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  1. Good point and very well put Jerry.
  2. He'll be remembered as the dithering PM who thought Canadian soldiers once stormed the beach at "Norway". (and Canadians call Bush a moron )
  3. So refute them. Your leader can't. Why would anyone want to refute them, they're great comments!
  4. I disagree August. I think quite often one news organization, manager, or reporter will lead off on something and the rest of them jump on the band wagon so as to not miss out on a potential story. I also believe the media has a tendency to spin the the leftist view into a more positive light. That being said for whatever reason, the media, (aside from the CBC) seems to be completely favouring the Conservatives. I feel like the the huge turn around point in this campaign was caused by the media. Although I agree with Kimmy's points, to some extent I think the media is handing this win t
  5. It wouldn't be a little organization called Option Canada would it? And tell me, how deep does the rabbit hole go Eureka? I gotta tell ya just reading your post gave me goosebumps. I can almost hear the X-Files music playing....
  6. Kimmy you are truly an enigma. I agree I too am waiting for the other shoe to drop. Perhaps the media will dig up something in the next couple weeks to help the Libs out.
  7. That is the problem! The conservatives can be as negative as they want and it is OK, but should a liberal even disagree with them, the Liberal is doing the "scary, scary, scary" BS. What a double standard. Can you imagine how easy it will be for them to justify everything, with that kind of mentality? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That's insane, it's the other way around. Where have you been the past three elections?
  8. just to make sure everybody knows, the "Hands In My Pocket" ad is for a credit card company, not a Conservitive Attack ad! -kimmy {any similarities between banks that have their Hands In Your Pocket and the Liberal Party of Canada are purely unintentional.} <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Kimmy are you still Conservative? Last time I was around the Belinda incident really had you questioning things. Did you graduate and get away from the leftism at U of A?
  9. I'm not a fan of guns but I don't like the "accidental deaths" argument. How many people die from car accidents? No one wants to ban cars. There was a good 20/20 on last weekend. It claimed 2/3's of shootings are by people protecting themselves. abc
  10. Contempt for humanity? Maybe he just has contempt for idiots. Though I can understand how there'd be little difference for you. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well I heard in his spare time he kills kittens and rapes puppy dogs...
  11. Fairly simple explanation, and it render's Mclean's quote below merely cheap rhetoric. Canada is 'centrist', (more so than other countries) and the liberal party is the central one. Canada has a small population, relatively, especially for 'first world' countries, but is 'modern' and secular. There are only 3 major political parties(that could feasably have a PM), with the cons on the right 33%, the ndp on the left 33%, and the liberals managing to play the middle card up until now. It could be said, that from aside from the corruption, that they are still there. The middle 33% are the most i
  12. Anyone have a pulse on where she stands right now in her riding? I know the Cons haven't put a lot into beating her. Have to agree with Gerry Nichol's top ten list. She is one person I'd love to see lose. Top Ten Must Lose
  13. Hi Leader. Ya I don't understand the insanity of the constant re-election of the Liberals. The best explanation I got was from a Macleans article a while back which described Canadians as willing partners in their own self-deception.
  14. Hey! You're starting to get the hang of this Free Enterprise thing, aren't you? Adam Smith wrote that when a business operates with the profit motive all citizens benefit. Any supporter of capitalism would recognize this as being the way things should work. . . that is. . . unless they were just trying to smear someone. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Gosh I missed that chapter where it says one should encourage high taxation while himself evading those same high taxes he imposes on his people. This is why I say lib and not Lib.
  15. Actually, it's responsible. The goal of a corporation is to earn as much money as possible for the owners of the company. That's what he was doing. This is just another empty smear. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Responsible to who? himself? It's a 100% privately held company! You libs are a real laugh.
  16. Perhaps but not when you're the leader of a country responsible for trying to attract business to this country and when you're the one responsible for the high taxes. It's totally hypocritical. Just like he talks about the evils of private health care when he himself uses a private health clinic.
  17. Glad you missed me old pal. Remember I'm conservative, I've been working. Somebody's gotta make the money to support you socialists. Careful though, you guys keep up that tough talk and us money makers just might leave the table and you'll be stuck with the bill I don't know Sparhawk, that's seems to be the case in Ontario but you tell that to people in Newfoundland. I think Ontario is in this bubble where they see everyone in Canada loving them and so greatful to be united with them. I think you overestimate the strength of Canadian patriotism. Like we've discussed, there is much
  18. You must have learned that in the same class that taught you Canadians are taxed the same as Americans Looks like it payed off eh. America has done quite well since then... Really? That American Revolution was a pretty rough "free ride". Maybe you should read about how easy that "ride" was. Not much changes around here eh. That oil sure is evil isn't it. Now you're kinda gettin the idea, but you don't need to be so vengeful... Come on give peace a chance.
  19. I agree with that. Canadians complain about everything and want everything for free. I hate to admit it but knee-jerk separtists bother me. The kind that angrily call in to the radio shows immediately after any Liberal victory screaming "it's time for Alberta to separate!!" with out thinking it through. That's part of the complaining culture. (Although in the end I'd take support for separation anywhere it came from.) Do you think if the US colonies were given elected MPs it would've made an impact on the Revolution? I don't think it would have. Besides we feel like we are in
  20. Exactly why would we want to spend money on fighting crime! What a waste of money! That money could have been better spent on something like the gun registry.
  21. Hey Black Dog is that any way to treat an old friend?
  22. You have misunderstood, your assumption that I see this as desirable is incorrect. My choice would be that Canada remain intact as it is now. But I have come to the realization that retaining the status quo is not mine to choose. Quebec will soon have the opportunity to choose, and if I were to bet - I'd bet they will leave. The purpose of my post was to speculate on what happens after that, and to note that in those circumstances - a Canada composed of Ontario and eight much smaller provinces - that the status quo most emphatically will not be accepatble to any of the provinces excepting
  23. The union works as well as, if not better, than the US. The only difference is unlike the US, Canada has created a culture where people obsess about their regional identity and look for cop out solutions like seperation instead of actually trying to resolve the differences.As others have noted: most of the royalties from Texas and Alaska oil go to the federal government yet you do not hear Texans and Alaskans whining about breaking up the US. I think it is because Americans are more mature that Canadians when it comes to this issue and realize that breaking up a country solves absolutely nothi
  24. BD give this a read. At least you'll like the source... NSA acted on its own That's good.
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