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  1. It's not silly :angry: but it shouldn't be based on race or height, it should be based on shoe size. I wear a 9 1/2. And we are the elite of everything. 9 1/2's of the World, Unite!!!!
  2. Okay, jousting aside, if you have actually served in the military, let me say thanks. America is the one nation that largely keeps the world safe, including Canada, and let me go on record as saying I respect the men and women who serve in the US Forces. I certainly don't mean any disrespect for America's veterans or Veteran's day. Salute!
  3. What the...? It 's not like the Tories have given Alberta anything we didn't already have. Ralph Klein's former seat is now held by a Liberal, remember?
  4. They can always work for the Chinese or European market.
  5. And put all those US Defense Industry employees out of work? No you wouldn't.
  6. RWandan Lives saved by Canadian Forces: 30,000 Rwandan lives saved by US forces: 0 Like I said, the world doesn't care how much "renewable" blood the US loses on the battlefield. You sure as heck are not out there offering yours though, now are you. Talk about writing cheques with your mouth.
  7. The leader of the free world -- now serving the lowest common denominator! Very impressive.
  8. As long as it's arrogant American blood, the rest of the world doesn't care why the hell they fight.
  9. Your sister? So thats how it is in your family huh? WHo's your daddy, baaaah-d boy? (Don't get your underpants in a knot now...you walked into that one! )
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