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  1. Dunn care bout the byline

    Link please?

    loosening Ottawa's grip on reserve-land holdings so that First Nations are free to develop, exploit and borrow against one of the few assets they have;

    The author has identified the real issue: Give them back their land.

  2. Your style of argumentation sounds rather familiar...

    So you're not a member of Six Nations, nor do you have anything to do with them? You're simply concerned that "justice" should be done?

    I think that our government is not responsible for much of anything when it comes to this issue; past governments may have not acted as best as they could have, but the fact of the matter is that much of the current "problem" is the result of how Six Nations mismanaged their own affairs and wilfully entered into agreements that now, 150-200 years later, didn't seem like a good idea. Six Nations feels itself to be a "nation" and some of its members claim not to be Canadian, and when they show up in court, they claim to be "political prisoners" and not subject to the jurisdiction of Canadian law. If that is the case, and they believe that Six Nations has always been a seperate "nation," then they have no grounds for "land claims"--as a "nation" they made mistakes, used poor judgement and were ultimately defeated, and as such are not in a position to accept compensation for anything.

    I think you don't know Canadian law.

  3. Are you serious? I would say that we have as much right to criticize Six Nations as we have to criticize any and all levels of non-native governments!

    Who died and made the natives perfect and above reproach?

    "No Mummy, you can't scold me for doing wrong 'cuz one of the other kids did wrong too!"

    Give me a break! If your argument came from someone on Six Nations then they should grow up and act their age.

    The CURRENT SITUATION is caused by Ontario's flagrant evasion of Supreme Court rulings - Constitutional Law.

  4. The landclaims may be "legal," but they have political ramifications and the manner in which Six Nations has conducted itself at times has clearly not been "legal". I hope that makes sense to you, too.

    Let me know when OUR governments observe OUR laws.

    Only then do we have a right to criticize Six Nations: their behaviour is a response to flagrant violations of our laws by our governments.

  5. Uh....you did it again.

    by reforming the absurd structures that frequently stand in the way of First Nations developing their own lands and resources to become more economically independent;

    This will help. It will help also if the government gets off its butt and settles the land claim debts, so they have access to their own money and land for development.

  6. Here's the link:


    Isn't this just typical of these clowns? The only good think about this situation is that the injustice to the Caledonia citizens is now getting attention in a national newspaper and not just the local Hamilton Spectator.

    I wonder what Dalton would do if the natives claimed the land under Queen's Park? Wouldn't surprise me if he caved then as well.

    Just how far is this situation going to go before someone gets hurt?

    Oh it is way too late to be thinking about QPk - The Mississaugas Nation's claim to Toronto was successful in 2003.

    The gov is trying to figure out how to pay for it. The Toronto Islands are unceded, thus still Mississaugas title. Toronto is too until the feds pay up, of course.

    Land claims are not political, but legal. Dalton can only stretch the law so far, and he is way beyond it anyway: Ontario has failed to consult with Six Nations about development on disputed land, so developments is being halted until he does. Makes perfect legal sense to me.

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