam at will. Lest we offend the scum, let us not forget that little gem.
  5. Canada was founded on Christian Culture, Christmas is part of that culture. No one is forced to celibrate Christmas. If a parent finds it objectable they can remove said child from the activities planned. You are what's wrong with this country, spewing your communist propaganda. Do you honestly think Canadians are going to sit back and let you Socialist replace our traditions and cultural beliefs with your Communist Diarrhea. Jebus communism is dead, never to be revived (god willing) so find another ideology to preach. Might I suggest Global Warming the left/left love the idea of Global W
  6. LOL I couldn't of said it better myself. Of course he went to Afghanistan he's the Minister of National Defense, dahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Part of his role is moral building.
  7. Higgly Radical Islamist aren't a problem in Government they are a serious problem for "Government". Musharaff hasn't made a serious effort to gain control of those towns because he doesn't care. His lack of interest with the Red Mosque teaching Wahhabi Islam is a prime example of how he could careless about the people being forced to live under Wahhabi Islam. His only goal is leadership, his people be damned. Remote boarder towns are now under the complete control of Al Qaeda and the Taliban, hell bend on building a Wahhabi Islamic State. BC Chick, blaming the US for all that ails the
  8. BC correction the Liberal Party of Canada sent them there, as much as they'd like Canadians to forget that little tidbit we won't.
  9. Pakistan is quickly becoming an Islamic State, Al Qaeda and the Taliban have joined forces. Civil War is on the horizen. She was nothing more than a politician, she is neither a martyr or a hero. She's just dead.
  10. The ole so sensitive posters must of missed this thread, they scream and clutch their chest when a mere rumour of torture is written about in Canada. Why their silence? Animals, we are at war with animals. We can't win using our rules, we need to fight them using their methods.
  11. Argus wrote: If you support peacekeeping you have to support Afghanistan. It's the essence of what peacekeeping is now. Suicide bombers and the complete lack of respect for human life have made it impossible for the old passive peacekeeping to succeed except in "civilized" lands - where there is seldom war. Well stated, sadly Canadians seem entralled with Peace Keeping. Of course the average Canadian has no idea that being a PeaceKeeper means you stand aside and watch genocide and rapes take place. They are not allowed to interfer with criminal or war type activity like rapes, murder slau
  12. Sure this could and did happen thirty years ago, but it's a rare occurance when a female isn't aware of her legal right to half the value of Marital Property. What men haven't forgiven women for claiming better treatment? You seemed married to the past, men are victims of spousal abuse but does the government give them equal access to programs and safe houses? NO! Women do not need organizations like SOW who do NOTHING but perform Statistical Studies on useless topics such as "Women and Natural Disasters". As a female I speak for ME, I do not want the government funding special interest gr
  13. Like Rue I enjoyed reading the story, it took serious guts to intervene. I do however have the urge to scream at Mikey, I can post what I want you aint the boss of me.
  14. Yep it's penal envy, Left leaning leaders look towards Eurabia for policies. They shun the US, it after all is successful global leader and Eurabia well it's a socialist hellhole. After 12 years of liberal rule, tadaaaaaaaa the majority of Canadians believe in Socialism.
  15. What's storm front?? I doubt Europe will be booting out anyone that isn't deemed white, it's a socialist hell hole they'd chuck the whites out long before minority groups.
  16. You need not do anything, you are a Canadian of Indian origin be proud of your heritage as I am of my Scots/Native Heritage. As for white people, lets be honest we are all of mixed blood is anyone truely "Pure White" anymore???
  17. OneNoShine you and your family sound like 99percent of our second generation immigrants. Job well done and all that. Who knows in twenty years part of your customs and culture will be part of Canadian Culture.
  18. Eggactly, SOW is a lobby group and it shouldn't receive any public funding in my opinion. An internal audit of SOW stated it's out lived it's usefullness. Women rights and Feminist have nothing in common.
  19. I haven't forgotten that the Liberals raided the Federal Pension plan of 17 billion, stole money is more like it. I haven't forgotten that the Liberals raised UI rates and we now have a surplus of 15 billion. Yet only 49 percent of those that pay into this social safety net are allowed to draw on it. I haven't forgotten that the Liberals cut transfer payments and now we have third world health care in NS. I haven't forgotten that the Liberals beloved CPP program starves our elderly into an early death by alloting meager amounts for them to by cat food to eat, yet CPP has a surplus of 120
  20. I'm glad she felt the wrath of the parents, a teacher's job is suppose to be teaching. In the past twenty years teachers have been teaching their "Indoctorine" to our children, socialist pablum. It got vomited back at her, perhaps people got rude or offensive because they are tired of the PC horshite we are fed by Teachers and Government Wonkers. It's Christmas, not the "Holiday Season" or a festive time of year. On a personal level it can be any of those, but in Canada we are a Christian Nation. It's Christmas, perhaps we can regain the traditions that were taken from us in the name of
  21. Discrimination, why are whites excluded when discrimation is discussed? Can whites not face reverse discrimination? Here's two articles read them, and let me know what you think. Has anger and resentment, envy gone to far. Are whites the newest victims of Socialism and it's desire to wipe out all culture that is White and Christian based? Article one: http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/15991/...-English-people Snippet: In the name of cultural diversity, Labour attacks anything that smacks of Englishness. The mainstream public are treated with contempt, their rights ignored, their histor
  22. Watch it Borg, women can also use their frying pans as weapons of mass distruction. Merry Christmas to all forum members and raise a glass to toast a "Wonderful new Year". Happy Hunikka Jpg, sorry couldn't spell it correctly.
  23. My neice goes to that school, in rural areas children and youth tend to protect each other. In cities it's easier to bully someone because of the volume of students. Zero tolerance is needed with bullies, I can't stand bullies they are cowards that grow up to be even bigger cowards. They thrive on the fear of others, but when confronted by someone who isn't afaid of them they become cowering little arseholes.
  24. Hardly, Political Islam is only getting started. Jerseys one day, MAClains Magazine the next day and internet forums will be on the list eventually. They mean to silence any opposing voice, using our liberals laws against us. It's not Islamphobia it's Islamification of our culture, lest we offend. Carry on with your mindless drivel Dancer, I use to think you belonged on the "Little Yellow Bus" but now I'm convinced you and Margrace need the "Special Van" to go to shop.
  25. Greenthumb, the goberment already controls what we put in our mouths. Dah, have you ever heard of Transfats and the goberment banning them from food?????? I have no problem with banning smoking in closed vehicles when children are in the car, parents choose to smoke the children do not choose to suck that filth into their lungs. For children with breathing problems or allergies it's just plain cruel. For heavens sake stop and light up in a parking lot, it's not exactly a sacrifice to butt out in a vehicle. However the public domain should remain just that free for the public to domain or s
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