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  1. I can't stand it myself. I hated how everyone talked about Chretien when Harper's behavior was in question and how Mulroney became the focus when Chretien's turn came around. This is how corruption persists.
  2. Cool. Put the money they'll save into health care too.
  3. Your own source says that, depending who it talked to, there's anything from a 12% - 34% higher amount emitted from Tar Sands oil. From well to wheel it states - both production and consumption. Note that's assuming consumption based on European and North American standards, I suspect when its burned according to China's and India's standards that emissions will be higher still.
  4. A lot farther than 50 billion for warmongers and banksters.
  5. What we need is the equivalent of a Jeffrey Epstein to emerge - someone who's got everything to lose by divulging what they and more importantly who else did.
  6. You don't believe the good folks down at the Financial Post that because of CC we'll be able to provide that cake? In fact if I didn't know any better I'd say the FP just gave a green light endorsement for putting the pedal to the metal.
  7. No you're more like this lying sack of shit . Show me where and you can prove you're not a liar after all.
  8. Let them eat cake. Sheesh man, get with the program already.
  9. No I'm laughing at listening to you describe your own behaviour to a tee. T as in tone-deaf.
  10. One aspect I call BS on is the timeline predicted in the Financial Posts very Cornucopian prediction of benefits, only 19 years apparently to the land of milk and honey. I recall tales of how the Sahara will become Earth's bread basket too with the advent of global warming. Hows that working out btw? The only way anyone could swallow the promise of such a moon would have to be possessed by the same political agenda it takes to promote it.
  11. From the OP's article. Probably not, in any case the real rationale for sequestering just about the very worst oil in terms of the CO2 its loaded with is to prevent it from being burned. We should be boycotted and made an example of for even threatening to exploit the Tar Sands. I also fail to see how fueling the growth of the worst most powerful dictatorship on the planet is in anyone's interest.
  12. I recall having it 'splained to me by self-described adults at the time that this is what Canadian companies had to do to compete in the world. These little lessons in realpolitik were usually attended by condescending pat's on the head and rolly-eye emoticons to one another.
  13. You know full well about the cameras and human observers that we have on our boats in Canada. We can't get away with anything. They're iced actually.
  14. What's also makes this hilarious is the number of times we've been informed by you guys just how deeply Islam hates liberal progressive thinking. Takes a conservative to know one I guess.
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