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  1. Brain Candy, been spending a bit too much time at Corrupt, I see? Trust me, I've been where you are - they will brainwash you and ruin your life. Stay away from there...
  2. Assimilation and no more family immigration is the only answer. Anyone who says that immigrants should be forced to keep their ethnic heritage in a new country is a parasite.
  3. Fact is, in 2007 I believe every murder was committed by a white male on a white male.
  4. Of course he would, they are of the "White English speaking Christian culture" after all.
  5. Leafless, with the exception of Jamaicans and Natives, non-whites commit less crimes per capita than whites in Canada. There's a few violent White gangs in South Calgary. I would know, I live here.
  6. One no shine, I don't think Leafless has a problem with people who assimilate into Canadian culture, but what his beef is that most people are not becoming Canadian thanks to official multiculturalism. So while he does not mind the one's here who do become Canadian and don't retain their old culture, since the number who do this are so few, we should not import so many people from these conflicting countries. Atleast that's the impression I get from his posts, if you could confirm Leafless, that'd be great.
  7. Our problem is we are allowing too many immigrants and too quickly. They aren't getting a chance to settle down and blend in. I think we should cut immigration down to 100,000 a year and tell immigrants to take a pledge to adore to canadian customs and values.
  8. Healthcare, Education, Immigration, Taxes, Jobs, Multiculturalism etc What would you do to "fix" Canada?
  9. Agreed. We are not denying it, we are just skeptic about the numbers. The only reason we are skeptic is because it is shoved down our throats and is used for political advancement. Nobody questions the number Stalin killed, heck that may be inflated too but no one really focuses on that because there is no reason to. The Holocaust is however constantly shoved down our throats, six million, six million, six million and there is a ton of evidence suggesting it was lower. I don't think anyone other than Nazis WANT to criticize it, but we are forced to.
  10. I do agree with you that anyone who denies the holocaust or claims only 300,000 were killed has an agenda. However, there are many people (myself being one of them) who has taken notice of many of the deniers claims that are true. This has led to most people intensely involved in Holocaust reviewing to agree that the widely accepted number of six million is exaggerated. Although almost everyone does agree that a couple million were killed most definitely and an attempt at genocide was made, which is heavily backed by the Himmer recording of "the Jewish people is being exterminated".
  11. This poll is dumb. You're saying we either believe the mainstream version or we out-right deny the whole damn thing. I don't think six million Jews died in the Holocaust and five million others. I do not think there was an initial state-planned complete extermination of Jews but I do believe that there was gassings and large numbers of people were killed. Anywhere between 1 and 3 million seems appropriate. The 300,000 figure deniers claim is as ridiculously extreme as the 11 million figure. Do a google search there are thousands of large debates and nearly all of the sane people involved in them come to the conclusion the 300,000 figure is too low and the 11 million figure was overblown for Jewish sympathy.
  12. I agree. You said briefly when you were prime minister everyone must be apart of the majority culture, what would happen afterwards? Also what would you do about immigration?? Would any non-whites be deported?
  13. Because of official multiculturalism? Leafless, can I ask exactly what you want in terms of different races/cultures in Canada and if you were Prime Minister, what would you do? You're too difficult to figure out!
  14. Hydraboss, you are not racist. You are a culturist which is essentially what I am. I don't give a rats arse what color your skin is, as long as you're Canadian. I propose all immigrants take an official pledge to adore to Canadian values or else they lose their citizenship. Harsh? Take a look at White national forums then tell me who is harsh.
  15. I said 10-25 percent, of which they are always 2nd or 3rd generation and tend to be Asians or Gujarati/Ismaeli Indians.
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