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  1. Did you read the article in its entirety? Some people think the econonic fears pandemics give rise to are ill informed at best and dangerous at worst.
  2. That'll only be about 10 million by the time COVID-19 is as common as the cold. Can't get there fast enough eh?
  3. Why, when my game consistently proves to be up enough to keep a medical expert on par with internationally respected experts coming back for more? You running out of lefties or something?
  4. No kidding when I'm just one of a few left over lefties here so get in line Bob.
  5. My crap is pure your's is tainted...nuff said. I guess you weren't around these parts much back when I said Obama was a war criminal that should be in court on charges of waging indiscriminate warfare. And you would have been proud of the way I went after him for his role in bringing greater surveillance and the 5 Eyes into firmer existence. Sorry little buddy but when you so studiously refuse to learn a little more about the people you converse with and then ignorantly condemn them as ardent supporters of people you've likewise chosen to write off things just naturally become a lot about you. Capiche? Why Charles doesn't get that too is a bit of a mystery but it is what it is.
  6. It shouldn't be but in any case the law seems to be saying, as evidenced by the charges against Chauvin, that he didn't need to kneel on Floyd's neck until he died to affect that arrest. A bar that's still not low enough for too many cops and their cheering section.
  7. Stands to reason given he's said that's all it took for Obama to rile things up.
  8. Yes I'm quite certain Derek Chauvin also had all the time he needed to reflect on this as he was kneeling on Floyd's neck.
  9. Apparently not given the reports of cities across America falling to communists and fascists. And not just your run of the mill commies and fascists but really radical one's.
  10. Except you do make them thereby tainting virtually every thing else you might have to say.
  11. I don't think so either, I'm pretty sure he was recorded killing George Floyd though.
  12. Back peddling from assertions that organized Deepstates, media-mobs, Bolshevists and Nazis, the CCP, Putin, Bonnie Henry and so on and so forth...dozens if not hundreds of 'people in power' are orchestrating and coordinating the destruction of the free world by hundreds of thousands if not millions of activists on the ground.
  13. That's a pretty lame assed backpeddle from the global cabal of communist fascists usually cited here, there and everywhere by mainstream conservatives these days.
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