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  1. And their feelings will be completely unaffected by the fact that just about every country on the planet is doing the same thing in the face of a global emergency? They're just going to say "We don't feel good so everyone will just have to roll over and die, sorry but them's the rules?" It's ludicrous.
  2. Which is also to say not entirely untrue. In the meantime there are still 17 or so lies for you to address. PolitiFact won a Pulitzer award btw can Hannity say that or is he holding out for a 'Noble' Prize too?
  3. Society came before capitalists - it wasn't economists that led our species out of the trees. As for the debt it's always been measured against debt that other countries are incurring and everyone is now so who cares? You'd have a point if Earth was competing with aliens and there was a battlefleet overhead demanding payment of all the other debt before we borrow more. Otherwise it's all just so much scrip for what money's worth. All my life we've been told the debt the debt we're all doomed wah...I don't recall a lot of whining when it came to printing trillions to fight goat herders or to bail out banksters. Society is responsible for capitalism you want to find that out the hard way? By all means foreclose on hundreds of millions if not billions and see what happens. There's a reason why they say social welfare is for the benefit of the rich.
  4. Here's 18 or so. https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/list/?speaker=sean-hannity
  5. I'll wear a mask too but it's not looking good until we either have a vaccine or a treatment. Until such time as that I expect to be compensated for waiting it out. I don't expect the 3-4 times I can earn working but as I said above I think Canada's social safety net is sufficient and other than your ilk I haven't seen or heard anyone say the effort to sustain it isn't doable.
  6. Flattening the curve was a tactic used to save as many lives as possible. The strategy is succeeding. Stay the course. Be brave. Canada Strong.
  7. No, I just need a cheque thanks. BTW shouldn't you be at work?
  8. Yeah but Shady when you tell people to stay hidden under their beds your condescending horseshit really sounds a lot like condescending horseshit. It's the most consistent thing that stands out in your posts on the topic. Keep it up though it'll just reduce the number of covidiots while causing smarter people to dig in their heels and keep up the pressure for continued compensation.
  9. Go tell it to your Bozo-in-Chief, last time I looked he seemed to think the CDC was part of the Deepstate out to get him. So is Trump flipping on the CDC now or is it flopping?
  10. Verifiable 19 times out of 20 and via peer review? Why should I believe the numbers coming out of America any more than China? They both have an agenda.
  11. I haven't seen a single expert say we should go over top and outside the wire the way you seem to be browbeating people to do. You just get to work and keep paying my compensation if that's how you feel about it meanwhile I'll be out on the deck enjoying a cold beer with my popcorn.
  12. I started wearing one at the store to show some solidarity with the people working in them all day. Now most of them have stopped wearing them so...
  13. It seems sufficient enough. As opposed to the US where it appears most people have only received 1 benefit cheque if they've been lucky since mid March. In the war to save the economy that's basically like rallying your troops over the top at gunpoint. History shows that closing your economy too late and opening it too early hurts more and longer. 5 years after the Spanish Flu cities that did so were experiencing economic growth that was half of that of cities that were more patient. I wouldn't be surprised if that has more to do with just-in-time supply chains breaking down and production going out of whack. Then there is simple addition of more time and overtime required to do what were once simpler and less expensive tasks. Your fears about our printing money only really make sense if one or two countries are doing it in the face of everyone else subscribing to inflation fears during normal times. The fact everyone has to do so at the same time clearly changes things because the value of your dollar yuan or pound is all being carried along in the same tide and in the same direction. The inflation we're talking about is due to the physical shortages of actual goods and disruptions of normal supply and demand. Fishermen around here should be out catching fish right now that usually sells for $13 - 14 a lb but they can't sell it because restaurants are closed. The left is not saying free everything. That's hyperbole. I should be earning almost 3 - 4 times as much right now than I can on the dole. I love my job and wish I could be doing it but it's looking like it may not be doable and at a point in my life and capabilities where that income will be all but impossible to replace without a vaccine or effective treatment. I figure in about 14 months or so I'll have to resort to bending and breaking rules and laws if I want to hang on to what I have. I'm fully prepared to do so. Yes every road but yours always lead to dictatorship. It reminds me of why physicists are leery of any answer that points towards infinity which is usually the 1st clue something is wrong in their calculations.
  14. Like Sean Hannity or your toaster?
  15. OTOH having too much of either is of no use to anyone.
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