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  1. Read on before you bite me.
  2. Yes. I think your highfalutin concern about China is selective especially with regards to China's abuse of Muslim's human rights. You've had little issue in the past with Canadian companies doing what they had to do to compete with multinationals from other countries in places where bribing public officials is the norm - officials that can ensure things like favourably lax labour and environmental standards. If we didn't compete along these lines other countries would simply benefit to our loss so why not us? You make the same argument about our oil and I have little doubt you'd be just as thrilled to sell as much to China as boycott their goods. I think you're just virtue signalling in pretty much the manner as Trump or Trudeau so you can have it both ways. As I recall tying trade to human rights and holding our multinationals responsible for taking advantage of other countries cheap labour and even cheaper ecosystems in the past drew laughter and references to commies and suggestions that Canadian slackers read the writing on the wall roll up their sleeves and work harder for less. Nobody else recalls that?
  3. No, there's plenty of room for elements of socialism, lots of virtue and I'm sure we could even squeeze in a little corporate welfare for good measure.
  4. No, you can keep Al Gore too. There's no fear just a disgusted fascination - no one wants to get any on them but they have to keep looking to avoid it.
  5. Right-wing Canadians sure but who cares what they think? It's probably the old hostility they miss the most.
  6. Argus is with me %100 on taking a hard line with China. Finally.
  7. Hopefully it won't be long until being these things simply make you a delusional idiot. Ditto for these idiots.
  8. No doubt your's were made in China just like mine. Like c-diff does I guess. Or as if as you might put it.
  9. As for the post WW2 order at least you and I both agree that Frankensteinian abortion is something that should have been shot, pissed on and buried in its own shit years ago. Go Trump Go!
  10. Begging...as in she was actually pleading on her knees in a markedly plaintive voice or just as if she was...in your mind? Please get a grip.
  11. This obviously has deep-state media-party fake-news written all over it.
  12. You see where I bolded your words? It's as if and what it is are clearly two different things and it's no surprise to anyone what your mind sees. Routinely I should add.
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