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  1. curious that i can delete my status updates to my hearts content....
  2. Better yet, rather than a self imposed banning maybe I can get it imposed from the man himself: Charles, take your heavy handed bull shit moderation and shove it up your ass. How's you like them trolls?
  3. This site needs a delete account feature.

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      As long as posts are left in place. Mot Al. 

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      Perhaps if only AI posts were left in place would raise the level of discourse.  :D

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      I'd like to formally request that my other accounts are deleted.  I'm also on here as eyball and Cybercoma.  Delete them now, please!

  4. So, are the Mexicans going to pay under this scheme or not?
  5. Just because Ontario has done a crappy job of things does not mean the rest of the country will. I find it funny how when it comes down to wanting to implement any kind of energy policy it always comes down to: no, can't do that because, Ontario! Not a compelling argument.
  6. Agreed. As someone said on Twitter: Trump is right. John Lewis's district is a mess with 53 men getting the shit kicked out of them..... See link if you don't get the joke: http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2017/jan/15/donald-trump/trumps-john-lewis-crime-invested-atlanta/ The Patriots are particularly insufferable with Trump as President (as he likes to talk of his freindships with Bill and Tom - much to their embarrassment). Glad to see Matt Ryan get some spotlight: he is a very good QB and this past year has been the best in the league. I probab
  7. Of course oil is going to be around. The question is: at what price? Given the compounding effect of investments in solar/wind elsewhere I think it is only a matter of time before oil is a sunset industry. Thanks to productivity increases (US shale in particular) Alberta should be thankful that the price is under $55. If it was at $100 then the incentive to switch over to alternative energy sources and technology would be even greater. Yes, Canada is a small part in this and in producing carbon. Does not mean we just ignore our international commitments. Be
  8. If we do not embrace change then the rest of the world will outpace us. What do we do when oil demand decreases because of changes to technology (electric vehicles, power walls etc)? The rest of the world, especially the sunny parts, can easily, and cheaply, change over to solar over the next several decades. In fact, this is already happening now. But no, no jobs to be had in solar/wind technology. We're Canada so we can only focus on oil and gas because we can only do one thing at a time. One day, when the markets realize that the oil game is up and OPEC
  9. Um, account for population increase much? That's why I have focused on percentages.
  10. For 2014 it was 14.3% for BC'ers 12 and up. http://www.statcan.gc.ca/tables-tableaux/sum-som/l01/cst01/health74b-eng.htm As for the past you can start here: http://healthycanadians.gc.ca/publications/healthy-living-vie-saine/tobacco-monitoring-survey-2011-enquete-surveillance-tabac/index-eng.php For example, in 1985 it looks like about 42% or so of 20-24 year olds smoked. Compared to the 21% for that same age group in 2011. I am sure other stats can be found somewhere like here: https://www.med.uottawa.ca/sim/data/Smoking_Rates_e.htm As for carbon taxes - there primary us
  11. Here is BC we have gone from ~50% of adults smoking 40+ years ago to something like 13% today. That's very good results thanks to education and taxation. With fossil fuels it will be education, renewables, technology, and taxation. BFD. Adapt.
  12. I think most people who would call themselves atheists would admit that there is an infinitesimally small chance of somekind of "god" or "power" out there that we don't understand. But it is so unlikely, especially to be a personal god like in the Bible/Koran, that to waste time on such things is foolish, if not destructive (as history has shown).
  13. Which is not to say that conflicts do not arise from time to time. Majority of churches/synagogues/mosques will not marry gay people. Muslims like to segregate themselves within certain mosques, for example. Allowed under our religious freedom, presumably. I have a thread in the gender section about women and Orthodox Jews on a plane showing another type of conflict thanks to the prejudicial insanity of religion. These conlficts are real, hopefully more annoying rather than truly harmful, and often inspired by the stupidity of religious beliefs - hence the need for the
  14. Think it's obvious from this thread that I don't think genuine consent is possible by religious people as they are indoctrinated and such practices such as disturbing sleep and other methods of blaring religious BS is used to keep the sheep faithfull. Nevertheless, who am I to judge ones sincerity? If an adult wants to cut off his foreskin or her clitoris then that is their problem.
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