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  1. I have a hard time believing the US wouldn't just shrug it forward and tell the world the same will apply to anyone who buys that debt. You know the drill, whoever's not with you is...yadda yadda.
  2. What do China's dictators do if we tell them to piss up a rope we're compensating our citizens and rebuilding our economy instead of paying them back? China government is a ruthless brutal dictator, the most powerful one on the planet.
  3. Betsy are you advocating that the wearing of masks be made mandatory by law and enforced? Yes or no? Yes she said sensible in certain situations. In our grocery store they are enforcing distancing if they're not in your's say something or wear a mask if it makes you feel better but why assume everyone on the planet is as insensible as the people where you live and is an excuse to impose your solution on everyone? Assuming that's what you're doing. Why do people need to resort to telling the public they can catch this virus simply from people breathing in their advocacy for masks? You think people who are telling the public they can catch this virus from breathing people are arguing from an intelligent scientifically informed position? Where's the science. What's likelier is that Tam is simply saying its okay to wear a mask if it makes you feel better. She certainly didn't say you must wear one and neither is anyone else. So far but....dumbing things down to the lowest common dummy seems to be whats in store. Who would have thought conservatives would be such advocates of a nanny state and why does that nanny resemble Nurse Ratched? Must be the cuckoo times we live in.
  4. Actually I wrote. Did you decide the word read should read wrote for the purposes of our discussion? In any case I still understand you perfectly well.
  5. Just answer the fucking question, why do you think leaving an infected house and going out in public is a good idea?
  6. Pik if your neighbour's wife was infected would you let her husband into your house? Would you want him anywhere near your kids or grand-kids or vulnerable elderly parents? If you saw him in a local grocery store would you freak out or remain calm and secure in your ability to reason that if its okay for the fucking leader to be out in public virus be damned then why not everyone who lives in an infected house? Why do you people insist on letting your ridiculous partisan dumb-fuckery obliterate your ability to engage your brains before putting your stupid mouths in gear? And what about you scribblet, what happens when you put yourself in the shoes of someone you know lives in an infected household?
  7. But I thought that's what conservatives hated most about our justice system.
  8. Do you have any evidence that the facts in the article I posted are untrue? You're saying all 40000 of these people were medical personnel? Prove it.
  9. And another 40000 more came the following couple of months right up until last week. Why can't you acknowledge that and move on?
  10. Shady, the date on the article I linked to is Apr 4th. It reported that people were still flying in from China last week. Why haven't you read it yet?
  11. Trump's enacting of travel bans were demonstrably destructive because he merely provided an illusion of security. He compounded this exponentially by claiming everything was under control. Humpty Dumpty only enacted everything else to put himself back together after it was patently clear no one had anything under control at all. Your sycophancy is illogical. See a political scientist.
  12. What ban? There was no ban just the illusion of one. No Trump is just really stupid. Defending him causes people to turn themselves into unreasonable illogical pretzels.
  13. I don't know, It's your main goto reason for going isn't it? Or that going over Trump's head is how you get anything done down there. No, my brother can visit us on occasion too.
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