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  1. I can't even recall exactly it was so long ago. I suppose it'll surface in some sort of affirming and empowering MeToo movement for Islamophobes one day. Better not run for public office I guess. It's amazing how thin someone's skin can get when you mock their hilariously single-minded grasp of history. Can you slander people?
  2. I wasn't looking for it so no loss there. Never mind in any case we're both just being us.
  3. And now I'm attacking you for supporting Islamic Jihadis. We're either in that place where two opposite ends of a spectrum stretch so far apart they meet around back or we've simply talked past one another.
  4. Like empires, if you've seen one you've seen them all and there'll be another before long.
  5. I would never say anything of the kind and its entirely besides the point of my question to you. I repeat, would the reasons you're offering for inflicting the worst possible fate on people make you feel more or less accepting of that fate yourself? Would you take the same medicine you're prescribing?
  6. Ok, so dooming people to the worst fate possible is justified because of our dependence on foreign...something or other... oil, jobs in London Ontario perhaps...it doesn't really matter. The point is we're dependent, or we have no choice or we can't help ourselves. Fair enough. If this were the reason you were given for having been subjected to the worst fate possible and there was no apparent end in sight how do you think you'd react? Do you think it would make you more accepting of the worst fate possible or less?
  7. Suck's to be a taxpayer alright. So you don't pay taxes or you have some special conscientiousness exemption that directs your taxes away from dictator funding? Cool, how'd you manage that?
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