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  1. Your right the majority of it rides along the border, but there is still plenty further north. Which would costly to build and maintain due to an even more severe climate. But still with the pop mostly along the border. Its a very long border, your talking allot of territory, it swallows 30 million easily. We are very spread out except for a few spots like for example southwestern Ontario. I guess I'm not much of a car guy but i find even the drives within southwestern Ontario long and boring at times. And yes the states has vast expanses of land as well I realize that. I learned a good car stereo is your best friend. But I will never forget the time our family had relatives from England for a visit, who when taken to various spots, would keep asking our we there yet. lol Anyway its probably part of Canada's challenges not the sole reason why Canada is heavily taxed or perceived to be poor. I like my country. I don't see it as being poor. I see examples of wealth and beauty every day. Every country has its positives and negatives.
  2. True. But your 300 million is bit more concentrated. Reducing the cost of infrastructure. Our 30 million has to come up with some kind of infrastructure covering an area the roughly the same size of the US. For example building a railway from the east coast to the west coast would cost 300 million individual taxpayers less than it would cost 30 million individual taxpayers. It doesn't help our 30 million is so spread out over such a large area. Transportation cost s, shipping etc.
  3. Canada: Pop 30,007,094 USA: Pop 300,000,000 California alone draws taxes from 30 million people.
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