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  1. Encouraging news, but I also think this is even more encouraging: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_Egyptian%E2%80%93Israeli_border_attack#Egypt Essentially you have Israel and Egypt working out a security agreement on the fly and Egypt conducting intense operations against Islamist terrorists, all spearheaded by the Egyptian President (on the Egyptian side). Not getting a lot of publicity, but very significant.
  2. I'll rephrase the title of this post a little bit - I think the case of Omar Khadr should make us ashamed to be Canadian. Let's run-down the basic facts of Omar Khadr: - Raised by a religious extremist family and terrorist father - Schooled mostly at extremist religious schools in Pakistan - Once he reached adolescence he was taken by his father to a remote camp in Afghanistan cut off from the outside world and groomed for terrorism Where in that does anyone see a realistic opportunity for Omar Khadr to be a normal kid? Nowhere. He was essentially abused by his father - it wasn't a case o
  3. Of course you'll ignore my statement - because you're a tribalist who happens to be Jewish. "Your people" do not have the same capacity for extremism or violence because, "your people" are different and better, because we're Chosen. Admittedly it was inflammatory, but it was to make a point - we clearly have a double standard if we can easily call Muslims who want to impose Muslim law and scripture on daily life and politics "extremists" but Jews who have the same desires aren't. Those efforts manifest in different ways given historical, religious, economic and political contexts - but the de
  4. As usual, there is a background of events that you're completely unaware of . . . Nablus . . . 1 - IDF soldiers dismantle a Jewish extremist settlement in the West Bank that was illegal even under Israeli law. 2 - The fundamentalist settler thugs respond by marching into Palestinian neighbourhoods and clashing with the people there, including women and children. 3 - The IDF breaks up the confrontation, several people are injured and one Palestinian dies. 4 - The settler thugs proceed to firebomb a home, miraculously no one is killed, but two children are sent to hospital. 5 - A lone Pale
  5. When has Canada ever been one of three or less countries in the world voting against a resolution against any of those countries? Canada does not unconditionally back up other nations who are in violation of international law for over 40 years. Canada goes to bat for Israel to an extent we do not do so for any other nation. And my point is that I don't see how this benefits us, and frankly I think it harms our international reputation, all in the name of very short-sighted vote grabbing at home. I think Canada should treat Israel as it does the US or UK - which is to say that we believe ei
  6. Thanks for jumping in to nitpick. Care to pick up where JBG has ran off from? . . . The question is: how is it in Canada's economic, political, or strategic interest to support Israel to the degree which the Harper government does? A degree which is far beyond the support we give any other allied nation? I could also ask - how is it in Israel's interest for foreign powers to support a highly politicized foreign policy that benefits one side of the Israeli political spectrum at the expense of the nation's future as a Jewish democracy? . . . But that's a whole different post.
  7. Doesn't matter, Israel doesn't have the capacity to host other nation's militaries. They don't have large army and air bases like say, Turkey, which they can rent out space at to other countries. Also - why do we need to unconditionally support Israel in order to have this option? Couldn't we just treat them like we do the US or UK and not rubber-stamp every single foreign policy move they make? Other nations we're not particularly close with let us use their bases, after all. It's pretty clear that there is no political, economic, strategic benefit to supporting Israel to the degree that w
  8. How is Israel a forward base? There are no NATO troops stationed there. Israel has never been used, even during the Iraq war, as a staging point for Western troops. During the Iraq war the US used Turkey, Qatar, the UAE, Kuwait, and aircraft carriers as forward bases. If anything unconditional support for Israel (to a degree we don't even reserve for the US) has marginalized Canada's already limited role in the middle east. I think it harms Canadian foreign policy more than it helps, because when it comes time to talk trade, Middle East nations are reluctant to trade openly with a lap-dog of
  9. Yes you do, because you haven't answered my question, all you've done is listed two ways in which Canada and Israel are similar. You haven't explained what Canada gets out of unfailingly supporting all of Israel's foreign policy moves as we've done since Harper's come to office. What do we get about supporting Israel to a degree that we don't even reserve for the US? How does it help our economy? Examples? How does it help us politically? Examples? How does it help us strategically? Examples? Are you incapable of providing a rational for the "special relationship?"
  10. And most do. Contrary to that specific instance, most Muslim students in Canada attend public schools and participate in co-ed programming. Rather than tar and feather all Muslims - it's more productive to point out to those families "hey, if it's anti-Islamic, than how come so many other Muslims are doing it? And how come this Imam says it's fine?" But then again, that would mean solving a problem and integrating people, rather than using a problem to lobby for discriminatory immigration requirements based on race or religion.
  11. Really? Haven't drug gangs with Caribbean backgrounds killed more people in Canada than the zero people killed by Islamist terrorists? Or Italian mafia for that matter? Or white biker gangs? And why should I be freaked out about a danger that is less common than dying by lightning strike?
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