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  1. Bali wasn't a failure for those of use who believe in Democracy, it was a defeat for those that use Global Warming as a means for Global Governance. Hail another failure of the far left to control us with propaganda and stupid idiology. Will these idiots ever learn, we don't believe a word that comes out their leftard mouths anymore.
  2. Yes I meant imposed upon them in the home, however when these Muslim Males commit crimes they find out they will get punished under OUR laws. However it doesn't stop them from enforcing Sharia Law onto women and children in Canada. How are Catholic women oppressed? An example of their oppression, their abuse in the name of Jesus Christ would be applicable The following video is actually a live news cast in Saudi Arabia, this is the kind of material that can be found globally in Mosques. There are many that are even more graphic. Domestic Violence is part of Islamic Teachings and Islamic
  3. Sadly it's not done out of hatred, violence against women is based on the Koran. Here's what the koran says about "Beating Women" also did you read the article on Iran and the leading cleric declaring that women who don't wear the hijab deserved to die. That's the kind of instruction from leading Muslim Clerics that Muslims follow. Here's the quotes and translation from the koran: Question: Does Islam permit a man to hit his wife? Summary Answer: Yes, but only if she doesn't do as he asks. The beating must cease if the woman complies with her husband's demands. Beating is also in
  4. Human Rights don't appear to overide Cultural Beliefs, if that were so women wouldn't be living under Sharia Law in Canada. Unwilling or willingly, like it or not we are allowing certain cultures to practice subjugation and oppression of women in the name of religions. It's going to get worse.
  5. Pacifist = Coward, they use their pacifist mombo jumbo idiology because the lack the moral where-with-all to do what needs to be done. Our Military fights whilst the cowards beak off in their basements screaming War Monger. They accomplish nothing, they receive my utter scorn for their lack of spine. I'd like to see what they'd do if someone tried to take their Game Boy or Ipod from them using violence?
  6. I agree, 14 is better than 16. Frankly I'm at a loss as to why so many forty year old men want to have sex with a female child. The internet is crawling with creeps looking to pry on young girls, it's not much but it's better than nothing.
  7. Yep it was yet another waste of our taxdollars by the idiots who blame a piece of metal for the actions of a human. Guns don't kill, people kill. I remember a quote from a book that basically stated once the Government unarms it's people they become oppressors of those people. One only has to look at the facist oppressive far left to see they could easily rule this country one day. I want my rifles should that day ever come to be.
  8. Great post Rue. I believe he MURDERED her because his religion teaches it's acceptable to beat women and children in the name of Allah. For someone to place their hands around another's neck and choke you to death tells me it was coldly executed with pure hatred and anger. We allow freedom of Religion in Canada, perhaps we as a society need to dictate to the Feds what we will accept as a Religion. Islamic Countries are getting more oppressive everyday towards women, Radical Islam is growing with a fevered pitch, at this rate women will be nobodys. Iran has declaired the word female to be
  9. That is the most absurb assertion I've ever read, for gawds sake people commit crimes for money, for greed, because they are scum bags who want power, for revenge etc. It has nothing to do with "Mental illness". As for reconizing greed, envy, jealousy and rage dah they are emotions not "Mental illnesses" how can you diagnose an Emotion prior to a crime? How do you know punishment and retribution don't work, we have never tried it in Canada. The leftards scream for rehabilation and they are the ones the politicians listen to. If I had my way the little scum bags would be putting sand on the
  10. So have the four posters above decided we can't discuss the original Opinion? Perhaps Charles might ask you to stop hyjacking threads with nonsensical posts.
  11. LOL should the British people get on their knees and grovel with thanks Lazarus? England has bent so far over to accommadate their minorities that it's culture has almost disappeared. The people are starting to fight their governments socialist stupidity, hopefully it's not to late.
  12. Personally I consider the complaint with the HRC to be a constitutional issue, we are suppose to be allowed freedom of expression. There was no hatred or call to violence in the quotes at Maclains, none. Yet a political arm of Islam is using our socialist nanny system to silence any voice that speaks out against Radical Islam and Political Islam. Here's an article that details what Polical Islam is doing, surprise it's happening in socialist England also. Link; http://pajamasmedia.com/xpress/rogerkimbal...g_soon_to_a.php Snippet: Last summer, Cambridge University Press announced that
  13. Bang on, they knew what they were doing was wrong. Little scum bags deserved at least five years in jail.
  14. August wrote:In any case, I'm speaking about the Left's apparent silence about the treatment of women in Saudi Arabia compared to its loud protests about blacks in apartheid South Africa. I agree however that the two situations are far from being comparable. The left don't care about women outside of Canada, the feminist are more concerned with doing studies on the "Glass Ceiling" and other hard hitting issues like funding Studies on Women and how "Natural disasters effect us". SOW serves no useful purpose outside of doing stupid studies on stupid issues. The average female loaths femini
  15. Yep, I see no difference between a Classical Liberal and the current PM. That's a good thing.
  16. After reading this current article I'm convinced this child was systematically abused by her father. In Pakistan, if he were charged at all, he'd do six months in jail. That's it six months. The most recent study out of Pakistan is here: http://www.zeenews.com/znnew/articles.asp?...=LIF&sname= 71% of males feel violence against women is justified. No it's not a religious or cultural issue, sure yep. Regarding the assertion that we are "Racist" for blaming the teachings of Islam for her death, how utterly retarded. Men like Lazarus are the reason women are being beaten in the name of
  17. If the victim is a female or a child the offender is usually treated with kid gloves, frankly I'm beginning to believe gender equality is just a smoke screen. The judges sentencing males to jail with lenient sentences sends the message that we aren't as important the perps rights. It's a global issue and the victims are repeatedly revictimized in the name of Justice, no such thing anymore for children and women.
  18. Well Trudeau was a socialist head case who didn't care what anyone outside of his beloved Quebec thought. He was an elitist socialist fool. He was voted the most disliked PM in history wasn't he?
  19. I also think of Vimy Ridge, but then again that wasn't foreign policy. Can we really be surprised at the results, our children are being tought indoctornation in schools not education. Our media never reports anything positive on Iraq, all we are fed is more anti-American propaganda.
  20. I wish I could state I'm shocked but I'm not. Muslim women in democratic countries are not treated as equals, our laws don't protect them from their culture. In Norway they are discussing amending their laws to consider "Culture" as a mitigating curcumstance when sentencing men for Honour Killings. We must eradicate the Liberal Idiology of "Reasonable Accomadation" because it subjugates and discriminates against immigrant women and subjects them to barbaric Sharia Law. The liberal left seem proud of their Reasonable Accomadation and for this women and children get battered and murdered. Mul
  21. I concur, sadly the oil industry owns the patents on just about every idea for alternative energy. We don't stand a chance of changing our dependancy on oil unless we negate the oil industrys right to own tecnology that might exists as alternative energy. They have scientist working day and night think up pie in the sky tecnology on the off chance someone might find an alternative to oil. They own us now and in the future unless we act to negate their "Patent" rights of ownership of "Ideas".
  22. Mr. Coyne is bang on, they should not have the power to investigate hate "Speech" because it's under the criminal code. It should be a police issue if someone lays a complaint of "Hate Speech". This organization has far to much power, and they are hearing cases that are outside their mandate in my opinion. If radical Islamists can attack a magazine or a media personality for an "Opinion" none of us stand a chance, and that in a nutshell is their goal. To silence the opponents of Polical Islamists and they are winning.
  23. Writing about Political Islamists and Radial Islam isn't a hate crime, but I'm sure the radical Muslims will make sure any conversation that isn't PC will cease. More blather slather and appeasement at taxpayers expense to shut up those that see what's happening. Sharia Law anyone lest we offend. On a side note, when England was debating their hate legislation a member brought up a valid point: The koran is a book filled with hateful violent surias about Jews and Infidels ergo the Muslims went batty as per norm and the Koran is exempt from the legislation. They are allowed to preach and
  24. Mike's ideas are absurb, to state we don't need an airforce dah. We need one, but the Liberals felt buying antiquainted subs was more important than heavy lift helicopters. Rather brilliant, no gas is needed because they aren't fit to sail. All that gas money saved. Our troops currently depend on our allies to get us in theater, I guess getting a reputation of being poor beggers is better than no reputation. Welfare for whomever wants it, dah that's already happening.
  25. There are Canadians that blame everything that ails this planet on the US, sad sacks. For some the US has become the Devil, I generally shrug off these sad sacks as pityful greenfaced fools.
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