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  1. Curioser and curioser. On one hand give incentives for the manufacturing of V8 gas guzzlers and on the other hand.... This 'care' about the environment is a bogus as Bush claiming to have a brain.
  2. It's beyond the rational. It's almost impossible for Albertans to get E.I. because of the high demand for labour. E.I. is just another transfer of wealth from have provinces to mostly Quebec. E.I. has not been an unemployment insurance for the last 40 years...it's a fund less concerned every year with being a safety net for those unemployed and more and more bucket of money to fund regional programs. Fortunately greater numbers of young people, even many Francophones, are now going to Alberta and elsewhere where the opportunities are.
  3. Yes, there are shits on the left and shits on the right. As An albertan I'm just glad Trudeau is a dead shit.
  4. No idea what a site com is. Perhaps some Internet.... Bottom line: I don't care how crappy a show is as long as my taxes aren't paying for it. We go to the library and sign out DVDs of a lot of 70's and earlier shows. The 'periodness' of them is fun to watch...cars, clothing, technology and so on.
  5. 'Revealing' Bush's idiotness is like shooting fish in a barrel. Too easy. Bush is an ass...a stupid ass...a stupid incompetent ass. Bush jokes are no longer fun or funny....like watching one more pie thrown by a clown...or listening to stale routines by the Canadian Air Farce. "Me no laugh no more". Bush is like a piece of shit you step on and can't get it off your shoe.
  6. I was a big CBC supporter up until the late 1980's or so. It played an important role in Canada before the multi-station universe, the Internet, etc. Today? The CBC has outlived its purpose. The ratings are in the toilet and the programs that do get decent numbers (Hockey) don't need government broadcasting. I prefer the PBS and NPR model and, if it collapses because of lack of funds, then the people have spoken.
  7. What ould happen? Why would any gas station sell gas and lose 25 cents a liter? Why would traders pay world prices and then sell to refineries for less than they paid? A trader purchasing Aramco oil for an Ontario refinery isn't going to get a drop for 1.10 a barrel when the other 50 traders on the international market are offering 1.30 What would happen? No gas.
  8. Not true. The children of a second or third wife have as much rights as any child born within a legally recognized marriage. The rights of illegitimate children are identical to those of legitimate children in all Canadian provinces.
  9. I don't care if someones wants to marry their pet hamster... hamster of the same sex...or even 3 of them. The B.C. justice system has not pursued polygamy cases because the laws aginst polygamy are probably not valid. There are bigger fish to fry and drawn out court challenges that will end on the side of the defendants are a waste of tax dollars. It's revealing that folks on the right (of which I share many economic views) are so quick to insist the state get involved in personal matters and expend resources on rooting out perceived 'evil'. 'The law' should be upheld....blah, blah,...but w
  10. Richardson may be Secretary of State. Obama needs a non-ideological strong white male from one of the big states...I say it'll be a big 'Clinton' supporter to appease some of that crowd. I'll guess it'll be the Governor of Pennsylvania: Ed Rendell. Obama's VP choice is more politically important to him than John McCain's (probably Romney as VP)...whereas the irony is that McCain is more likely to drop dead or be incapacitated.
  11. Topaz is known for making things up. I don't say she does it on purpose but she has little perspective of opinion vs reality. Sort of like the gossip queen in the office who over hears some snippet and gets it all twisted. Don't hold your breath waiting for this 'mistake' ...and the 'exemption' bill. (via the generalized 'they' It's part of her defensive mechanism coping with the real world.
  12. Ha! Ha! Completely unrelated but along the same lines. I spent a year working in Nova Scotia a couple decades ago. Like all cities, Halifax had the routine debate. about legalizing prostitition, setting up a licensed red light district, etc. Some wanted a plebiscite decided by the people. The 'progressive' folks were for it. Then one of the seasoned councillors made the proposal that if the vote was 'yes' then whichever district of Halifax had the highest percent of 'yes' would have the privilege of having the red light district in their neighborhood...needless to say support dropped
  13. I'm glad I live in Alberta where nobody gives a crap about the language on signs, the tongue of Federal civil servants, etc. After spending a few years is Quebec going to university, I overdosed on language issues and quite frankly I don't give a horse's ass what language is on a sign or what language is sung at a hockey game. As a French Canadian, I've never met anyone who didn't know what 'Exit' meant over a door at the Calgary Airport and therefore needed an acompanying 'Sortie'. The more languages and diversity the better. The world is drifting towards a Walmartish populist culture wit
  14. My solution for North America is to merge Canada, the USA and Mexico. The Queen can be the Constitutional monarch and the official language can be Spanish on Mondays, English on Tuesdays, etc. French will the official language on Full Moons. On the national holiday....June 3 (an averging out of July 1st, July 4th and May 5th) the new flag featuring a hockey stick, a football and a soccer ball will be raised.....all citizens will sing Kumbaya , the new official anthem (in the language of that day) and play fun games like pin the tail on the donkey and three-legged races.... everyone wins a
  15. It works for most people. Works for me, my friends, and with any business functions I attend. Unlike yourself who is not deterred, I can't say I know anyone who shrugs off the cost or stigma of a drunk driving offense. It's a big black mark on ones character, insurance, etc. The 'deterrent' is very much there but, as Chuck states, folks who are habitual offenders have other issues such as alcoholism, drug addictions and so on.
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