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  1. "I dream of a Canada where the Oath of Citizenship is thrown in the trash where it belongs." Charles Anthony December 20th, 2011

  2. The 1849 rebellion was a direct contributor to confederation and democracy in Canada. Without it we would likely still be an aristocracy. The civil action was justified in changing the direction of politics in Canada.
  3. Bullshit. You have nothing. Your personal experiences are nothing but fantasy and innuendo. Third party management does not work out to the betterment for First Nations. It is a fact, supported by the Auditor General of Canada in the former AG Sheila Fraser's last 12 years of reporting to Parliament.
  4. Outsourceing to Mexico starter 10 years before the stock market crashed and put GM in trouble. (Actually it was GMAC, GM's financial arm that was dabbling in those underwater mortgages that hurt them). In fact when GM received its bailout the financial burden in terms of labour was only around 12% of their overall liability.
  5. Nope. It doesn't work that way. You make a declaration, and your are REQUIRED under the "Rules and Guidelines" to back it up. So either back it up by providing verifiable references or admit you made it up.
  6. Mine isn't an assumption. However, the ball is in your court. You made the claim, and when you provide the citation I will refute with proper counter-references. Put up or shut up.....as the saying goes.
  7. The Burning of the Parliament Buildings in Montreal in 1849 was an important part of Canadian history and one of the primary reasons we live in a democracy and not an aristocracy. John Ralston Saul ....and it is applicable today as it was then. If a government gets out of hand, violating rights and trying make a dictatorship, then civil action is morally justified.
  8. No. You made an insinuation based on a false premise - otherwise known as a fallacy argument. It has no merit until you make the proper citation, or decline your point. Backing up your claims is part of the terms and conditions you agreed to when you signed up. Get with the program or admit your assumption.
  9. Nope. If Natives were in a PR exercise they would not be protesting in that manner they have. You can certainly say the last 10 years of protests haven't helped improve the public image of Aboriginal people. However, their brand of protest has been highly successful by interrupting the economy. That in turn squeezes us and we squeeze the politicians to do something about it. Your mention of Caledonia is another myth. No laws were skirted, and no one that committed a crime wasn't charged. In fact there were many charges laid over the protests on both sides, and many of the protesters from bo
  10. That depends. Peaceful protesters are morally (and may be legally) justified to fight back a violent confrontation by police that violate their rights. The G8/G20 fallout is a good example.
  11. MPAC sets the property value assessment for properties and the municipalities set the mill rate. So the tax rate can change from municipality to municipality, and vary between commercial single family residential and rental properties.
  12. NOPE. At least not in Ontario (which is all that matters). Only land owners are responsible for municipal property taxes. Landlords ~may~ use some of the income they receive to pay the taxes but the burden is squarely on him or her. The renters live municipal tax free.
  13. Name the band(s). Name 10 and I'll do my own research. However, under third party management First Nations always come out worse than when they went in and spend decades getting out of the debt and burdens that third party managers get them into. It is a FACT.
  14. So you don't really have any, right? There is nothing successful that comes out of third party management. That is a fact.
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