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  1. Jazzer I think that bylaw sucks big time, smoking is legal and yet the Anti-Smoking Nazis want laws to make it illegal. The pollution around us is a real threat, second hand smoke a few feet away from someone isn't anymore dangerous than the emissions from an exhaust pipe. I believe there was a demonstration yesterday by non-smokers and smokers, their aim was to let the counsil know it's a stupid piece of Nanny Nation Legislation. Exposing someone to second hand smoke in confined places is one thing but to try and police an entire community is absolute madness. Carinthia, sorry didn't me
  2. Dispite the liberals best efforts Canadians are starting to speak out against Multiculture and so called Diversity. Buzz words that get the left elected, yet new comers are festing in slums in our major cities. They gig is up, Multiculture equals gettos and ethnic enclaves. Good for getting the vote, bad for society.
  3. I can only shake my head at the left's love of hardened criminals, I guess public safty should come second to the needs of the Criminal. Honestly I cannot understand their thought process. Link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/arti...in_page_id=1770 Snippet: Hundreds of dangerous prisoners are to be freed without any checks on whether they pose a threat to the public. The inmates, including paedophiles, other sex offenders and arsonists, will no longer have to convince the Parole Board they are safe for release. The situation has been triggered by the Government's decision to re
  4. A very valid point River, it shall be interesting to see them slither away to find said evidence. The new religion Global Warming, the unwilling donars? Taxpayers of course.
  5. I think it's a great idea, they managed to survive without being slaughtered how's that for skill. I can only imagine what great immigrants they'd be. Survival skills and will power. Good stuff, while were at it, can we accept the 200,000 refugees in the Sudan. These women and children have suffered at the hands of Arab Wahhabis, we'd have no fear of them being radical Islamist. They've tasted and suffered under that cult, and barely survived.
  6. LOL bang on the money, but you forgot the leftwing expects we the rightwing to pay for their utopian dream of "Socialist Elite Hell Hole" I wonder how they'll pick a leader, oh that's right some rich dude from Quebec should fit the bill nicely. As long as he embraces Multiculture and Global Warning.
  7. I have to laugh at the hyper-sensitive left, they scream racism racism over and over. Hello it's a religion he wrote about, not a race. Frankly it sounds like the complaintants couldn't brow beat the magazine into giving them five free pages to brag about how "Peaceful" Radical Islam is. Here's an example of what is legal for Muslims to blather on about, it's ugly and this is racism. He shouldn't have any trouble defending his views, globally Political Islam is making life miserable for non-Muslims. Link: http://www.muslimvideos.com/ Regarding the HRC, it's an organization that has fa
  8. Both my parents were smokers, and speaking from experience the second hand smoke damn near killed me. I could barely draw a breath. Adults choose to smoke, children shouldn't have to breathe in toxic fumes because an adult chooses to smoke.
  9. If the following group supports Globally Warming it's got to be junk science. Link: http://www.cpcml.ca/Tmld2007/D37062.htm#1 Snippet: Earth Day 2007 Canada Must Implement the Kyoto Protocol! Humanize the Natural and Social Environment! Affirm the Right to Be! - Statement of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) - April 22, 2007 Today we honour Mother Earth and pledge to uphold her dignity. In doing so in Canada, we must first pay tribute to the First Nations who are the stewards and protectors of Turtle Island and holders of sovereign rights to this vast land. The First Na
  10. Frankly Danny doesn't give a rat's arse what Harper thinks, and how does he lose? He is fighting for the future of his province, they were screwed over royally by Quebec visa vie ChurchHill Falls. At least he cares about his people and the future of his province. He's a stand above the rest kind of guy, most only want to hold office. The people matter not. Atlantic Canada will be a sea of red in the next election, Harper has himself to blame. He lied once when he signed the accord, we'd be fools to believe him again.
  11. Every academic essay I've read about Liberalism basically states they stand for nothing. The create great public fear by creating issues (Y2K, Globally Warming, Ice Age etc) and then they preach it as the gospel. The public falls for their scam and then the Liberals save the day by implimenting programs to ensure our survival from said propaganda. It's party idiology is fluid, if it helps get them elected they'll swear to it. They are like bubbles, no sustanance or substance. The public is suckered in by their social policies, yet the Conservatives are socially conscious but are accused of
  12. I've had a couple of clients over the years who survived the Explosion, one was only three and she was speared with a sliver of wood in her eye. She was blinded, but she lost her entire family. So many sad stories to read about.
  13. After McGuinty I lost you. Perhaps rewrite it, or did you mean to say his wife can't fly a plane (aircraft) and you don't see anything wrong with her not flying a plane? From the News report it sounds like a couple of special interest groups want "Special" attention, bad bad idea. A hospital is suppose to be for everyone in the community, not just the vocal minority voice. Who raised said amount of cash shouldn't be an issue.
  14. MikeDavid's point of view is pertinent to me. Speak for yourself, you are a poster on this forum not the voice of this forum. A suggestion guyser, try debating instead of constantly attacking posters with your nonsensical diatribe. Dancer the definitionof Diatribe: A piece of bitter criticism, invective, discourse, denounciation. Leafless used it correctly Dancer, in future if you are going to be the forum "English Critic" could you please ask permission from Charles. Of course I may not of gotten the memo announcing your new forum "Position". Mike, I've been told one has won a debate wh
  15. Great post WildBill, I Concur. Immigration is a good thing for Canada if they are going to the Provinces that need more SKILLED workers. Sadly there are individuals that are using this topic as a sounding board to make fun of anyone who doesn't share "Their" views. They and their "Beloved Political Party" are the ones responsible for the entire mess Immigration has become. Making Race an issue when it isn't, it's about supply and demand. We do not need more cab drivers in Toronto, nor welfar recepients. Productive workers are what's needed race is not relivant. Alas the farleft will en
  16. Yes it is, I came across this article and I'm so angry I could spit. 15 taxis and not one cab driver would drive her home because of her seeing eye dog. Sharia Law being enforced on a blind woman, nice real nice. Note how those interviewed keep saying they are not allowed to refuse, bla blah and yet a member of the public had to drive her home. They all refused, they should be fired and the contract for the Airport given to a company that is interest in providing cab services not enforcing Sharia Law. Link: http://www.fortmcmurraytoday.com/Local%20News/359468.html Snippet: Diane Berger
  17. We were warned this would cause global food shortages and it would leave a bigger foot print on the planet. The far left screamed "Your killing this Planet" and global politicians bent over to appease the Politically Correct Eco Terrorist and Peaceniks with the green game. The Global Warming Cult gloated and children will starve. Peaceniks and Eco Terrorist are far more concerned with Mother Earth than the children who starve to death on it.
  18. Wrong it's "Only counts in horseshoes and hand granades". Coot, how can you discredit somone by calling them gay? They are equal in the eyes of the law, so why is it a smear? It must be leftwing thang of over sensitive feelings, kisss kisss hugg huggs. Gag me with a spoon. I can't help but laugh at the far left screaming the sky is falling, Harper is a fascist. He's bringing back the death penality blah blah. Honest to god you guys see a blue sky instead of stating what a lovely day you state it's "Global Warming" Harper is distroying the planet. No one bllieves your histronic blather,
  19. From his very first post he attack this forums members, spamming the board with anti-Israel propaganda. Did I pounce on him, no. I rebuttaled in the same manner he put forth, I feel no quilt atall. Pandering and appeasing hateful posters is for the usual suspects of knee dippers and white haters. He's not the first person I've met on a forum that pretended to be Muslim to stir up anti-Islamic sentiment. He won't be the last, he was a troll and if he wasn't it's a scary thought that this individual stated he was born in Canada-Educated in Canada and his english writing skills were on par
  20. I have no problem with Immigrants, however if we continue the current trend of letting them live or move to Major Cities we will have problems. How is Toronto going to maintain it's infrastructor if the minority become a majority? If they aren't working or giving back to society visa vie taxes who's going to foot the bill. The Mayor of Toronto has already asked the feds to help with their crippling debt, this will only get worse. Mean while immigrants fester in sqaller and poverty and eventually civil unrest will ensue. We cannot continue to financially support Immigrants with lavish socia
  21. I'm not phobic towards ALL Muslims, just the Islamist who demand we bend over and treat their religion with superiority or they get violent. Hasn't happened in Canada.
  22. Rue your thoughful posts, to me, are very calming and you never seem to get aggressive. The newbee came in armed with anger and hate, he wasn't interested in debate he wanted us to comfirm his anger and hate. That didn't happen. I hope this isn't an attitude Jews in Canada face on a daily basis from the Muslim community.
  23. I wonder how Dion will hold up when the Cons are finished with Mulroney and starts the next inguiry, the one where Chretien gets investigated properly for his role in Shawinigate.
  24. Well the former Liberal PM bought a new plane for himself, yet Sea King Pilots died flying a helo that is forty years old. He also canceled it's replacement, what are Pilots Lives worth these days? At least no one is dying because he's flying.
  25. Hark "White Man's Guilt" the new thang with the hardleft, please are they that desperate these days.
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