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  1. afraid of? well, what about loosing all of our freedom and living in a fascist world state? I can only say, if you don't believe me, what is your every right, start investigating. The time you have been typing here so far could have been used to watch the above mentioned video. The only fear that has been expressed come from me???? I thought others here agreed with what I am saying. Just start investigating, and if you are not intrested, what are you doing on this thread then? Being busy? You really have not he foggiest idea what I and others here are talking about. Pindar
  2. No, I told you that you can do with it what you want. Can't you read? Well, maybe you are "busy" because you think you choose to be. Offcourse I can't talk about someone individually, but there really is a reason why we as a whole are kept so very busy. way ahead of me???? what do you mean? is that important? The NWO imported? It is al working for years behind the screen. Now it is starting to show it's ugly face. Why is it important that I am not from Canada? Kind of ridiculing isn't it,? And isn't ridiculing really fear? Pin d"Ar
  3. yes, I think it is worth your while, And... Two hours investment for your freedom, is that too much??? I think your reply is exactly what they want, denial. You think you know how it is, before you have done any study into the subject. And if you are really short on two hours, start contemplating why that is, there is a reason for it you see. That we are all so busy busy busy. But he, if you don't want to watch it is ok with me, let others watch it and be liberated. It's all your choice, it is called 'FREEDOM' Pindar
  4. I only say one thing: Video 3 h 35 min And no, they don't learn you this at school or university, because the whole of education is in the hands of the oligarchy (illuminati) They want to keep us dumb, by learning a lot of shit! Pin d"Ar
  5. please watch this movie: Video 1 h 56 min Pin d"Ar
  6. some lovely quotes: THE NEW WORLD ORDER IN THEIR OWN WORDS Pin d"Ar
  7. well, your living in a prison and you don't even see the bars, and so you think you are free, while you really are not. This, because you are being deceived at so many levels, you have no idea until you start investigating. From the above I take it you are 'sleeping' , not meant to be hurtful, I once was also a sleep, that is how the system operates. And..... The little freedom you have left, you can say 'bye bye' to , very soon. enjoy living in a fascist police state! But your right, I may be wrong Pindar
  8. very good! You seem to be less indoctrinated then a lot of 'learned' people, How refreshing. Yes. well, we have to lose our victimisation mind-patterns, and don't be afraid to inform others of what is going on. They can work because they work in secret, so, if we expose them.... And maybe you and others have also creative ideas? Don't forget, we are beautifull multi dimensional beings, We are not poor stupid slaves, well, we are treated as we are, but we aren't! I couldn't agree more! But you can't force that! Just offer the information. don't try to imitate 'schools' with their education..eh... sorry indoctrination programs! Are you reffering to Global Warming here? That is a hoax, a scam so they can make regulations to make us poorer and under more control. Well, do as I do, inform people! Good luck! empower yourself and others. make flyers, burn dvd'd read a lot about this stuff and tell people. I found out what it was about and I feel I have to tell the people. For our sake and our children's sake! I am doing this for years now and people seem to be more open nowaday regarding this information That is a good thing I think Pindar
  9. this says iyt all! http://api.ning.com/files/FuPMr80YWm9rPnmr...atYoureTold.jpg
  10. ok, thanks didn't know that. Well the links are above Pindar
  11. Are you realy sure?????????????????????????????????????????? try these books: http://globalnerdy.com/wp-content/uploads/...ood-for-you.gif http://www.leftbooks.com/store/media/wmd.jpg http://www.thismodernworld.org/arc/rar/trust.jpg And find out that before it is on the mainstream news is has been trough a big Public relation company!!!! and read this book: http://images.amazon.com/images/P/0895261901.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg when your done come back and tell us what you found out. And then find out what they have done with 'science' Pindar
  12. Well, it is not used for healing etc. His books have once be burned! It's a scandal! i say the opposite, it is surpressed because it works very well! the 'pwers that be' don't want a healty population No, they even want to kill a lot of us, because they think there are too many people. Btw, the don't call us 'people' but 'catle' I believe once Kissenger said this of soldiers: they are useless eaters. your use of the term 'doubtless' says a lot! You probably know the answer before having it reseached? Maybe you are a scientist? I don't want to be blunt, but they are the ones most lied too and they even don't know it, and think they 'know it' Well, they are being srewed on a grand scale. Once you start digging, you will find out we are being lied to an enorm massive scale. So massive that lots of people can't imagine it. But he. try to find out. Pindar
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