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  1. eyeball

    Should Canada suspend relations with China?

    Canada should be suspending relations with both the US and Chinese governments for the same reason - they're both a couple of shit-disturbing trouble-makers. Unfortunately the US is our closest ally and friend so I guess we have no choice but to have their back. There's a good reason friends don't let friends drive drunk. Anyone else think the fundamental reason why should apply here for the same reason?
  2. eyeball


    So, Betsy is saying this was done deliberately?
  3. eyeball

    Should Canada suspend relations with China?

    This was obvious decades ago and looking around the world its obvious what obsequiousness to the principle of putting economics ahead of virtue can do to a planet. We knew better but..I blame it on too much thinking with our heads and ridiculing the idea that our hearts should have much if anything to do with...anything. I think a lot of Canada's approach on the global cat-walk is best captured by the continued sale of LAV's to Saudi Arabia.
  4. Actually its a principled idea but.. ...principles?
  5. eyeball


    This is just typical run of the mill incompetence. Voters/taxpayers/citizens are no better - we're long past the point where we can say its just an accident that our governments are so incapable. Decades of incompetently and stupidly putting up with our shitty governance has resulted in a world where we have to be constantly worried about the increasingly violent reaction to it.
  6. eyeball

    Faisal Hussain - the evolving story

    The only people who don't want answers are in your fervid imagination. How about an inquiry into suggestions of a politically motivated conspiracy between police and media in this case that has been used to influence public opinion towards Islam? If I actually fell for something like this I'd like to know. Fool me once shame on them but fool me twice? I have good reason to want to get to the bottom of this alleged conspiracy too. In the meantime, there is still nothing to suggest the role of mental illness should be completely ruled out, unless of course the inquiry into the police/media conspiracy reveal that the story of Faisal Hussein's investigation under the Mental Health Act was deliberately fabricated. Less importantly is the outstanding insistence by some of the more fervid members around here that citing this story is the same as claiming there was an actual diagnosis that ruled out terrorism. Why would they do that anyway, to influence public opinion perhaps?
  7. So, if you had seen this in the MSM would you be promulgating it or pointing to it as a reason to steer clear of the MSM?
  8. eyeball

    The new Ontarian Islamic Party

    Yes that's right, it's your prediction. So...10, 100, 1000 years? Of course you're the guy who tried to fly that Islamic/fentanyl/chem-trail conspiracy nonsense awhile back so never is probably more likely.
  9. eyeball

    The new Ontarian Islamic Party

    When do you expect this will happen, 10 years from now, 100, 1000?
  10. Doesn't a Canadian flag sewn on your backpack cut it anymore?
  11. I fail to see how you could go wrong selling War Bonds. It should be a snap if people are this gullible.
  12. eyeball

    Compensating Khadr

    No the difference is that we help facilitate their terrible treatment. We're on the worst side of history.
  13. eyeball

    Compensating Khadr

    How could we forget when we have our government's actions and their cheerleaders to constantly remind us of that. This is where the right treats inhumanity like it was an old traditional value or something. Our inhumanity.
  14. eyeball

    Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    Understand terrorism you mean. As for Trudeau, I excoriate his positions at least as much as I do yours. I'm no more with him than I am with you, and for much the very same reason. Thank you. Ironically it's conservatives like your's that provide the best advertising for him.
  15. eyeball

    Compensating Khadr

    The ball is over there. So you were like...reluctant or something? There are lots of other places triggering the same thing everyday. You don't watch Fox News or read the Sun? I do that all the time when I express my disgust for the terrible decisions and actions our shitty government and even shittier allies commit in our name. It's illegal to do that in some of our allies countries but no coalition will ever be any better than its worst allies and we'll probably become more like them than the other way around.