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  1. I'm not sure this is gonna make a lick of difference. Zarqawi's group is a small part of the tiny minority of insurgents who come from outside Iraq. The insurghency itself is large and made up of dozens of factions. The fact is, his death will have little impact on the activities of the various sectarian groups that are carying out he bulk of the violence in Iraq. IOW: what Liam said.

    Hey BD don't forget that Zarqawi had nothing to do with Al Qaeda. :rolleyes:

  2. This Andrew guy reminds me of a confused family member who after the London bombings said "I feel sorry for the Muslims in London". Uncle Andy is that you??

    I suggest switching from Chomsky to Kaplan. Try Warrior Politics: Why Leadership Demands a Pagan Ethos.

    "The most sincere and heart-breaking truth of the ancients is the vast gulf that separates political-military virtue from individual moral perfection," he writes. "It is such a truth that may help define the twenty-first century, as we are forced to choose in the midst of high-tech war between what is right and what is unfortunately necessary."
  3. They (Canada) claim to be "a nation of peacekeepers," but they rank 50th among U.N. peacekeeper nations in the number of troops sent

    I read something similar to this last year. I was quite surprised at the ranking. It is also quite surprising how this myth (Canada being a nation of peacekeepers) is ingrained in the average Canadian. Visiting my parents in Europe last year, they were entertaining guests and the discussion evolved into international politics. The subject specifically turned to peackkeeping and my old man claimed that Canada ranked no less than the top three in peace keeping nations. He could not accept my assertion that Canada is nowhere near the top three. This would simply go against everything he has been led to believe.

    It's really too bad. We could do so much more. We don't have to go to places like Iraq but it seems we'll never learn from situations like Rwanda. If we made a serious commitment to Darfur one soldier would die and Rosmary Thompson and her liberal buddies in Parliament would be leading the cause to run away.

  4. Interesting the differences between the way liberals think and conservatives think. Bob Rae's answer to the terrorism issue is to run away. They still actually believe that if the terrorists think we're nice they won't hurt us. Excellent article in the L.A. Times today:

    Canada is arguably the most deluded industrialized nation in the world. Because elite Canadians think the U.S. is the font of the world's problems, they think being different than the U.S. and sucking up to the United Nations will buy them grace on the cheap. They claim to be "a nation of peacekeepers," but they rank 50th among U.N. peacekeeper nations in the number of troops sent.
    Canada Nice
  5. I wonder what spin Layton and the nutcase NDP will put on this, short of somehow blaming the rest of us for not embracing multiculturalism. I think that if these people want to caome to Canada it should be firmly stated that Canada is a melting-pot and they can worship whatever way they want in theri own homes and churches, but in Canadian society are traditions will be preserved, including traditional RCMP uniforms for all members regardless of religion. Definitely no daggers or swords to be worn in the classroom. Our Liberal, liberal-minded judiciary should be told that either they quit being activist and making law, or Parliament will simply pass laws to roll-back and curb the powers of the judiciary. The current judiciary dertainly does not represent the morals and values of ordinary Canadians, and that needs to be turned around.

    It will certainly be blamed on us being in Afganistan and somehow on the Conservatives being in power. Perhaps they'll blame Bush somehow LOL. I can't help but wonder what kind of reaction Mr. Dithers would've had were he still in power. They'd probably play it down so as not to lose votes in the GTA. Remember we had to kick the Liberals out to get the Tamil Tigers terror group outlawed. You see we need to be tolerant of these people and seek to understand their feelings :rolleyes: .

    I wonder how long they'll serve in prison? It'd be great if we could somehow find a way to deport them to the US to send them to Gitmo and throw away the key.

  6. In a Liberal minded society, one is not responsible for their actions - it is everyone else's fault .... Doncha know it is our right to get drunk and kill while drinking & driving but your fault because I drank too much. :D Wonder what excuse is made for raping a baby? How was this baby at fault as a victim to give the assailant his right to rape? Sick! Sick! Sick!! :(

    I completely agree. The definition of being progressive seems to be little by little taking away accountability from individuals. We getting very good at blaming the victims as well.

    I still don't understand who and how they decided that 15 years was enough for a max. I don't even want to start on the minimums.

  7. If the problem is with the max/mins I want to know what the logic is of the legislators who decided the maximum for raping a child should be 15 years in our hotels we call prisons. Who are these people who feel compassion towards sexual offenders? There must be a lot of people who feel for these people otherwise we'd lock them up for good.
    I agree with this: blaming the judges for bad laws is unfair to the judges. In my opinion, the crime of raping a child is much worse than the planned killing of a gang member by another gang member. There are many other crimes which I feel are under punished because the victim is still technically alive.

    Yes but the Judges still have discretion to impose the maximum of 15 years (even though it's not even close to enough). I don't believe that their hands were tied.

    I think they should recuce this guys sentence from prison completely and make him move in next door to me. That way when his body is found hanging from a tree and the thing doing the hanging is his own disenboweled guts, then and only then will I say that is a proper sentence for this kind of individual. Oh well back to medication I guess

    I wouldn't mind that but then you get people feeling sorry for the poor pedophile, like the ones who were tracked and killed in the US by that Nova Scotia kid.

    Nevermind the justice aspect of it, how about the fact that in 9 years from now not including probation this guy is going to be living next door to you or me. There are all sorts of these people walking the streets in this country because of our "compassion".

  8. IMR,

    Good to see you back.

    Can one of you leftists explain to me the kind of liberal Canadian thinking that would justify reducing a 15 year sentence, to a cushy Canadian prison, for raping a baby for two years!?
    The explanation was in the story, they said that they have seen worse, so the maximum sentence was 'inequitable'. BS, I say. Though I am a 'leftist', the death penalty is too good for this person. However, I do believe that this would have been a better fit in the 'moral and religious' forum. Unless you want to argue it from a justice/legal perspective.

    Always good to be back, though I can't stay... too busy lately.

    In our legal system the 'maximum' sentence for any given crime is supposed to apply to the worst examples of the crime so any criminal can ask for a shorter sentence if they can show there are other crimes that were worse.

    I don't buy the judicial explanation. Does it mean that since of all the murders committed in Canada no one can recieve the maximum sentence because none of them are as heinous as say Robert Pickton's murders. I still say the Judges in this case are sick people.

    If the problem is with the max/mins I want to know what the logic is of the legislators who decided the maximum for raping a child should be 15 years in our hotels we call prisons. Who are these people who feel compassion towards sexual offenders? There must be a lot of people who feel for these people otherwise we'd lock them up for good.

  9. Every so often I question my allegiance to the right a bit when I think about how I feel about certain issues and when I get turned off from some of the radicals we have on our side. But it never fails that shortly after some of these doubts start creeping into my mind the liberal left always manages to remind me why I want nothing to do with their way of thinking.

    Can one of you leftists explain to me the kind of liberal Canadian thinking that would justify reducing a 15 year sentence, to a cushy Canadian prison, for raping a baby for two years!?

    A Quebec judge on Tuesday reduced the sentence of a Montreal man who raped his infant daughter, saying the original ruling was too harsh.

    The 32 year old was found guilty in March 2005 of sexual assault and using his daughter to possess, produce and distribute child pornography. The assaults started when his daughter was 24 months old and lasted for two years. Story.

    I'll take our evangelicals any day over your sick bleeding hearts.

  10. I hope Ralph finally gets the message. Ralphs departure is already long overdue. I have to agree with Black Dog's comments a long while back comparing the Alberta Tories to the Chretien Liberals. The PC's have had too much power for too long and need to be humbled. Klein has been acting like a dictator. I supported Klein for a long time but he should've left a long time ago. I don't care what party it is that holds power this country needs to have more balance and people here need to quit being so complacent.

    As for the comments about Ralphs drinking, I think it's fair game to attack a public figure for poor behaviour in public.

  11. Wow, this is telling it like it is...rock on


    Hostages were 'dupes,' Iraq says

    Freed peace activists refusing to co-operate with British

    TORONTO - Iraq's embassy to Canada lashed out at the Christian Peacemaker Teams Friday, calling them "phoney pacifists" and "dupes" after the antiwar group responded to the rescue of three of its kidnapped activists by condemning the U.S.-led military intervention in Iraq.

    The Iraqi embassy called CPT "willfully ignorant" and "outrageous," and accused the Chicago-based group of being on the side of anti-democratic forces in Iraq.

    "The Christian Peacemaker Teams practises the kind of politics that automatically nominate them as dupes for jihadism and fascism," the embassy's statement said.

    A British-led special forces team on Thursday rescued three CPT members, who had been kidnapped in Baghdad nearly four months earlier

    Isn't it interesting how willing these activists were to accept the help of the evil "occupiers" that they were there protesting against?

    Isn't it also interesting that there are Canadian soldiers.... in Iraq..... with guns...

  12. I didn't watch because judging by the nominees this year was the year of the political statement movies made by the most irrelevant people in the world. I really don't care about what people whose whole livelihood depends on them being detached from reality have to say.

    Relevance of course, being determined by whether or not they agree with your politics. :rolleyes:

    Then again, I'm sure liberal Hollywood is hurt by your disdain, so much that George Clooney is probably crying himself to sleep on his bed of money right now.

    Ya isn't that why everyone goes to the movies, to be preached to by limousine liberals like Clooney. I love that stuff about terrorists being the victims being shoved down my throat. After all we do know these Hollywood guys are "the experts" on everything. I'm sure you just loved Tom Cruise's rant on psychology...

    And ya political Hollywood isn't hurting right.... is that why Chicken Little made more than all of this years political movies put together. Is that why people are tuning out of these self-agrandizing awards shows.

  13. T

    If you cared to read the forum rules, you'd see that insulting entire groups of people based on your narrow stereotypes is explicitly prohibited. But more to the point, I don't see why you insist on throwing out these pointless and inflammatory comments constantly.


  14. Emerson got Minister of International Trade.

    I'm extremely disappointed in Harper right now.

    Me too, very disappointed, in this instance we are no better than the liberals. There should be a by-election immediately or he should sit as an independant.

    I agree. This completely stinks. No matter how they spin it, it is hypocrisy plain and simple. I am not happy.

  15. Not possible. I acheived my absolute zenith of bitterness ages ago.

    No it's been clouding your judgement. Ever since the CPC made the big jump in the polls you haven't been your rational bitter self :( I think all that Alberta blue has you seeing nothing but red.

    But then I don't really care what you think anyway.

    Said Mr. Clinton to Mr. Jennings....

  16. I wonder if normanchateau is ever going to explain why former PM Martin voted twice against same sex marriage?

    That's because you're allowed to change your opinions at politically when it is politically expedient even if it is within 5 years... unless you are conservative then statements you made 30 years ago will be brought up again, and again, and again by the leftist media...

  17. Now, I happen to think Dick Cheney is quite possibly the evilest motherf**ker in North America, which places him high in the rankings worldwide. But i do not actually think he eats babies. But I digress.

    You are truly losing it BD. Obviously this conservative win has left you even more bitter than you were before.

    Now why would I want to backtrack on a statistical fact? 80 per cent of Canada's population is concentrated in urban areas. The cities in the Lower Mainland and GTA are considered urban areas, which are defined as "(an area with) a population of at least 1,000 and a density of at least 400 persons per square kilometre, based on the previous census."

    There you go again, trying to win an argument by shifting the debate to some trivial point...

  18. Oh, give me a break! NORA JACOBSON says we're unamerican. Okay well I'll just let an AMERICAN speak for my country.

    Hey I said count to 10 before replying. ;)

    Yes Nora Jacobson, a liberal American who fled to "tolerant" Canada after Bush won, says we're anti-American. I think she does a wonderful job of explaining what it's like for an American living. I know quite well how it is for Americans here having to put up the hate that comes out of Canadians mouths.

  19. Yes I live in the city.

    I think some of us may have trouble differentiating between our dissaproval with current US admin. policy and the bond we share as citizens. The bush admin. has drawn alot of missdirected anger and frustration upon the America. Ofcousre, anyone intelligent enough to see past a persons nationality knows this is not the fault of american people.

    We're not america haters we're just scared and angry with the behavoir of their leaders, and quite a few of them are too

    That's garbage. Not the fault of the American people? We aren't talking about some dictatorship in Africa. Americans vote in their leaders. You are clueless.

  20. The stupidity of people in this country never ceases to amaze me. How the Liberals can even be in the running is a sad commentary on Canadian intelligence. The gullability of Canadians is almost comical to watch as the media sways them from one side to the other. Little has changed between the Liberals and Cons. of this year and the Liberals and Cons. of last year yet for some reason the press has decided to push for the Conservatives this year and Canadians followed along. Not surprisingly the press is, at the last minute, now pumping up the whole fearmongering of "Harper is a scary guy" and it appears that the Canadian sheep are following along.

    Boy: how could Canadians not embrace this positive agenda? 'fes sup: was the original campaign slogan going to be "Stand up for Canada, you fucking morons!" until cooler heads prevailed?

    You CPC types need to get a handle on your own contradictions. Either Canadians are easily-swayed idiots, or they are smart, savvy people who don't need big government telling them what to do and how to spend their money. Depicting them as the former (as no less than three Con supporters here have done) really blunts your outrage over "beer and popcorn"-type sentiments.

    That one got to ya eh BD :D The problem with your post is that I do not represent or speak for the CPC. I'm not trying to convince Canadians of anything. Fortunately the CPC realizes you have to coddle the fools in Ontario and tell them how smart they are...

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