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  1. I wont swear to it but I think Trudeau is the first ever Canadian PM to be barred from a Canadian Tire parking lot.

  2. It is very telling that the ones giving the super feminist the boot to the family jewels are all women. First it was Leona Alleslev, then JWR and now Jane Phillpot.
  3. And you know this how? Went out and asked them all did you?
  4. Very true, even 600 million plus of hush money wont keep this quiet.
  5. And people like you make me laugh out loud. Now yell for another hot pocket.
  6. In plain English. "I can't stand the stench of corruption emanating from this government anymore." So who's next?
  7. whether the organization — or any of its representatives — is alleged to have committed any other offences That's straight from the link you provided. That aside, it's the AG's call and given this companies very long history of illegal doings she made the right call. As for the jobs aspect, that's just BS. Any affected employee's will find employment with other firms that will step in. If jobs are such an all important factor why do we hear crickets from Trudeau about the 120,000 plus jobs that have been lost out west because of his policies? As JWR said in her testimony Trudeau emphasized the election and the fact that he's the member for Papineau. That is what this is all about, anything else is just a smoke screen. In fact, if you look at the timeline in it's entirety you can see that the Liberals snuck in their DPA law specifically to benefit SNC in the lead up to the election. I have to ask, have you even listened to JWR's complete testimony? I have, about four times now.
  8. That wont happen, the Liberals have a majority. Liberal MP's would have to cross the floor for it, and you know they wont do that. I may be wrong but I think about 30 of them would have to cross before a vote of non confidence could be held.
  9. Perhaps because I'm the guy who signed the blank cheque pledging my life to defend Canada. Oh...that's right, in your opinion that means nothing. I could ask what you'd do, but I already know the answer. You'd just flap your gums like you always do, then slither away.
  10. You keep saying this, or words to this effect, and you're wrong. Perhaps you haven't been following this too closely and missed the several times it's already been explained why a DPA would be illegal. The law as written by the Liberals themselves states that a company guilty of previous offences of a similar or same nature as the ones they are currently accused of are not eligible for a DPA. SNC has admitted guilt in previous bribery charges and as such do not qualify for a DPA. Further to that the law as written states that economic factors, such as job losses are not relevant or to be considered in the determination of eligibility for a DPA. Your continued assertion that this is just a personally motivated decision by JWR is incorrect. Her decision was made in accordance with the law as written by the Liberals, the law that she is upholding and following. The ones who are trying to ignore and circumvent that law are Trudeau and his top people. In fact, when she stated one of the laws that are relevant to this case to Butts he responded that it was a Harper law and he didn't like it, in that he was referring to a law that Harper put into play to prevent exactly this kind of corruption. So are you saying that in your opinion it's okay for a sitting government to just ignore, bend or break any laws that don't suit their agenda?
  11. But...but...but...what about their extraordinarily powerfull voices in Canadian society?
  12. Quick poll. Will the Federal Liberals become the next mini van party, or will they become the Smart Car party?

  13. There's really nothing I can say. Michelle says it all so much better than I ever could.
  14. Once other countries run out of oil, our remaining reserves will be worth a lot more. It sure will. Then other countries will march right on in and take it.
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