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  1. Actually it was your inability I was talking about. It's crippled by left/liberal/progressive derangement syndrome. A severe brain-wasting disease that makes TDS look like a mild headache in comparison.
  2. There was an attempt to eradicate my rebellious family of oatmeal savages from the highlands of Scotland a little over 300 years ago by a clan of genocidal lickspittles from the lowlands who were working for their English masters. I often wonder if my bellicose contempt for interfering governments and their local sycophants is genetic. Flash forward to a lunch break with a mixed native and non-native crew working on stabilizing a slope failure on a clear-cut mountainside that was threatening to fill a salmon spawning channel down below. We were all pretty much refuges from the collapse of fishing and logging in our region - an ugly painful political and socio-economic process I wouldn't wish on anyone. From our height we could see for miles in all directions and a couple of the native guys from different bands started pointing out where territorial landmarks were and slowly the talk turned to past conflicts over them and the mood kind of darkened a little when I asked about a certain village's name which means clubbed-to-death in the native tongue. It was the scene a genocidal revenge based on a chief's daughter being raped. No survivors were allowed because they'd be bound by honour to keep up a cycle of avengement. At that point I could only chuckle and the other foreman on the crew sort of laughed too and said oh oh...he of course was a filthy Campbell - a member of the clan that had tried to wipe mine out. The native guys listened as we recounted the story as best we could and when we finished one of the native guys told the rest of the crew to keep an eye on us in case we started swinging our axes at one another. At that point we pretty much all started laughing our assess off as we got back to work. The camaraderie was palpable. I often think about that day and how by-gones become by-gones and how they also don't - especially when I'm confronted by Islamophobes who appeal to me to reach as far into the past as they do to justify not letting their by-gones go the way of the dodo. That said I see no justification for not stoking or sustaining a smoldering desire to avenge, or maybe reconcile is a better word, the deep unabiding disregard that exists between distant absentee lords, kings and governments and people on the ground that have to suffer their powerful interfering indifference. That's definitely one bygone I'm not passing on to my kids and grandkids before I die.
  3. Can you see where you've been wrong twice now in these last two posts?
  4. So it doesn't occur to you to wonder if your lack of reasons for believing the GAO might be based on your ignorance of what it is? It's incredible how profoundly fucked up this absence of critical thinking is. It's funny how well you seem to know other posters and what motivates their thinking without ever considering what motivates your own. Which by your own admission is based on not knowing. It's really really weird.
  5. Horseshit. I apologized to both Shady and Argus just within the last month when I was wrong. I guess you must like to build your strawmen out of digested straw that's already passed thru the horse. No doubt whatever else you posted is likewise pre-contaminated.
  6. Of course it does need to be said there is a lot of truth to the statement Omar Khadr was an unlawful combatant but only because its highly illegal to indoctrinate and recruit children into fighting the wars and armed conflicts that adults start. We knew that when we entered the fray ourselves.
  7. Assuming that's what actually happened it's probably what I would done if I thought I might die otherwise. You'd just take it like an unlawful combatant? Are you on LSD?
  8. You didn't think period. I've made it quite clear I'd trust Khadr in my home with my family long before I'd ever trust anyone like you. I'd happily leave you to starve in the street while bbqing hamburgers for Khadr. I have zero reason whatsoever to mistrust or fear him. You OTOH have clearly indicated you hate my guts so... That's an proven allegation that hasn't been tried in any legal court anywhere which is a good part of why he was awarded 10.5 million in the 1st place. If you'd simply advocated that Canada and its allies follow the proper rule of law instead of your jihad against Islam Khadr could have been properly treated and cared for and at a lot less expense. Canada could have done that, the US even called us and said "uh...we got one of your's what should we do"? You'll just have to get over the fact that no one said "put a bullet in his head".
  9. What's this got to do with the aforementioned UN, GC, and Supreme Courts?
  10. /facepalm... I'm sorry but this is only re-substantiates how ridiculous and stupid your statement was. Why didn't you just show where the actual report says what you're saying? By all means please continue giving us good reasons to mock the entire premise of this thread (another ill-informed opinion) along with anyone who continues to be impressed by that opinion. It seems, according to the vernacular of woken-ness, that you were talking/mumbling in your sleep.
  11. That's right, as per the Conventional reasons given by the UN Secretary-General's special representative for children and armed conflict. As per opinions that are completely immaterial to the UN Secretary-General's special representative for children and armed conflict, the Geneva Conventions plus the US and Canadian Supreme Courts.
  12. That's not what the the UN Secretary-General's special representative for children and armed conflict said. What war? You must still be new at this because more enlightened Khadrphobes like to negate the Geneva Conventions right off the bat by claiming there was no officially declared war. If there was no war...there were no POWS...and no need for rights, legal procedures or precedent. Just simple might to make right.
  13. The GAO OTOH is dead certain it wasn't within his authority. What makes you think you know more than the GAO and why haven't you informed them? I'm fairly certain they'd revisit their decision if you could provide them something more compelling than your opinion.
  14. All the same clues about the topics we cover around here are as available to me as you. You call me a liar on virtually every topic we discuss without ever providing a single piece of direct evidence to substantiate your accusation. So fuck you too, especially if you can't take a joke. The word simply means a fear of Islam. It's certainly rational and logical to be afraid of terrorism but its illogical and irrational to fear Islam when it's not the cause of terrorism. The root causes of this terrorism have been pointed out hundreds of times in these threads and hundreds of thousands of times elsewhere. The geopolitical causes are modern and recent enough to have occurred within living memory. Terrorism is a completely rational reaction of oppressed people to overpowering oppressors. The US did not interfere in the ME region and fund and prop up dictators there because of things that happened in the Dark Ages and its stupid to believe otherwise and even stupider to spread such bullshit. I doubt our societies would have fared any better under such pressure and I suspect our resistance and reaction to it would also be called terrorism and they'd rationalize their Christophobia the very same way you do which is to say stubbornly and ignorantly.
  15. If a new reader dives into a 225 page thread expecting to understand what's going on around here without taking a bit of time to read the thread then they should hold their own hand.
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