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  1. Federal government approves $1.3 B pipeline expansion in AB. Of course, Trudeau is anti-pipeline so this has not happened. :rolleyes:

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    2. Smallc


      So did the federal government not approve it?

    3. msj


      No they approved it. My :rolleyes: is aimed at people like overthere who like to tell us that Trudeau and the Liberals won't allow pipelines when all evidence shows they will. 

      In fact, with the introduction of a carbon tax we will have a useful compromise that 75% of Canadians are willing to accept: you get some of your pipelines and we get to tax the crap out of fossil fuels to discourage them and encourage renewables. 

      The CPC/Harper ideologically could not implement this which is why it is useful to have the Liberals do it. 

    4. Smallc


      Oh I know that.  You'd swear it weren't the case from the reply above mine. 

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