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  1. I'm with you. There are many examples of America's 'commitment to democracy' just like this.
  2. I've read a lot of posts here and there seems to be a prevailing opinion that capitalism is some sort of singular economic model. I believe that there are many versions of capitalism. Here is mine... I believe that capitalism is about finding an economic niche in a regulated trade environment. It is about finding the unique contribution that we all can make and sustaining that contribution (output) by inputs willingly (hopefully eagerly) paid. I do not believe that capitalism is about getting rich. In fact, I think that wealth is an aberration of capitalism that signals a problem in the sys
  3. My first reaction is to express great disappointment at Ignatieff who apparently is still worried that Al Quaida is going to blow up Boston. The Liberals will never be able to provide an alternative to Harper's Tories as long as Ignatieff is in the mix. How did this guy get in there anyways? Secondly. I too am wondering why this is happening on the eve of an American election. We have seen in the past how Harper has fawned over the Bush agenda in the Middle East, even going so fay as to pay for Op-Ed column space in the New York Times. There are more down home issues to be dealt with when pa
  4. Capitalism is about the free exchange of value. We need to come to terms with the fact that we have yet to develop a universal model that defines value completely. Either the monetary system is an imperfect determinant of value or there is a better measure of value... The best thing about value is that it can be measured. Hopefully this is something we can all agree on...
  5. I thought that Ahenakew's comment about Jews being a disease was really stupid. Aboriginals in Canada get this sort of crap all the time, and his lack of sensitivity on the issue was dumb. I read a Globe And Mail column on the week-end by Christie Blachford saying Aboriginal matters should be covered by the foreign desk. Earth to Christie: go back to the crime desk. Why not hire an Aboriginal reporter? Maybe that would be like hiring an Arab to cover the Wet Bank? Hey, Greenspan, how about giving Christie a month on the Barbados beat? Ahenakew was wrong, but everybody knows that. Maybe he
  6. Spector seems to have told the truth regarding the money. If that can be verified, then good. This guy is a very ambitious political wonk. I do not trust him any more than I do the rest of them. Look at his career.
  7. Irgun and Stern turned into the IDF. The Arabs had their own terrosits? Name them. The Zionists were much more organised. The Arabs were completely off guard. They trusted the British and the British were not to be trusted.
  8. I personally look fondly back to the days when the British were driven out of Palestine by Zionist terrorists.
  9. I'm wondering why BritCits were rendered to Britain for trial years ago while our juveniles are left to the mercy (ahem) of US military policy. Just give us the goddamned minerals and shut your face?
  10. It is remarkable that the US is treating this election as an internal matter. The US has been a global player on a level above the UN given its willingness to use its ultra-tech military ability to enforce its policies. The US should be seeking external input. Of course it will not. It has yet to declare its primary foreign policy issue. Meanwhile, China and India are stealing a march.... If Hillary Clinton gets elected, it's all for naught. She has shown no inclination to vary from Bill Clinton's screwed up foreign policy. If Obama gets elected, he might be more open to alternatives, but
  11. The Chinese have already finessed the West with its investments in AFrica. The West had the power to support Africa for decades and ignored the opportunity. A lot of Africa will be speaking Mandarin in the future....
  12. The problem was not with military strategy. The problem was with political acumen. The US let Vietnam down when it saw a Communist Insurgency rather than a Civil War. Read your history. The Vietnamese have never had any truck with the Chinese, nor anybody who tried to force their way across the mountains from the North.
  13. The Patriot Act has nothing to do with the Geneva Conventions. The Patriot Act is a local matter, the Geneva Conventions are a international matter, to which almost every nation including the US, have agreed. Comparing the Patriot Act to the Geneva Conventions is like comparing apples to elephants. You want to discuss the Patriot Act, talk local. You want to discuss the Geneva Conventions, go International. If you are thinking of opting out of the Geneva Conventions, the US no longer has a choice. You are in and it's permanent. Sort of like the Nuclear (that's NOO-KLEE-ARR) Non-Proliferatio
  14. Israel was built by terrorists. The King David Hotel and all that....
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