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  1. Trump pays no taxes not from being a good businessman or smart but because he lost $1B twenty years ago.

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    2. msj


      Except I have no problem with tax avoidance. I do have a problem with claiming to be smart and a good businessman when clearly not the case. It is easy to lose money. Easier for Trump's CPA to carry those losses forward. Trump is bad at business period.

    3. BC_chick


      There's also the issue that his tax plan is going to favour him tremendously instead of closing some of these loopholes. That leaves the middle-class to pick up even more of the burden. His supporters are very gullible. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/02/business/economy/if-trump-gets-his-way-real-estate-will-get-even-more-tax-breaks.html

    4. Smoke


      And of course he's been charged with all of those crimes...right Slick?

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