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  1. So...Canada's government is committed to personal liberty and has been for decades. Who knew?
  2. Excuse me but could you identify who the purposeful buriers are? Can you name any names and how they ordered everyone to obey them, was it thru memos, emails, recorded meetings, intercepted 5G signals...how exactly?
  3. But don't these people deserve what they get? Sorta like it's your fault for not saving enough to see you thru a rainy day couple of years.
  4. There was some local wag in the grocery store lineup loudly commenting on the uselessness of masks the other day and wondering why people were so afraid of COVID anyway. I commented that masks were actually meant to offer some margin of protection from stupid people but it seems even more useless at doing that. I got the stinkeye from about half the people around me and muffled guffaws from the rest.
  5. I'm leaning more towards some sort of expertocracy...skip the stupid people altogether. Our Constitution's preamble should be rewritten thusly, "Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the scientific process and the rule of law." Like I said skip the stupid people altogether. That's because absolute monarchy is rooted in a bat-shit crazy religious belief system. There's always been an awful lot of Americans who subscribe to bat-shit crazy religious beliefs down there too don't forget. The stupefying effect of this on a society can't be overstated.
  6. I think we need new forms of distancing. There is no cure for stupid and I'm positive covidiots along with anti-vaxxers feel the same way so how about we all live in separate ends of town or preferably in our own towns? I suppose we could open society for each group on alternating days, take turns on stat holidays, open stores for members of the Covideracy in the afternoon and the mornings for everyone else but realistically and unless we have some means of identifying one another I think separate towns will be the only way. I don't want to have to sit next to one of these people in public, I don't want them on my property and I most certainly don't want them anywhere near the same public health system I subscribe to and again I'm quite certain they feel the same way about that too. My own family is petty much already so divided over anti-vaxxing we're barely on speaking terms, the unwillingness to talk has only been exacerbated by COVID-19 - maybe we can just wave across a wall at one another someday Does anyone know of any dystopian novels from the past that projected a future as bizarre as the present we're in? What if this isn't as weird as it gets?
  7. No I think it's at least as ludicrous as your obsession with a conspiracy that would require thousands of in-the-know operatives, years of planning and at a scale of coordinated execution approaching that of D-Day.
  8. See what where, you mean you did identify CNN's means of controlling hundreds of millions of human being's thoughts and I missed it? I do apologize for that. Could I trouble you for a refresher or a link to where you did this? Frank talk, in the context I used, refers to why politicians prefer in-camera discussions. Politicians of virtually all stripes do and one of the most common arguments their most ardent partisans use against outlawing in-camera lobbying is that politicians need private places in which their frank discussions won't upset an excitable faint-at-heart electorate. I've pretty much been a very strong and vocal advocate of outlawing secrecy in the public's domain for some 12 years around here now. Any bells ringing in there yet, at all? And despite everything I just said you'll maintain your position until Hell freezes over won't you?
  9. I wonder if they discouraged masks early on until they could distribute enough of the type with the little metal strip that's sewn into them. Those are what they must use to tune in CNN's 5G signals before transforming them into the brainwaves that bath our minds with misinformation. Perhaps they're afraid of HCQ not just because it's a cure for COVID but it also interferes with the production of brainwaves or something.
  10. Lets try this again... I honestly don't how I can do this. You assert this happens routinely thru some mysterious means that you seem to be aware of yet never identify. I said frank talk to a fellow poster who understands the context I said it in. You don't understand despite having ample opportunity to do so. This is why your comment on my reply to him is so retarded.
  11. This is your toaster's opinion and has no bearing on what I said.
  12. Hence the utility of a custom-fitted mask. Did you and your homies ever think of cleaning up after yourselves once you've ripped some shitballs mask off their face? I haven't seen any masks littering the streets where I live. I don't doubt it though, I've seen stories about municipal workers taking apart sewage pumps plugged with PPE flushed down toilets. COVID-19 thrives on this sort of disregardful stupidity. Awwww, and I know people who can't get their nails done. Cry me a river, stupid masks have torn my hearing aids out more than a few times now too.
  13. How about you come over? No I'm having a cold Heinie with my Orville Redenbacher. I bet you're loafing on the Internet when you should be pushing your broom.
  14. The fact most masks are pretty ineffective is however. I'm getting a couple of these for my wife and I. You download Scandy Pro, take a photo with an up to date iPhone that can scan the contours of your face send the blueprint Scandy Pro produces to just about any 3D print shop. You change out the disposable N95 disk/cartridge that fits into the screw-on screw off part of the face mask. And guess what, it's translucent so you'll be able to swear oaths while still wearing a face-covering! Mine should be in the mail shortly. In the meantime anyone that wears glasses can tell you most face masks are far from perfect. The evidence is right before your eyes, almost constantly. Why wear it anyway? Because it's better than nothing and thankfully something that can be improved on relatively easily and inexpensively. https://www.bbc.com/news/av/technology-53432848/customised-3d-printed-masks-a-more-comfortable-fit
  15. All I can say buddy is be calm, be kind, be safe but above all else keep up the good work.
  16. A couple million COVID deaths for sure. Of course they could reach that by the time the post-election cloud of confusion and court cases over ballot counting issues is resolved. Their system is so unremittingly primitive and unwieldy I'm surprised election officials haven't resorted to making Americans stick a finger in purple dye after they've voted.
  17. You must have your conspiracies mixed up I thought the government wanted to control us - pretty much the exact opposite of standing on our own. Sure they do as evidenced by us and there are probably a couple hundred other forums, thousands of coffee klatches and and a hundred thousand other venues in which millions of Canadian tongues are wagging. Shocked? I'm not shocked in the least. You're shocked? No way...you're far far too jaded for that. And who's this we you're talking about, I don't vote for parties with a history of corruption, ever. EOS. You mean you do? Don't worry I won't be shocked if you say you do in fact I'd be shocked if you said you didn't.
  18. Why do we put up with it? The only reasons I've ever been given is that no alternatives exist or people will faint in the face af frank talk.
  19. Systemic institutional authoritarianism - the struggle between the governed and governments is finally underway over the last fundamental human right - honest, unavoidably transparent governance. It'll still take years and probably decades but it's coming. Governments can run but they can't hide, they're just too big.
  20. So do the people in power issue orders to the groupies or something? How does that work exactly, secret hand signals, memos, emails, 5G signals...?
  21. Given what we know about the dangers of speaking moistly yelling moistly in someone's face could be considered an assault.
  22. I'm betting the vast majority of Canadians have simply determined that letting conservatives run the country during this pandemic would be disaster. In the meantime... Trudeau should be pilloried for adding this WE horsehit onto the pile of problems we're facing right now.
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