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  1. Your talking alot of land there, 6 miles either side of the Grand River from sorce to mouth, including not only Caledonia, but Dunnville, Brantford, Kitchener, Waterloo etc. Over 1 million + people & their homes. I don't think that is an option. But I agree enough is enough.
  2. Open Letter to the Commissioner Julian Fantino, Mr. Fantino, unlike you, I have been involved with the ongoing land claim in Caledonia from the time the OPP botched up the removal of protestors from privately owned land known as DCE. I saw with my own two eyes, protestors pushing back the OPP and breaking many laws as we know them. I saw the actions of men such as Clyde Powless exhibit very little concern for the people of Caledonia and much less concern for the misguided OPP officers on the street. Who were mostly un-prepared for the situations that they were put into. I witnessed man
  3. Caledonia residents launch petition for Fantino's resignation Posted By KAREN BEST, CHRONICLE STAFF WRITER Posted 2 hours ago Ken Hewitt and another Caledonia resident want an inquiry into Ontario Provincial Police commissioner Julian Fantino's handling of issues in Haldimand County. On Dec. 22, they launched a petition which will be distributed across Haldimand County including Dunnville. It demands an inquiry into Fantino's actions and into overall policing based on the "tainted" report from Ipperwash, said Hewitt, who was a key Caledonia Citizens Alliance spokesperson in 2006. The peti
  4. To: People of Ontario Petition for Caledonia Public Inquiry TO THE LEGISTLATIVE ASSEMBLY OF ONTARIO: The background for this petition is as follows: 1. Commissioner Julian Fantino has proven through his own court testimony and published documentation that he is no longer unbiased or neutral. Along with native leaders having his personal cell number exclusively; he also uses his position to support them in court against charges by his own police force. 2. Following the flawed results and recommendations of the Ipperwash Inquiry, the OPP and the command decisions made by the OPP have v
  5. Yes the wealth is coming from hard working people making a honest living & doing something with their lives. EVERY Canadian EVERY day those honest Canadian Tax Payers that deserve to benefit in this country that they built. Not on the backs of people but the sweat from thier work.
  6. Well if the negotiations don't go well for the Occupiers, what then? More violence? Are they going to take no for an answer that the Plank Rd. Claim is not valid?
  7. A good start in dealing with these situations is for the feds to abolish the Indian Act & the Constitution Act 1982, section 35. should be amended.
  8. Letter: Cowering on Caledonia The ongoing illegal actions of native protesters in Caledonia, Ont., has been the focus of many stories and columns in the Post. And in Monday's issue, it was again the subject of a scathing editorial, titled The Scandal of Caledonia. Readers we've heard from have generally applauded that editorial, though few have employed as colourful language as the letter-writer below. --Paul Russell, NP letters editor This was a phenomenal and timely editorial. The first-and-last issue in (any) Ontario election can be only the maintenance of "the basic rule of law" for on
  9. Our gov't has always stated that the Douglas Creek Estate Subdivision is a legal surrender. Have not stated anything but that. There is a way of dealing with this which is the court system. Which this claim was pulled from by the SN. Obviously at this point if that is what the gov'ts intentions are why have they not stated it? Are they waiting for Christmas to present as a present? If anyone is interested in talking to the residents of Caledonia & listening to some back ground & getting some information on the statues of these claims I would suggest that you take a look at htt
  10. Because you say so jennie? HDI was only formed after they did the shakedown of Mayberry homes. Again PR works wonders too bad nobody buys it anymore & the tides are turning & true colours are showing through. I think the fencesitters have now realized the fence had no posts.
  11. K. Horn is somewhat of a cult godess to the Occupiers Janie Jamieson's press releases are no better. Last week Jamieson was quoted as saying the following: Natives warn OPP of local 'repercussions' TheSpec.com - Local - Natives warn OPP of local 'repercussions' Paul Legall The Hamilton Spectator CALEDONIA (Sep 7, 2007) Native activist Janie Jamieson warned about possible local "repercussions" if the OPP tries to expel native protesters from a proposed uranium mine site in eastern Ontario. In an e-mail this week, Jamieson told Prime Minister Stephen Harper there'd be "repercussions at Si
  12. I would hope that the charge would be attempted murder but as of yet the OPP will release no information on what charges will be laid. Excellent PR work done by the Occupiers & the Confed. again. All I can say is this blows & people shouldn't have to live this way.
  13. Thank you riverwind couldn't have said it better or simpiler for others to understand. Kudos There is a on-line petition that we are asking people to sign if they like here is the link & thank you http://www.petitiononline.com/2509dp/petition.html
  14. No there was another person who walked in on the assault a member of the family. The OPP spokesperson Paula Wright stated to CHCH news crew that a person would be named within a couple days. That would mean that identification has been made now whether warrants have been issued or the persons responsible are in custody we do not know. The OPP Officials as well as the Gov't Officials seem to keep Caledonia in the dark on these or any other issues. Duty to Consult = Extortion A little background here the HDI did not form & come out identifing themselves until the builder from Brantfor
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