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  1. The man she was trying to interview shouted her down and would not answer her question about the fact that Americans are now eligible to receive a $400 rebate. They were protesting tax laws implemented by the Republicans. Doh! Shouting everybody down is the Republican way, unless they are being interviewed on Fox News because nobody there asks the tough questions. Desperadoes!
  2. Keith Olbermann said that the Atlanta Police reported there were about 5000 who showed up. Considering the fact that I can't find any credible news site that is reporting that 15,000 to 20,000 showed up, I would think this to be the truth. If their were huge numbers who turned out anywhere across the country, you can bet Fox would have reveled in reporting it. They haven't. It was a wash out. If you have a credible, unbiased, and non blog link to the story that 15,000 or more turned out I would be interested in seeing it.
  3. Geez Oleg, 40 years ago it finally became OK for women to have sex outside of marriage. Now you're trying to teach men that sex outside of marriage is wrong. What will all of us liberated women do if men listen to you?
  4. You just used to a President who did dick all and couldn't say anything intelligent.
  5. Why did the journalist miss you ask? Because he's as quick on his feet as his mouth is to lie.
  6. Those of us who do not abuse alcohol should now be made to pay more freakin taxes? I am so sick and tired of these idiots who are running the show. This guy is a high profile Doctor. It's not like he has to worry about how much he pays for a bottle of wine. This idiot makes my blood boil! ------------------------------------ Harm reduction, combatting drunk driving and even raising the price of alcohol. Some suggestions from provincial health officer Doctor Perry Kendall in his 2008 'Public health approach to alcohol policy report.' Kendall says the report, which researches alcohol di
  7. Were you with Hannity, crying in the bathroom on the evening of the 4th?
  8. Very happy Obama made it. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the spectacle in Chicago. Very uplifting indeed. Been awhile since the world has had something good to celebrate. What I'm most happy about is NO MORE BUSH/CHENEY!!! Democrats go! And while your at it, nail their asses for war crimes and toss them in the big house for a few years.
  9. I'm sure her book will be out in 6 months (sigh). She sounds like she didn't make it past grade 2, so maybe she can't write either. That will be a relief!
  10. I have been to Stonehenge too and I know just what you are saying about it having a certain aura. I did not expect to experience that. Awe is what I experienced upon my visit to the Tower of London and West Minster Abby etc. I got a completely different feeling at Stonehenge. Hard to explain.
  11. Many people will vote for McCain even though they may disagree with his (Bush) policies and his gimmicky pick for a VP. And they will do it just because they won't vote for an African American. So, if African Americans vote for Obama just because he is African American, that might even up that score. Thank heavens!
  12. Sorry, but he made himself look stupid and he paid for that idiotic remark at the polls. Maybe you guys just fell of turnip truck but most Canadians I know haven't.
  13. Any politician who says the economy is sound right in the middle of a world financial crisis doesn't sound too bright to me.
  14. Harper shook his little boys hand instead of bending down to give him a kiss. That one act spoke a thousand words.
  15. Yeah, they've picked McDonalds for the meetings location.
  16. Obama nailed McCain on his statement last week about not meeting with the President of Spain. McCain uttered "bullshit" twice. He needs to watch his off mike statements as the mike is still on.
  17. Star Choice sucks! Their PPV sucks! Their Program Guide sucks! They used to provide 35 channels on PPV. Now they have about 9 and that changes daily. The program guide is a joke! They give one sentence descriptions about the show and sometimes all you get are the names of who's starring, or "Program Information Is Not Available". I have complained to them about the program guide and they don't bother answering. If you need Tech support, you need to have a lunch handy by the phone. The wait time is ridiculously long!
  18. McCain should stick to a teleprompter. It might be too far away for him to read though.
  19. If Harper gets a majority Government, that will be the end of CBC. Gone, toast, buh bye!
  20. Stevoh...this is most sensible explanation of the flaws in the American system that I have read to date. Even better than Michael Moore could explain it. I don't think he had the true knowledge of how our system works to make a comprehensive comparison.
  21. I agree, we do have our problems. I still prefer not having to mortgage my house for heart surgery or whatever, just so an insurance company can get rich when they turn down my claim because I had a hang nail 10 years ago.
  22. Not everybody gets their political news from the Internet. Thanks to the right wing MSM, the only place on TV where 'others" can see this appropriate protest against Palin will be on Olbermann, whose ratings have greatly increased over the last year. This is due to the fact that he is now exposing Bush Co. and all the rest of the Republican good ol boys. (and now good ol girls)
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