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  1. You don't have to believe Six Nations. You just have to learn about Canadian law: Treaty law, Constitutional law and Common law, in that order of precedence. Regarding current issues, this is the critical part of Constitutional law (Sec 35): http://www.lawsonlundell.com/resources/TheCrownsDuty.pdf Recent case law from the Supreme Court of Canada (Haida and Taku) has confirmed that the Crown has a duty to consult, and if necessary, accommodate Aboriginal interests when it has knowledge, real or constructive, of the potential existence of an Aboriginal right or title and contemplates co
  2. Kite to pull ship across Atlantic Beluga Skysails at dockside (pic: SkySails GmbH & Co. KG) The technology is aimed at cutting CO2 emissions The world's first commercial cargo ship partially powered by a giant kite is setting sail from Germany to Venezuela. The designers of the MS Beluga Skysails say the computer-controlled kite, measuring 160sq m (1,722sq ft), could cut fuel consumption by as much as 20%. They also hope the state-of-the-art kite will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions, as it tugs the ship. Fuel burnt by ships accounts for 4% of global CO2 emissions - twice as much
  3. No problem if you have the documents, go for it!
  4. Buyer beware! There is a lien on your property that the government didn't tell you about! All Canadians know we live on native land. It is no surprise to anyone without their head in the sand. I own property. I know it is theirs. If they want it (which isn't likely), I will sue the government to recover my investment. It is the government that broke the law by selling land it had no title to. It truly is as simple as that: If you default on payment for your property, you lose it. Same goes for Canada: If it is proven the land was improperly obtained, or was not paid for, ownership revert
  5. You are not allowed to post a url for another board on a forum, and I will not reveal kengs personal information to you because you already have it. Get over it. I could not care less whether you choose to believe me. You have a rigid ideology and refuse to learn anyway. You are hateful. hmm ... maybe he is trying to get away from you. Well, dislike him as I do, I would never sic a cyber-stalker on him either. back to topic please, aho. You are of no interest to me.
  6. I am not at liberty to divulge his personal information, cyber-stalker. Now will you please stop derailing the thread with your asinine demand for personal information that cannot be divulged. Suffice it to say that his identity is obvious, as is yours considering your obsession with him.
  7. Well, pig, your hateful comment deserves no response, so this is for other more intelligent and less hate-filled people: They would know only that their child didn't come home with the other children. They were never told that children died: http://www2.anglican.ca/primate/hutchison/.../2007-03-28.htm Many did not return to their homes and families for years; others died at the schools and their parents were never told of their deaths. I believe the Anglican Church is insinuating that it was government policy not to tell parents their children died. That policy sure gave the pedophiles and
  8. Well "Dancer" perhaps you are not aware of the courtesy of not discussing other boards on this board. Why is kengs so important to you? Why is it so important to you to know where else he posts? See? You could be cyber-stalking him! And I would be helping you if I told you what you ask, which is a very discourteous request anyway. Besides, you don't need to know because you are always right there with your nose up his butt anyway!
  9. The media never has the true story because they never ask for it. People who believe the media coverage of Caledonia don't really know the truth about much at all. After some initial attempts to work with the press, Six Nations gave up because there was no objectivity only bias in our media. So ... consequently you don't get the whole story from the media, only half. It is good for people to keep that in mind.
  10. I have no authority to give out the names of other boards to you. Sorry. Why does it matter to you?
  11. Their families may know. However, most were buried in unmarked graves and their recodrs may have been expunged (who knows). Strangely, the churches have not been very forthcoming with that information yet! (Imagine that!) However, formal requests are being delivered, have been delivered in Vancouver already. 30 days for the BC Catholic church to respond. Yes Canada does have a law against genocide ... now ... albeit as watered down as they could make it: Only since 2000, 4 years after the last residential school closed (Imagine that!), despite an obligation to do so outstanding to the UN s
  12. He is everywhere, pushing his poison on every forum he can.
  13. I beg to differ: The land theft deal referred to in this film (below) occurred in the 1990's. The deaths of children in that school were and are denied by the United Church to this day, but they happened as they did in every residential school. And it was and is all about the land and the resources that we steal from their land every day: billion$ ... every day ... and they get nothing. "The oppression of the natives by the greedy whiteman" is not only true in history, it is still true today ... every day. http://www.hiddenfromhistory.org/#LiveContent[thevid]
  14. just fyi: 'kengs' knows a lot more about white supremacists than he knows about natives, about whom he makes a point of not learning anything. He likes his prejudices too much. The story of the bridge is an interesting one, told to me by an elder while it was still burning. (btw, it has been found to be salvageable and will be rebuilt): The story is this: That is a historic old bridge, an original route to Caledonia for the Six Nations people. They valued their 'private' entrance to town: It made them feel welcome, and that was its original purpose - a special link between Caledonia and Six
  15. If land doesn't change anything, then you have no problem recognizing their land rights, correct? Land changes everything because it makes them no longer dependent on Canada. It has value that can be turned into self-sufficiency, and opportunity for population and economic development. Leasing it back to us provides income, for example. Land is the key. You don't know anything about them. You never even spoke to a native person to truly find out their perspective. Of course, they won't speak to you anyway. Why would they? !!
  16. Wrong. Don't believe your governments. They lie to you.
  17. I think we are coming to a time in our history when we will have to truly grapple with this. Many Canadians, new and old, object to swearing allegiance to the Queen, often a symbol of colonialism and oppression. As the challenges rack up, there will be a need to reconsider our 'colony' status.
  18. If Christianity is "the one true religion" I know why I am not religious! "Christian" churches killed thousands of children in the residential schools and destroyed the lives of tens of thousands more. How is that consistent with your "Christian" values? 'Christian values' make me puke, because they are entirely hypocrisy. Churches bend to power and money, and support the corporate culture of greed and superiority. THAT is what Christian churches are about! Don't tell me Canada is 'Christian'. There is no requirement that Canadians be Christian, nor even have to respect Christianity. Chris
  19. No it isn't. We take billion$ in resources from their land PER DAY, EVERY DAY Canada would not exist without stolen resources: Our economy is ENTIRELY dependent on them. ************************ I am copying this anonymous book review here about the same book this thread is about. I believe the authors intent has been misinterpreted here, and this review gives another perspective (bold added): Dances with Dependency Indigenous Success through Self-Reliance by Calvin Darrell Helin http://www.spiritorca.com/home.shtml If this is out of line or I'm not qualified to comment, then please de
  20. fellowtraveller, you are under the same mistaken impression as many Canadians, including perhaps our governments, that the Band Councils actually represent all of the Indigenous people, but they don't. In fact, only about 5% ... that's right 5% of Indigenous people across Canada support Band Councils. You see, Band Councils were imposed by force, at gunpoint in some cases, and traditional governments and spiritual practices were outlawed in Canada: People were thrown in jail for singing, dancing, drumming, praying. At Six Nations, for example, in 1924, Chiefs and Clanmothers were removed fro
  21. woulda-coulda-shoulda ... who friggen cares!
  22. When the government expropriates land they pay for it. What if they never did? The land goes back, that's what.
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