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  1. This really weakened and emasculated you didn't it? If the Liberals threw this out as a distractant it's because they knew there were a bunch of right-wing snowflakes just itching to be triggered by it.
  2. I was searching for seafood once and typed jumbo pron into my browser. I'll never be able to eat shrimp again without blushing.
  3. It must be talking points that determine what people are then.
  4. What reality? You're the ones making it seem as if American ideas and talking points are part of the periodic table or something.
  5. Except I'm on the left meaning Trudeau is to my right. Oh I get it, you must subscribe to talking points that arrange the political universe in neat tidy rows.
  6. Without going thru customs first? I am disappointed.
  7. So we're like appropriating American black culture or something? Bastards. I bet you think Trudeau is responsible for this... but it was well established way back in post Revolutionary France that he's a frickin' right-winger.
  8. It's cute listening to you defend/promote your lefties. BTW do you have any more idea about what talking point dingle-nutz is talking about than dingle-nutz?
  9. Whatever...I think the right is completely retarded.
  10. What talking point? Acting like you have to go thru customs with an idea or something is retarded.
  11. You think I live under a rock other right-wingers say I live in a tree. Go get your own talking points straightened out before shooting your mouth off about others.
  12. They came from progressive people. What, you think America invented the left or something? Keep trying.
  13. Not at all. Canada's Greens and New Democrats are not even remotely supportive of the militarism and corporate favouritism usually on display by the others. Not even close. I don't think there's any difference worth mentioning at all between Liberals/Democrats and Conservatives/Republicans.
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