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  1. I know how you feel. Bundling is the enemy. In a free market system, we should be able to subsrcibe as we will. We do not have that with Bell, Rogers, etc.. I have Rogers. I have to pay for all kinds of crap (I mean MTV? Come on. Should be ATV. Know what I mean?) to get a small number of channels I value. This is what happens when you monopolize a market. Our regulatory process has failed us.
  2. So we go from a suicide bombing in Islamabad to Israel. Incredible. This was a strike at the heart of the western presence in Pakistan. Hotels like the Marriott are like Western ex-pat clubs. Western ex-pats congregate around places like this. They become social clubs. Watch Hotel Ruanda. Lays it all out.
  3. Good old Jim Flaherty. Elected in Ontario, I believe. Harper backed him up in a recent scrum. Good old Harper. Hardly a seat in Ontario. Wonder why? Hey guys. How about that deficit? Jim? Hello?
  4. Great idea. Free cancer drugs. One in three will need it before we die. How is this less important than bailouts to the auto industry, Bombardier, what have you? Sure if you lose your job at the bomber, you are unemployed. But if you die from cancer because you can't afford the drugs, YOU ARE FRIGGIN DEAD. No brainer. Screw Bomber, GM and Ford. Drugs for cancer patients. What am I missing here?
  5. Folks, when the mitochondria stop working, it's all history.
  6. There simply cannot be a deficit. Amanda Lang of BNN asked Jim Flaherty 3 times if there was going to be a deficit. Of course everyvbody in Ontario knows what kind of guy Jim Flaherty is and how much you can believe Jim when it comes to deficits.
  7. This is what happens when you try to have a serious discussion about Israeli poltics. The kooks come out of the woodwork. Don't feel offended, Oleg Bach. I'm, sure Rue, M Dancer, JBG and the rest of the riot squad will be out with their tear gas grenades in no time.
  8. Here is a CNN/Time quote about Livni written by Condoleeza Rice.. http://www.time.com/time/specials/2007/tim...1614647,00.html Pithy Condy quote: "Tzipi has not just been my colleague; she has become my friend." Livni first emerged as a Sharon advisor. Should give some good insight into what direction she will follow. While the attention of the US is diverted with the presidential election, collapse of the financial markets. Georgia, Afghanistan, and Iraq, watch for Lipni to ramp up settlement building, the persecution of Palestinians, attacks on Iran, etc. etc...
  9. I've watched NPR for many years. I'd say that their reporting on many issues ressembles that of the Economist. Not as detailed - but as balanced as far as I'm able to tell. Yes, they are a little left, but the balance is comparable.
  10. Greenspan is agnostic when it comes to money. You have supported some of my posts, but I think you need to get your vision corrected. He was a very good Fed chair for many years. My posts pointed out that SOME ANAYLYSTS WERE BLAMING GREENSPAN LOL. OK?
  11. Nicely said. The problem is that Wall Street has been focussed on the next quarterly report and that the people who were supposed to be bird-dogging the long term (i.e. the regulators) let themselves be scared off by the constant belly-aching from the private sector whining about how the government should stay outta of their hair. This is what happens when you let private sector whining intimidate the regulatory process. Hopefuly the lesson that wil be learned is a very old one. The investment community has long said that is a mistake to put all your eggs in one basket. And yet we have a case
  12. This sort of thing gets said a lot. Look at our infrastructure costs. Look at the size of our shoreline. The number of kilometers of highway. The number of small cities who have to subsist on property taxes because of the bizarro tax regime forced on them by the Provincial and federal systems. Even mighty Toronto has to constantly beg for money. How are you measuring productivity? How are you measuring our health care system? I'll take our health care system over that of the yanks any day. Many of them are wondering if they might not be better off with our system. Michael Moore gets pillorie
  13. Funny how many Bloombreg, BNN, etc analsysts are now crawling out of the woodwork to tell us that: It's all Greenspan's fault (LOL), it's all the government's fault (LOL - how often have we heard them tell us that life would be so much better if the government would just get out of our hair?). You're right. Nobody knows how much risk is now in the markets, and that is exactly the problem. If you cannot quantify risk, then how to you value the market? Captialism. Ain't it grand? The mighty US of A has damned near destroyed the world. The Russian market has had to close two days in a row becau
  14. Gold is up $85 today. What do you make of that? Maybe people are running from dollars? Wonder why? BNN interviewed the head of MacDougall, MacDougall & McTier today. They are celebrating 150 years of serving the Canadian investment community, if you can believe it. He was talking about how much the currency has become devalued by the bigging up of investment enterprises. Now we have companies that are moving billions of dollars a day. He seemed to feel that this was devaluing the currency. Judging by what is happening with gold today, I'd say he might be right. By the way. His advice for
  15. Well kimmy, maybe you are just letting your own prejudice dictate your opinions. Here is a link to the Canadian Centre for Diversity web page listing their directors. You will note that Harper is an honorary patron. You will also note that the Jewish commuity is very well represented in the list of directors. These are the people who say that Jews are a visible minority. http://www.centrefordiversity.ca/index2.ht...p:banner.html:: Your post is also notable because it shows what so often happens when anybody tries to start a discussion about politics of the Jewish community, even though they
  16. Gee. Was he? Holy cow. And the democracy part? How did this guy get elected anyways? No coup could happen without the assistance of the Iranians? Well of course. There always has to be a patsy. But you know, we keep coming back to that democracy part. Who voted for this guy anyhow? Damn. That's the tough part, right?Y You have democracy and people vote. But then you have Kentucky Fried Chicken that can only be cooked a certain way. How did you manage to leave the Brits out? The British American Petroleum company. Ever heard of them? LOL. You need to read Fisk. And you need to look at the his
  17. Ya know. There is this New Yawk Times op-ed piece that just will not go away. What was it about exactly? How to clean chiffon? Deep frying octopus? House values in Plesantville? OO. OO. I know. Invade Iraq. Yes. Ha ha. Invade Iraq. That was it. Do I get a prize?
  18. O come on. The age of young offenders? So you really think that we need to know the identity of a 13 year old kid who steals a soda pop from a 7-11?
  19. I don't see Mallick as a columnist. She generally reports news. I definitely do not see her as a Coulter type. The CBC does have columnists. Rex Murphy, for one. But it is most trusted for its balance - Don Newman in particular is a national treasure. Not to say the CBC has a lock on this. Amanda Lang at BNN gets it too. On the other hand we have the also rans. The right leaners, the left leaners... There are some safe havens in our press. The CBC does not have a lock on them, but you have to invest some time to find them.
  20. Argus, you are an elitist. You are just the kind of guy George Bush would love. Democracy is only verified when the mighty US of A says it is so. And so goes Mossadeq. And so goes Allende. And so it goes.... The almighty US of A will tell us all when we are being democratic. It's a franchise. Sort of like Kentucky Fried Chicken. LOL. Double LOL.
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