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  1. That's why he sent tanks into his "beloved" province. The rest of the country applauded his actions, but many in Quebec question the necessity or if the FLQ threat was even that big. You obviously know nothing in regards to Trudeau's time in office. http://www.filibustercartoons.com/canguide_3_20-hist.php
  2. Seems fair to me...however he will probably serve 2-3 years only or is it one of those federal charges where it is mandatory to serve atleast 80%?
  3. It's official...and it really looks like oil prices have made it a win win for feds and Newfoundland. The NL surplus has tripled to nearly $900 million...this is just fantastic news for us here and all provinces who pay into equalisation.
  4. That is not official. If Williams accepts that will be the addtional equalization amount received by the province. However, by 2009 Newfoundland willnot qualify for equalisation any longer, regardless of if they accept the new deal or not. That is fantastic news. Finally there can be an end to all the whining. Too bad stereotypes tend to linger....
  5. Whatever guy. We are just trying to get off of equalisation...This accord, if the promise was kept, would effectively do that. But if you would rather pay for us to live out her and all our services then I don't really mind that either. It seems like you would rather have us stay on equalisation so all your ridiculous stereotypes hold true.
  6. Umm...yes there were. First promises were made by the Liberals by Paul Martin and then the Conservatives with Harper. Here is the agreement, that was signed by the said politicians at the bottom. This is the agreement that was reneged on, this is why so many people in Atlantic Canada are pissed off. http://www.gov.nl.ca/atlanticaccord/agreement.htm
  7. Why are we getting into child pornography? It is illegal to sell anything with child pornography. I actually listened to the artist on The Q (CBC radio). He makes a compelling argument and given the fact that he bases his paintings on publicity shots of Orr means Orr can have no expectation that his image is not distributed for money. He is in the public domain is what I am getting at. Perhaps a person can paint "anything they damn please" and sell it, but then the person whose image is being sold has every right to sue the hell out of them and take all their profits plus more.
  8. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screw_magazine Looks like people can use corporate logos and sell the artwork. Although I agree with American Woman as well, the selling has to be in the right circumstances so her original statement that people can't just paint anything they want for profit holds up. They would have to prove fair use.
  9. I think your both forgetting that pacifism did work...Gandhi was successful. His methods worked.
  10. What threads did he go crazy in? Did he call for jihad on MapleLeaf Web?
  11. I don't see our country becoming weak. Unless, if you define weakness in terms of a multi-cultured, less homogenous one. I would still fight for our country and I think you would find many would, that is, if Canada were ever attacked. I think many people wouldn't fight because it is becoming increasingly difficult to associate with the conflicts around the globe and make them "our" fight. I don't want to die in the mountains of Afgahanistan or on some random street in Baghdad. Does this make me less patriotic? No. I just think we as Canadians and North Americans, really need to disassociate ourselves with regional conflicts. Why should we be world police?
  12. I guess we'll have to disagree on that then. There were promises made...pre-election ones, which Harper reneged on. Williams is simply calling another liar to task. If Harper hadn't made the promise, he should have come out about it when Williams stated a deal and agreement had been reached, prior to the election. I just don't see him as being on another level at all. He is not saying Newfoundland was raped by the feds, he is saying a major agreement has been blown off by the Prime Minister, one that could give Newfoundland billions in revenue and help ween the province off of equalisation. I never vote Conservative in federal elections anyways as they are a bit too conservative and not at all progressive, but even if I did, I would think twice.
  13. And Harper is a kind and gentle man is he? What politician isn't a bit of a self-involved a-hole? Especially those in leaadership positions. And I would add he only sounds like a wind bag if you don't like what he has to say.
  14. All I hear in here is a lot of crying from western Canadians....I can't recall Williams ever crying when he took down Canadian flags. The gesture was never aimed at other Canadians but since the parliament doesn't have a flag per say, it was the most meaningful act he could come up with. I think it worked. I guess he is not such an idiot if he gets things accomplished.
  15. Newfoundland is full of small ponds, lakes and rivers. It wouldn't be around St. John's but in central or northern newfoundland it works out.
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