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  1. Yeah well like I said you should get your hands on as much compensation too while you can if it's really going to come down to everyone for themselves.
  2. No, and that said why are you people so all prepared to say fuck it economics trump virtue it's just killing old farts anyway? May you should do dictators a favour and round up the lefties for them. God knows you people whine incessantly about lefties...you've got some nerve talking about following idiots off a cliff. Like I said DO something about it round us up kill us off, you know you wanna, quit whining or STFU. Yeah and you gotta love how people pump up that resentment eh? We're fast approaching an age when automation and AI will make joblessness endemic and people still imagine or insist we should proceed into this future with an attitude that everyone will still be just as responsible for carrying their own weight so they can justify their existence to a bunch of cranks who are still fortunate enough to have jobs. In my town workers resent having to work knowing people are making as much on CERB. The only way around that as I see it is to share the work that's available. I would have been more than happy to put in a shift and share the risk to give friends and people I've known for years a break. But more importantly to alleviate the resentment and the truly poisonous effect it's having on our society.
  3. We buy that cheap landfill shit from someone else or do without. You can't find it in yourself to match or even better our grandparents sacrifices? They did without all sorts of things while putting their principles first. Kowtowing is now an act of patriotism? Some army guy you turned out to be. Also sounds like what you're saying is that we can't depend on our allies. Colour me surprised. As for Canadians who visit dodgy countries, they need to take responsibility for putting themselves in peril not to mention us by making themselves into potential hostages. To me they're more like these reckless daredevils who go off established trails or unprepared into dangerous seas and putting search and rescue personnel at risk. That's what I said. If Canada truly believes China's money is more important than our lives and we should stop 'borrowing' it to save our economy why should I feel any compunction at eschewing Canada's grudging handouts and getting my hands on as much compensation as I can while the getting's good?
  4. Perhaps it was your exclamation Really! that thru me off. I've gotten too used to the disenguity often on display around here and read it as just another example. Please accept my apologies.
  5. It sure looks like you're scared of and apologizing for them in the post I replied to.
  6. Who's fucking side are you on anyway. Screw the dictators and the so- called free world's horses they're riding.
  7. Bullshit, you'll still just as happily continue to empower their dictatorship by fueling it with oil. As I've said before it wan't that long ago that we and our allies committed a LOT of money, resources and human lives trying to keep oil out of the hands of communist dictatorships. You typically pled ignorance of what i was talking about as I recall.
  8. We write off our debt to dictators and start standing in their fucking way instead! Our grandparents sacrificed some 25% of their generations GDP to fighting tyranny. What's our excuse for not sticking with the program? Fear of our indebtedness to them. What a bunch of useless pukes we've turned into. We deserve everything we get. I doubt my grandkids will deserve it though. It's heartening to know their other grandparents fled Hong Kong decades ago because they just couldn't bring themselves to trust Beijing.
  9. As I've said more than a few times now I'm not looking for a handout to get thru COVID-19 I want compensation and we should be deducting that from whatever money we owe China. This pandemic is not our fault, it's Xi Jinping's fault and China's fault for putting up with with their shitty sneaky governance for so long. They owe us not the other way around. FIFY
  10. My reply to these sorts of criticisms is that we need far more transparency in our governance starting with the outlawing of in-camera lobbying. Further to this members of political party members should also be demanding the same of their party caucuses with the express purpose of making it difficult to thinly disguise things. If there's anything I can't stand it's when a political party's poobahs betray my investment of money and time supporting them by committing the party to some stupidity they've crafted out of sight behind a closed door. Like the time we finally had a premier who was prepared to wrest control of our fisheries management away from Ottawa and bring it closer to the people who depend the most on honest accountable management. He got embroiled in some stupid shenanigan dashing his own aspirations along with those of his parties supporters. This is what sets things back farthest in addition to cultivating the deep mistrust that has developed between the governed and their governments.
  11. What part of no truck nor trade don't you get Shady? Let me guess you don't know what that means. You're a walking bullshitter so piss off.
  12. To who exactly? Name names. To you perhaps?
  13. Apparently the collateral will make it worth throwing Canadians out of Canada. Stands to reason we'll be told to vacate. I don't know about anyone else but my lender made it pretty clear I'll be told to vacate my home if I can't play my debt so...
  14. It'll be at least another 12 months. We're still only a 3rd of the way thru the 18 month vaccine/treatment development phase. You can't wait or are you so important that you simply don't need to?
  15. And again I say so what given everyone is in the same boat with waves of debt washing over it. Australia just borrowed a couple hundred billion to find their army. Let me guess, they borrowed the money from China right? China's probably printing it as we speak. Help me out here...how do you forclose an entire planet that can't pay its debt? Recall the question Jody Foster's character wanted to pose to the aliens in the movie Contact..."How did you do it, how did your species survive its adolescence?" They probably borrowed enough to get there and backed it up with the gold and other resources they knew existed throughout their system and amortized it over a 1000 year period. Why can't we do that? BTW anyone else notice no one wants to tackle the question I posed about just exactly who or where the idiots willing to keep lending us money are? Other Earthlings or something else?
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