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  1. Remember when Republicans used to stand for personal responsibility instead of blaming "elites" and foreigners? Yeah, me neither.

  2. Looks like consequences for the officer who let his vessel drift into Iranian waters: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/TheAtlantic/~3/yCGsdzP8p8E/

  3. Sarah Palin sees #Turkey trending so she wishes everyone "Happy Thanksgiving!"

  4. Lebanese back Israelis from sharing bus at Olympics. Imagine if iwas the other way round?

  5. Opposition to Trudeau's Liberals so bad that when they get a story they either whine about a thread not being made about it or, when they do get around to making a thread, it is so poorly done it gets locked. Sad!

  6. If you have to kill to defend your God from a cartoon your religion may suck piglets.

  7. Trump doesn't pay taxes because you would have squandered them: http://uproxx.com/news/donald-trump-squandered-tax-money/

  8. To paraphrase Nate Silver: Doubling down on 35% of the electorate is smart in a 17 way primary but not so smart in a two way general election. 

    Maybe next time the 35% will smarten up and give the GOP a chance? 

  9. Trump > Party > Country   it's going to be a long time in the wilderness Republicans.  Sad! 

  10. Woman allegedly votes for Trump twice. A class D felony inIowa. It's rigged alright - how convenient they caught a Trump supporter cheating. :D

  11. Even to the deplorables? :D


  12. Christian, muslim, and an atheist extremist:


  13. Final kick at the can.


  14. One of these things is not like the other...


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