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  1. The name of the film escapes me, but I believe she managed to hold onto the bridge support. Excuse me then for telling you things you already knew. Who woulda thought!
  2. Well Pauline Johnson was a (Mohawk) "terrorist" too then! They are sons and grandsons, doing what their wives, mothers and especially their grandmothers want them too, that's all: defending the law, both theirs and ours ... because our governments don't 'observe' our laws or uphold our Constitution, see. Next time you see them, just wave and say thanks. Upholding Canada's Constitution is a tough job, but somebody has to do it!!
  3. Only you would make a sick "observation" like that. You are the one protesting the police. I have no problem with them.
  4. The truth is written in black ands white very clearly on the lease and mortgage agreements arranged by the government. They say that if payment is in default, the land reverts to Six Nations. The Haldimand Tract reverted to Six Nations long ago, but the government doesn't have the guts to tell Canadians that they issued them fraudulent 'land titles', though most people know it is true. Six Nations will do a much better job of informing people of the truth. Our governments don't seem to know what "truth" is. The 1841 surrender of the Plank Road is no longer relevant. It put the land in tru
  5. I don't believe there is any difference, noah: NONE but a few lots were paid, all are in default, and reverted to Six Nations long ago.
  6. Speaking of 'race conscious', Angus ... you are just jumping all over about me mentioning 'white nationalists', aren't you? hmmm
  7. Wet blanket time: At that time (OKA) two Canadian soldiers threw 2 fourteen year old girls from Kahnewake off the Mercier bridge. One narrowly avoided getting sucked into the propellor of a passing freighter, had a smashed pelvis and cannot have children. That is what I think of when I see that photo: How two young Canadian soldiers saw two angry 14 year old girls as enemies that should be disposed of.
  8. HDI formalizes a process that has already been occurring since November 2006. Developers throughout the Haldimand Tract began approaching the Confederacy for consultation at that time, and have continued to line up at their doors since. To date, developers have maintained confidentiality about their agreements with the Confederacy. I understand developers have been told there is no point in them trying to sue the Confederacy because they would lose in court. As yet, there is no sign of the developers suing the municipality/province for issuing permits in bad faith.
  9. Is Detlor plan a positive step forward? By WES KELLER Freelance Reporter DELETED by moderator http://www.citizen.on.ca/news/2008/0124/Local_news/041.html
  10. I occasionally slip and refer to them that way, but they identify themselves as "white nationalists" just to be clear.
  11. Well the particular group I was referring to above are those who call themselves "white nationalists". The choice of racializing their identity is theirs, not mine.
  12. Certainly ... except none of the settlers paid their mortgages or leases, so all agreements are in default and the land HAS ALREADY reverted to Six Nations, according to the terms of the leases and mortgages arranged by the government. See? And the government has not provided an accounting of Six Nations trust fund, so they are not negotiating in good faith toward even a financial settlement, because it is too big for our govs/us taxpayers to handle. See? So Six Nations is asserting jurisdiction, wants a say in development and a share of revenues. This is a much less drastic, more collaborat
  13. I am not talking about a race. I am talking about aho's. They come in all colours. However, I was referring to self identified white nationalists, as above. If the shoe fits ... ? Otherwise, I am not talking about you. Your choice.
  14. I AM a non-aboriginal white woman.
  15. There is a group of racist trolls who populate discussion boards to bait people and to promote their particular form of hatred. Their online home is stormfront.org. They are self-declared "white nationalists" who believe Canada should be a whiteman's country only. There are other paid agitators who also populate public discussion boards to promote their handlers' agenda, usually a corporate agenda. THAT is why every discussion about Aboriginal issues turns into a melee: because there are people who seek out such discussions to intentionally attack aboriginal people. It is either their (pat
  16. I am not interested in your personal life. I was just pointing out your use of the "broadbrush" in ascribing motives to ALL ABORIGINAL PEOPLE based on your experience with a few.
  17. See the ? It was a joke! get a grip.
  18. For the benefit of Six Nations ... funds to be placed in their trust account, which the government 'managed' as trustee. Whatever was not paid for is still their land. Very few payments were made, and money was embezzled from their account without permission. That is why the land in the Haldimand Tract is still theirs. Six Nations has been asking for an accounting of their trust fund for decades, possibly more than a century, and the government has not done it yet! WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU??
  19. I think, to be fair, I have to say that Dalton has told developers to consult with the HDI, just not to pay them. Interesting that he is now incorporating HDI into the formal process of municipal planning. Excellent! That is what is needed to resolve disputes before they start! AND it is the LAW ! So ... He had better make this the requirement for all other municipalities too! And he'd better shut up about not paying them too: All the municipal people in those discussion are being paid!
  20. QUOTE(kengs333 @ Jan 23 2008, 08:37 AM) * Boy, you heathens just don't get it, do you? you are very funny
  21. Sorry ... no link to article. Here's the link to the paper (subscription required) http://www.theturtleislandnews.com/ This will provide you with another side of the story, since the mainstream media just doesn't 'get it'. Turtle Island News, Six Nations: Editorial Ontario offered nothing, HDI fills void For the first time in 200 years Six Nations has begun to exert its jurisdiction over land it owns within the Haldimand Tract, that's land 10 km (or six miles) on either side of the Grand River. And that has Ontario throwing a hissy fit. Ontario wasn't overly concerned with Six Nations h
  22. I am picking up this thread where it was before it was derailed ... Angus, you have just identified the source of your anger at Aboriginal people and it has nothing to do with land claims, law, whatever: It's personal.Perhaps you should look past your own experience and not paint all Aboriginal people with the same broad brush. Most men just all hate women after a breakup, not a whole race too. We cannot deny the legitimacy of their claims. Why they pursue them, what they hope to gain is their business, not ours. If someone steals my lawnmower, I do not have to give an explanation about why
  23. Hm ... I thought I posted this earlier I think it is not as simple as choosing NOT to have a Queen. I think there are issues of Canadian sovereignty without the Queen, related to the land treaties with the Crown.
  24. And WE ARE NOT ALONE ... Assertion of rights on traditional Indigenous lands is a worldwide issue: http://www.dominionpaper.ca/articles/1616 Indigenous Rights and the Mayan Victory in Belize Implications for Indigenous Title Rights in Canada http://americas.irc-online.org/am/4907 Energy Development Threatens Native Lands (U.S.) http://www.1-1-2008.com/wiki/index.php?tit...ndence_movement Independence movement: Republic of Lakotah (U.S.) On December 20, 2007, Indian activists announced the withdrawal of their group of Lakota Sioux from all treaties with the United States government.
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