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  1. I like that. Although I don't mind the scenario where Alberta joins the US forming the geographical middle finger.
  2. Depends on how lately you want to get. Ever heard of the NEP? That was nice. Kyoto there's another useless program gauranteed to screw the west. What else, let's see they didn't acknowlege our elected senators. They created such a poor diplomatic environment with the US that our beef and forestry industries are ready to collapse because of it. How bout that 100,000 people = 1 seat in Alberta where 20,000 people = 1 seat in the maritimes? On and on we can go.
  3. and Who says Alberta (or the West) isn't allowed to seperate? Oh yeah, our "eastern masters" Why do we need the frigging east again? What has Ontario and the Atlantic provinces done for us lately? LOL. Ya our eastern masters wouldn't want to lose "canada's backyard".
  4. Spoiled Black Dog? How is that? Is it because we don't like our incredibly high taxes to be wasted. Is it because we're fed up with living in a country where the people in the east call us racists and rednecks. Is it because those same people have no problem with government corruption? Is it because we don't like the fact that apparently the maritimes would rather be on welfare than receive employment and revenues from off shore oil? Is it because we have no say in government no matter how we vote. No it's because we're spoiled. Nice try fool.
  5. This is good. Alberta is pissed. Maybe will finally get that firewall up and talk about separation. I heard one PC MLA in Alberta has just gone to the Alberta Alliance.
  6. It really is amazing what money can buy you eh? A complete fool can run for the nomination, and get a surprising amount of support, with daddy's money.
  7. In Italy, last summer, my wife and I found ourselves eating dinner at a table with two other couples. One couple was obviously Muslim while the other was a very “self assured” couple from Ontario. The couple from Ontario had no inhibitions about criticizing the United States, the War in Iraq and George W. Bush. On they went superciliously stating their moral elitist opinions. When they stopped yapping to ask what occasion we were all on vacation, they were quickly silenced by the Muslim couple who claimed that they were from Kuwait. They were celebrating the ousting of Saddam Hussein. I
  8. That's a brilliant comment considering Stronach has never been involved in politics before. She has to have people coaching her in debates through her ear piece.
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