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  1. Don't waste your time with that crank. She's been here under numerous usernames and has been banned each time for inciting flame wars and making personal attacks against people that she feels is racist (nearly every white person in the world). Some people are just a lost cause, so forget about her...
  2. http://blogs.tnr.com/tnr/blogs/environment...at-649-648.aspx http://scienceblogs.com/deltoid/2008/12/so...list_and_th.php
  3. This is hilarious... so let's look at the list of "650 experts" and let's actually find one that as any presence on the Net aside from the fact that their names appears on the list... here are four from the bottom of the list: Raphael Wust Zichichi - nope Dr. Antonio Zichichi - 80 yo nuclear physicist Stan Zlochen - retired Air Force meteorologist Dr. Jeff Zweerink - Christian astrophysicist
  4. A discussion surrounding the application of logic in determining the abnormality of homosexuality would necessitate on your part: a) an understanding of the concept of logic; the ability to think logically; c) intelligence. Since you possess none of these, any discussion is completely and totally useless.
  5. Actually, the abnormaility of homosexuality can be proven through logical analysis. But I guess because logic pre-dates Christianity, it too is not legitimate... It would seem to be that your "tolerance" of homosexuality is based on fear of being labelled a "bigot" and "homophobe"--a term that you yourself apparently like to bandy about. Actually, yes it is. The child has become a pawn in their attempt to establish homosexuality as "normal". It's possible to discuss the concept without actually visualizing the act. If you talk about incest, do you actually visualize yourself engaging in incestuous relations?
  6. Lame attempt at a pun... The problem with your argument is that the human reproductive system was designed (or evolved) to involve a male and a female. The anus is intended for passing waste out of the body, not as an orface for sexual intercourse. The fact that this basic truth cannot be accepted by our society is indicative of how warped it has become.
  7. I guess that means that gays are heterophobes, then...?
  8. Yeah, I only made an issue of it after I was given a warning based on remarks that I made about a member who has repeatedly made rude, arrogant, and insulting remarks without anything being done about it.
  9. Personal attack. I've never been on a forum where editting somebody else's post to make it appear that they meant to say something they didn't mean to say is not a violation of the forum rules. So that's two in one post. Bravo!
  10. Okay, so the guy maybe shouldn't have said it, but to have it all go to this extent is a little absurd, isn't it? http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2008/11/24/...#socialcomments
  11. I'm sure this won't contitute a "personal attack" either... I've heard the trolling bit enough times in my years on message boards to know that the accusation is simply used by people who can't stand people having an opposing viewpoint. Also, the fact that members like M.Dancer, with 95% of his or her posts consisting of purely off-topic sarcastic remarks, never seems to be bequethed with the appelation "troll" seems odd. Looks to me like you got a bit of a double standard going there, Army Boy.
  12. I'll tell you, though, she still runs as smoothly as she did back in '44... One'd be inclined to think that she was Made in Japan, but I guess the fact that the States was at war with them at the time she was built kinda rules that out, eh... (or does it? )
  13. Yes, redundant as in: I think if you encourage cultures to remain separate and apart you encourage the kind of barbarity that existed back in the "old country".
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