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  1. During the 06 election campaign Harper blasted Martin's high level of spending. He then went on to increase spending at over double the rate of inflation. He didn't adjust spending, he added new spending...a lot of it.
  2. Would you stone your disobediant child to death? Since you and the church pick and choose the Biblical teachings you abide by, how valid is the Bible as a moral compass?
  3. What? Cycles? That's crazy man...nobody saw this one coming...not one economist...nobody. Just ask Flaherty.
  4. Its Not the Voting that’s Democracy, Its the Counting.
  5. I think Pat thought about including that in his speech but didn`t want to cross the line.
  6. The massive power wielded by a few Christian leaders in the US is truly frightening. Leaders of enormous Christian groups use their power to inflict their will upon corporations and politicians. The cult like power those like Pat Robertson have over their mindless sheep far surpasses that held by union and world leaders (even Obama) alike. The problem arises when this American Taliban (borrowed from Dawkins) uses its power to assault gender equality (1), sexual orientation, science (2), reason and progress itself. The fact that these groups are highly organized and have such extreme power
  7. I had a minute to look up the answer to my own question. I was a Beaver and for a brief period a Cub until it conflicted with some of my other sports and hobbies as a kid. I remember the mottos "Do your best" and "Be prepared"...but in addition to the mottos they also have laws and promises. Maybe I was just unaware of the promises when I was a kid or mayber they are new but they definitely say that Scouts Canada is a Christian org. Beaver Promise: I promise to love God and help take care of the world. Wolfcub Promise: I promise to do my best To love and serve God, to do my duty to the Qu
  8. I've never aligned myself with a particular party; in fact, I find it a little amusing and/or disconcerting that so many treat politics as a team sport. Do so many good ideas really have to be discarded, discredited and sneered at simply because they were created by a different party? I know our system and the game we call politics promotes this kind of wasteful, childish, unproductive behaviour so maybe it’s time to change the system…but I digress. I have always been a little socially progressive and fiscally conservative. So, in the past my support has generally been behind the PC party.
  9. The majority of the country considers themselves Christian and the majority also overspend on consumer crap. Be careful when you use the word truth. Keep in mind that Christian beliefs are only considered truth to Christians. I took my son to the local Santa Clause parade this year. He might have been too young as he was bored to tears (almost literally) and wanted to leave even before Santa rolled his giant ass down the main street. Although, I can't really blame him I was a little bored myself. The parade generally consisted of rolling advertisements with a couple plastic decorations
  10. Well said. I love everything except the mass consumption that goes along with this time of year. I love the claymation tv specials, the excitement of children, the getting together with family, building snowmen (sorry snow people), hot chocolate, decorating, etc. I have a couple of kids now, my oldest is 2 and just becoming aware of Santa et al. He is all pumped about building a 'no-man' (he can't make the 's' sound very well yet) which so far he has only read about in books. We got a little snow today so I am looking forward to rolling up all the snow in my back yard into a grass covered
  11. I’m sick of consumerism and I am really starting to hate stuff in general. At one time I really yearned for things like nice cars, home theater systems, tools and appliances. Then I sort of became indifferent to our glutinous North American way of life. I wasn’t bothered by it but I personally started to make an effort to acquire less, use less, and waste less. Soon I found that I didn’t really want stuff anymore at all. Now despite my best efforts I am starting to really despise those that spend their lives consuming and acquiring. It could be the Christmas season and the accompanying a
  12. Under a MMP system the proportion of the seats allocated to each party actually matches how the entire province or country voted...that's what I mean by more accurate. In my opinion giving 100% power to the plurality candidate in each riding and thus wasting all other votes cast, is inacurate. Like I said in my last post, the electoral system itself does not make democratic government, but it is a critical first step. Can a representative democracy really represent, if we distort the vote results so badly? I say no. I am well aware of the many other problems that hinder representation as w
  13. The total of all votes cast is represented more accurately. Since the proposed system is MMP which combines a simple plurality vote for the local rep and a proportional list system, you would still have the chance of rallying the troops and affecting a tight local race. Although small parties only want it because they have no shot at gaining undeserved representation. If like the Cons or Libs they had a shot at undeserved power I suspect they'd soon forget about PR as well. Perhaps, but I would much rather just debate the electoral system, the other is much to tedious. There is certainly a
  14. It is often said that Canadians do not elect governments, they defeat them. Your comments echo that sentiment. It's a sad situation, mainly caused by the first past the post system, when people are often forced to vote against a candidate rather than for their own representation. PR has nothing to do with protecting the party elites. In fact, a nice side effect of PR systems is that the make up of the government more closely emulates that of the population. Party lists tend to include more women and more minorites than our current old white male dominated system. In reality, PR loosens t
  15. Ban public sector unions, put greater emphasis on preventative medicine, increase private delivery of health services, large scale, long term promotion of active healthy living, stop building car based suburbs.... we could also magically balance the demographic groups in Canada, tax illness or cure the common cold too.
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