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  1. Personally I think Pierre Poilievre would do a good job. I watch quite a bit of QP and he's as sharp and cutting as a scalpel, a very intelligent man. Give Michelle Rempel some more time to become a little more seasoned and she'd be great as well.
  2. So the Conservatives have announced part of their climate plan, and it makes perfect, logical sense without additionally taxing Canadians. So how long before the Liberals start either stealing it, or gategorically denouncing it as foolish while simply falling back on their tax plan as the only way to go?

    1. Shady


      I'd give it about a day.  They'll accuse the Conservatives of wanting to poison the air and water.

  3. Well, you're entitled to your opinion, no matter how wrong it is. Given the alternative, another four years of Trudeau, Scheer stands head and shoulders above him. Then again, a radish would make a better PM than Trudeau.
  4. Perhaps you could elaborate a little on your post and explain why you mistakenly think that.
  5. Christmas present for my wife. The one in the video is a little older than hers, the new model has a few changes that make it nicer. Hickok has the best video's.
  6. Facts are important, you should try them, you might like them. Nah, you probably wouldn't since they'd prove your little rant is nothing but verbal spewage. http://factscan.ca/stephen-harper-under-our-conservative-government-canada-is-going-to-have-virtually-unfettered-access-for-our-world-class-products-workers-and-investors-in-43-countries-across-the-world/
  7. Don't you just love them! Even though you know they'd kill you in a heartbeat if they were ordered to.
  8. And now for something completely different. Hot young chicks putting a different twist on popular music.
  9. Yes they are, but for me this routine just stands out. Mayer brcause Rita is just so perfect. I actually think she stole the show from Fred in this one.
  10. So go ahead. Tell me that there are better dance couples than Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth.
  11. Okay...these guys are just way too cool. Another reason so many people secretly wish they were Scottish. Go ahead, I dare anyone here to deny that flaming Bag Pipes are ultra cool.
  12. Now that's true irony. Seeing you post about others whining when I've seen many posts from you over the years where you whined about the fisheries and their regulations. What a burden they placed on you. I'd rather fan and fuel left-wing Liberal angst and anger until their stupid heads explode. See what I did there?
  13. WOW! Human synthesizers! Spoiler, they add a beatbox guy near the end and it's a perfect match to what they do.
  14. Gotta love the Jew's Harp. This is really entertaining.
  15. Not perfect, but still a really nice acoustic performance. Let's face it, Bohemian Rhapsody isn't the easiest thing to play.
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