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  1. Whats the problem here ? The guy lied about his criminal record, thats not good and hes a religious bigot to boot, no developed society needs ppl like that and hes being considered for citizenship I dont have a problem with him being denied it here.
  2. For Canadas part what we did was disgusting! We also have since realized the mistake we made, apologized to Arar and tried in some small way to make up for the hell hes lived through. The u.s. deported him, not Canada, im not saying either side is innocent here but its time for the u.s. to issue a full apology for the screw up they did ...
  3. *Sigh* .............. "Its called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe in it" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKCnbVWZzvw
  4. No, being TORTURED means u were TORTURED ! Thats what hes said, thats what Syrians have alluded to, thats what the u.s. AND Canada believe happened ... its called a FACT It was the u.s. actions that sent him to be tortured, thats why the democrat apologized ...
  5. Spin it spin it spin it !!! The u.s. detained him, the u.s. extradited him because they knew he would be tortured. He was tortured and noone is debating this fact except YOU ...
  6. The u.s. invaded Iraq against the U.N.'s wishes, most of the world was against it because they knew what ur government was desperate to try to fool people about, there was no connection between Iraq and 911, none, never was ... The u.s. has consistently done corrupt actions around the world, from overthrowing governments to butchering hundreds if not millions of people ... They put punitive sanctions on countries simply because they wont give goods to the u.s. at prices they want, they help terrorist groups train and arm them as long as they fight against the u.s.'s current enemy ... The u.s. violates and twists the rights of its own people, its a horrible, horrible country, its the government that is the problem but the american people are asleep at the switch here ... Heres one example, look at how many military bases the u.s. has around the world!!! http://www.globalpolicy.org/empire/interve...imperialmap.htm There are at least 700 foreign military bases !!! Think about that ... Add to that the actions of the u.s, against countries that wont give them resources the way the u.s. wants and u get a very clear picture, empire building, have ur hand in decisions from countries all around the world, control their economies, setup military bases everywhere ... This isent a mystery and its fairly common knowledge ...
  7. What are u talking about? First i would be glad to have Mexicans immigrate here, im not a racist or a bigot like some other ppl here, I dont see them as a problem, they are human beings, with a different culture and language, so Fing what? Im not selfish, theres plenty to share here ... Hahahaha, sort of like Barbara Bush telling ppl after Katrina that the poor in new orleans are better off because of the disaster *L* So because Africa in ur mind is worse then Mexico then the Mexicans have no right to want a better life for themselves .... what does 2 + 2 equal in ur world? Also I have no problem with Quebecers or speaking French, projecting more of ur bigotry I see ...
  8. So u admit that the u.s. is corrupt but u feel its a case of keep ur friends close and ur enemies closer?
  9. Try getting someone to read it to you, a 4th grader perhaps ? What does that have to do with the rotten things the u.s. does ? You all arent understanding the simplest of concepts here ... The u.s. is a massive threat, possibly the largest on earth today, with their weapons and money and power stretching across its empire and with little care for human life. What does the flaws of any other country have to do with this FACT ! Stop deflecting the point, just say "Yes, the u.s. is a fricking mess, yes americans should be doing more to fix it, yes our population seems very stupid and lazy about it, yes, your right Agaric, I might not feel comfortable admitting it but your absolutely right" I mean if u cant admit it here for fear of some silly ego of urs just admit it to urself ... STOP LYING TO YOURSELVES PEOPLE ! ITS PATHETIC !! On a separate subject completely yes we should oppose corruption and treachery anywhere it exists ... So what should we do about the u.s. ???
  10. Im not talking about being allowed into the u.s. Im talking about what a screw up the u.s. made by sending someone to be TORTURED, thats what happened to him, thats why Canada gave him money (which never can compensate for what he went through), thats why some yanks know enoguh to apologize, this is very clear for someone who uses their head ... You denying he was tortured is just another example of how sick and misinformed ur society is ...
  11. Are u kidding ? *LOL* Uh TAXES anyone? *L* Following law alone is a shared pact we have in society, it says that we all benefit more from sacrificing our every whim by making sure that at least some of what we want is able to happen ... EVERYTHING we do is something we have to share with those around us ... This is a case of be careful what u ask for because everything you have is because someone elses work contributed to yours to make sure we all have much more then before ...
  12. Ya, how horrible, we try to help those that need it, just terrible of us ... the reality is we should be doing ten times what we do already, which is ten times more then anything the u.s. does for ppl in need ... Like I said, your businesses encourage them, they want that slave labour, keep hiring ppl and they will keep coming, they want a better life then poverty in Mexico, you would do the same thing, they arent bad for doing it and quoting rules is like calling someone who steals bread because they are starving a worthless thief, it ignores the reality of the haves and the have nots ... in just shows the ignorance of some people and their inability to understand, empathize or care in any way for people other then themselves ...
  13. If you lived in Mexico and could make 3 times the amount of money doing slave labour in the u.s. and u had a family and all u had to do was cross that border, u would do the same thing ... BTW american businesses LOVE the illegal immigrant, they work like slaves, they cant complain and u can pay them shit for their work, they reason there are so many in southern u.s. is because ur businesses are beyond greedy and would love to pay average americans $2 an hour !
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