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  1. The Liberals will make all the appropriate promises once again and get re elected. I mean who wants bad news ? The Gas Plant scandal should deep six any party. But the populace ,including me do not understand or comprehend what a billion dollars is . Hudak and company have to define a scandal of $49.95 of tax payers money being squandered on self serving lunches to get the electorates attention. Hudak may just be a fine person but he does not have the chutzpah to engage voters. How I wish I was wrong!
  2. Well done Mr.Prime Minister! I am sure your friend Jim appreciated your kind ,thoughtful words for his family to treasure.
  3. Hockey Night in Canada !! TheCBC certainly get market share from that show. I watch CBC! There I have admitted it. Could Hockey in Canada not survive without CBC? I hope Sun TV gets a more level playing field even though I do not always agree with their over the top sensationalism. It for me, is one sided news with humour. Also some truth we would not ordinarily see reported. Sun TV or Fun TV! We need more humour in our grey world.
  4. I don`t believe in the Sylvia Brown`s of the world! If people want to spend their money on these people and buy their books let them . But in cases like this where they tell a parent their child is dead this could lead to suicide,drug abuse and inconsolable distress on top of their already fragile state of mind.. Dangerous places to go! Cruel too! If you want to go to these charlatons and ask about who you will marry,will you be successful for a fun night out go ahead. Have FUN! But leave these kind of things alone that can have tragic results! All I can think about ,is how that Mom must have carried that news.
  5. Thats an easy question.Yes! I was born poor and struggeled without much education. I married well above my station .Had a bunch of kids and Grand kids. Life has been wonderful! I relate to that old song ,She had kisses sweeter than wine! Stop ,look,listen ! life is sweet and especially so after your best before date. I am in no rush to find out about what or if comes next but I enjoy every day of my life!
  6. Right on Fletch! I hate the idea of the cost of an election but after listening to McGuinty on the gas plant scandal, well I am horrified.How can anyone be so deliberately obtuse with a straight face! Hudat is no future prize but I will accept mistakes over what the gas plants smell like. Yes we need an election! The NDP is acting irresponsible by backing these Liberla. The Liberals will try and stay in power by giving into NDP demands, We can not afford this road we are travelling on. Lets go the road less traveled. Fletch is right. We have sold our childrens economic future down the drain. Lets take responibility and try and do some repairs to what was once the engine of Canada`s economy! Ontario!
  7. Is there life after death? I don`t know. Just a wee story though. I consider myself a Christian. Not a very good one though. My Brother passed away and I was never so devestated at this loss. He was a very kind man and very faith driven individual. A few days after his buriel I came home from work and for some reason I started to talk about when my brother and I were growing up. I told my wife how he used to bring me big pennys,they were bigger than a quarter. You seldom see them anymore.I thought I was rich! My wife left the room and came back and said is this one? She handed me a big penny. It had appeared that day in the garden. She had worked that garden for twenty years. Yet this Penny appeared the day I was thinking about something I had not thought about since chilhood. A message? Coincidence? It sure gave me a something to think about! Mean while that penny gives me great comfort. Maybe money does buy happyness! LOL
  8. Harper passed a motion in Parliament that Quebec was a nation if my memorey is correct. Cost Michael Chong his cabinet seat when he disagreed. Chong,a very brave and true Canadian. Harper on the other hand did what young Trudeau in the ad is accused of.
  9. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! I thought Liz Taylor was the most beautiful women in the world phyisically in her younger days. But morally ,well that is another matter.. Mother Theresa was beutiful in heart and soul. Golden M ,Margaret T were beautiful in courage of conviction. Redford is not attractive to me physically or politically. My wife is the most all around beautiful women I have ever met. I tell my kids and grandkids that all the time.I tell her that everyday for the last forty years. I could go on but I am sure you get my point.
  10. If Mulroney endorses Trudeau it will be a boost for Harper. Mulroney destroyed the once powerful Progressive Conservative Party. It was Mulroney that created the Reform Party because he disenfranchised so mant real Conservatives. They became politically homeless! Unfortunately Harper when he made peace with the PC Party and created the CP he surrounded himself with to many PC members and forgot his Reform roots. Of course he wins elections so what do I know! Meanwhile I once again find myself politically homeless. Now maybe I am jelous because I will never be called handsome nor will I ever be rich like young Trudeau, but I can`t stand the guy. He just might be elected and live on Sussex Dr in the old family home but it will not be because of his vision for the country! Nobody knows what he stands for. But he sure is pretty and has a famous last name.
  11. She was a beautiful young Gal. I was definately smitten by her as a lad. Terrible the way she suffered. When I heard she had passed on I thought no more suffering. Rest in peace little girl.
  12. But they are old, ill and Native !! Have you no heart ? Is it not part of the Indian Act to blockade roads at a whim.
  13. Sun tv is different I will give you that ! But it is fun. They are blatantly right of center . I think it gives a balance from CTV and CBC left of center views. I want to hear different sides of news. I hope Sun gets to a level playing field with it`s competition then let the viewing public decide. With the CBC the public does not have that discretion. You must pay for it and what ever stance it takes on a story or lack of reporting on a story they will continue to exist. We should not have a Peoples broadcaster. We are all grown up now in Canada. .
  14. I get the feeling that American Women thinks because a man looks at both scenarios differently that he does not have empathy for a female rape victim. I have not seen that in male posters responses. A false accusation and conviction for a man of rape is also a life sentence as it can be for a women who is raped. Both are terrible,physially and mentally life threatening. I don`t think American Women can see or even start to understand a mans point of view. My life is as valuable as a womens. Yet I am brought up as a Christian man to protect women and children,to the point of endangering my life. When a female member of a family is raped a Father ,brother or husband will feel inadequate and some how guilty they were not there to protect their loved one. Men are not all beasts American Women.
  15. You for got to mention that Trudeau is a pretty face and he is so cool ! Unfortunately I have to predict that he will win the leadership of the Liberal Party and will win the next election and be our PM. It will not matter the depth of his intelligence or ability. The media will see to that .
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