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  1. I try to ignore personal issues. Far as I'm concerned, it's not his problem if his wife chooses to lie to evade inappropriate questions. I can forgive liars, I imagine he can too. I'm usually more frustrated with people who demand information someone shouldn't be obligated to give out. Regardless of how NDP is elevated in this election, I'm still not entirely sure what it's about. Liberals went to the trouble of making education funding promises so that was one issue of clarification at least. Oh wait, I think Layton wanted to ditch the senate or make them elected, I'm for that. Don't the Conservatives also share that aim though? Perhaps they can do that together?
  2. has not set his mind on what party to support.

  3. I am curious how come we keep printing the Queen on our money and our soldiers have to swear loyalty to her, how she must approve the Governor General. I understand legal tradition and all that, but surely we could get rid of these things if we wanted to. Do most people just not feel it is wrong or important enough to mess with? For me it's like, the question is how come we don't change that? I don't see the point in it at all.
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