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  1. As the news begins to leak out, it appears that this case is more complex than an ugly liberal or an ugly conservative. The web and blogs are saying that this arose from money loaned by Khan's Mazda dealership to the liberal riding association - to the tune of about $ 175,000 or so. Khan crossed the floor. Seems some of the others did as well. The liberal riding association did not file their Elections Canada financial statements. They were delisted. It appears new people came into control of the liberal riding association and filed to regain listing. In the filings, the loans were stated as contributions to the party riding, not as loans. Somehow this "contribution" concept was leaked to the NDP who are now trying to make hay of the issue and draw both the liberals and conservatives into a mud match. The difference of "loans" versus "contributions" is a major point. If it is deemed by Elections Canada that these were contributions, then Khan and/or someone is in trouble as exceeding the allowable level. This is the issue that the NDP bring forth and want criminal charges to remove Khan from that riding for the next election. If these are indeed loans, then they must be paid back to the loaner - Khan's dealership. That would leave the riding association broke. It looks as though that riding association was out of cash at the beginning when Khan came on board as a liberal candidate and he financed his running through the loan or contribution process. According to the Elections Canada website, all the numbers are there and this was the 2004 & 2006 election period. If they are contributions, then no repayment is required and the local riding association is flush with a cash war chest and Khan is out of politics. If the money is a loan, then the riding is must repay the loan leaving them broke, the filing officer of the riding will be questioned and Khan and his conservatives have another pocketful of bullets to shot at the liberals. The NDP have no down side on this issue. Either outcome, someone is painted with dirt.
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