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  1. How about the sponsorship scandal?
  2. Just writing an appropriate anthem for this day and age
  3. How about: "O Canada" "Our home and politically correct land" "True patriot love" "As our gay activists command" LOL
  4. Shouldn't he have been out on the icepans with the rest of the granolas? Or dancing on a float at the gay festival in Toronto?
  5. The left completely collapsed in the USSR which proves that you were right all along as a leftist.
  6. You mean like the leftist Soviets are now dinosaurs. If conservatism is a dinosaur philosophy then why does most of the world past and present subscibe to it? One of these days you will be able to tell your Muslim masters that they are dinosaurs. Femisnism, the left, gays, etc. are bringing on this as fast as time.
  7. Progressive thinking has it's limits. People are people and cannot be moulded into some leftist ideal. Look at what happened in the USSR. They did everything possible to achieve "progress". Ultimately the people revolted and threw the system out. Gay marriage is the same. It is not and will never be the norm.
  8. The left isn't interested in anything that isn't gay. Maybe if the plants were gay they would get mentioned.
  9. Why don't we put a section in about evangelical Christians? Not so tolerant now are we? Evangelicals aren't your "special" buddies.
  10. OK. If they aren't special then why mention them in the pamphlet? You want a special recognition in the pamphlet but then say they aren't special.
  11. That isn't a fair statement. I said 2 things: 1)everybody has rights in Canada and 2)gays do NOT have rights above and beyond anybody else. What is your problem with these statements?
  12. I never said I didn't like homosexuals. I'm not a bigot. Read my posts. You're the biased one here. You think one "special group" outweighs everyone else.
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