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  1. Very funny. Go live in Saudi Arabia or in certain mormon communities(FLDS) and enjoy the benefits of the polygamistic societies. Have you ever heard of the "lost boys"? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lost_boys_(polygamy)
  2. I see a lot of talk here about polygamist marriages and lots of reasons for and against such arrangements. I don't see people discussing about societies that are actually allowing and supporting these kind of relationships from a legal standpoint in the first place. People should realize that in polygamist marriages it is almost always one man marrying multiple women. Usually, the average population tends to equalize in terms of men and women. Allowing the few rich men to monopolize and essentially "take" all the women will lead to strife within society. Much like in the current societies
  3. The problem with Canada is its close proximity to the USA. We only ever seem to compare ourselves to them so its very obvious we are going to gradually shift to the right(which we have been doing in the past few decades). I have seen third world countries with superior education and health care systems to our own. Our blindness to anything other than what our neighbours to the south are doing is shameful. It is hurting our nation and the welfare of our people. I just wish people would stop comparing our education and health care system to the USAs. Their health care and education are not
  4. Canada doesn't need special ''Buy Canadian'' regulations. Canada simply needs fair ones. Any nation that unfairly subsidizes their industry against ours or treats their workers significantly worse than ours needs to be slapped with heavy tariffs. I have no problem with buying a foreign product over a Canadian one that comes from a company that treats their workers well. I do have a problem with buying such a product from company that abuses their workers. I wish in Canada we had some sort of coherent policy rather than everything on a ''Who complains the hardest'' basis.
  5. Do you have a report or an article refering to what I bolded I´m actually rather interested and if I´m wrong on a particular viewpoint I´d like to correct it. Thanks
  6. 1. The timing of the package is what I´m worried about. I have nothing against an aid package to Haiti except of who and when the package is being given. If the GG was sending this aid package to Bolivia, for example, I wouldn´t give it a second thought because we don´t have a Canadian/Bolivian in a position of power announcing and pushing the package. 2. I have never said she is a separatist. Personally this aid package has nothing to do with separatism anyways. I don´t know why somebody would bring it up. 3. I was not born in this nation either. Top positions should be allowed to an
  7. Our problem with health care is not the fact that we need to funnel more money into it. The problem with our health care is the lack of qualified physicians. http://www.visabureau.com/canada/news/04-1...rs-by-2010.aspx Canada has a near retarded policy of relying almost purely on immigration to fill our doctor shortage. Don´t you think we should train our own physicians? http://www.chspr.ubc.ca/research/hhr/anatomy By the looks of it we need to stop putting ridiculous limits on our medical schools. Many nations don´t and surprisingly they don´t suffer a physician shortage. Our policy o
  8. I hope most people are aware that children raised poorly by poor parents don´t just ¨vanish¨. They grow up and live in your very community making your life suck. As a community we should help parents raise their children properly. Having many of our next generation believe that welfare, homelessness, etc is normal will lead to a new generation doing exactly that with their children. Letting people fall and go to hell because they made mistakes(such as having a child that they are unable to support ) leads to serious income inequality(we have safety nets for this very reason). http://psych
  9. Yes. Who has the right to tell me what I can and can't do with my body and mind(as long as I'm not infringing on someone's rights of course). I would extend this right to every drug available. Treat all drugs with the same rules of alcohol(mostly rules dealing with infringing on others rights).
  10. I would definitely complain if Dion got into power solely by the word of our Governor General. I would be even more upset if the first thing on the table for Dion was to re-instate this aid package. I am not pro-Dion as I think he is a terrible leader. I also dislike the bloc Quebecois immensely(If you lived in the most language discriminatory city in the country, Ottawa, you'd probably think the same) so I'm against anything that puts more power in their hands. I used to vote Liberal but I've changed to NDP recently. Anyways. All I'm trying to say is that I don't care if our Governor G
  11. So wait. Stephen Harper decided to finally send a huge aid package to Haiti at the moment of an economic crisis the second he gets back from a government. This government being SAVED solely and completely by our Haitian/Canadian Governor General. Not to mention if the government falls a second time she gets the power AGAIN to decide whether we have an election or 2 1/2 years of coalition government? I may be jumping to conclusions but they are hardly "implausible" claims. I'm just angered that we see so much power given to unelected people in particularly questionable circumstances. The
  12. More than just fishy. It is very clear that she cut a deal with Harper. She is a Haitian/Canadian that at the very moment she saves the Harper government from falling manages to push through some of her "preferential" aid funding. Seriously. I am from another nation(Uruguay to be exact) and I do have a soft spot for it and would really like Canada to help it economically. I can see the allure of trying to abuse the power to help the impoverished nation that houses your family and memories. Her goals may be noble but their are clear conflicts of interest at play here. I never liked her b
  13. Canada's tax rates aren't that high. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tax_rates_around_the_world http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Income_T..._By_Country.svg If we look at an average Canada taxes their citizens less than most European countries.
  14. Teaching is a difficult job. Most teachers do have to work more hours than listed due to prep time and be on their toes at all times. It's a demanding job that requires you to be thinking and active almost the entire time. You also have to deal with a lot of crap from both teens and little kids. Personally, I only have one problem with teachers. Bad teachers simply cannot get fired. Their is no incentive to be a good teacher as seniority is more important than anything else. Also the teacher program overall in Canada is rather poor. Teacher's college is simply too short to teach all t
  15. Alberta is not a valid comparison due to the huge oil wealth at their disposal. I could say Venezuela or Saudi Arabia are "fiscally prudent" countries because they have no debt but I doubt you'd agree with me. Sure this oil boom is coming to a close(at least in Alberta due to the high costs of refining the oil sands) but the benefits and investment it provided Alberta are still there. I think every province in Canada(except maybe Quebec) would be debt free if they had oil sands in their borders.
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