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  1. Involvement of the CPC could have been suggested if the riding were promissing for the conservatives. In Guelph, conservatives had very little chances. This is exactly what 22-year-old prankster could do. I think Elections Canada has very little against Sona. Mainly, his talks about to do such things. Elections Canada hopes that under pressure Sona will tell them something new and implicate somebody else.
  2. Do you realize that it's an equivalent of a city like Montreal or Edmonton receiving $10 billion per year? Of taxpayers money. Every year. I think something is wrong with your accountability. And if I am not mistaken, the town receives millions of dollars from a mining company. How come do they have living condition problems?
  3. Question was, what difference did they do. It seems, they were wasted.
  4. YEGmann


    What evidence?! There is no any evidence. The situation is very simple. The CoC is arguing that Election Canada might find some evidence for them in future. Conservatives say, let's start the trial. Proceeding with this frivolous case just indicates the sad state of the Canadian court system. No evidence required. Accused must wait indefinitely for the accuser to present his case. A miniscule probability of wrongdoing is addmitted by a judge as a proof of guilt.
  5. You simply have no idea what you are talking about.
  6. It was a subject of discussions at least fourty years ago: the budget of Ministry of Defence in communist countries was a small fraction of the total defence spendings. Military spendings were spread among many other ministies. Some had funny names, like "Ministry of General Machine Building", "Ministry of Medium Machine Building". Of course, there were "Ministry of Heavy Machine Building" and "Ministry of Transport Machine Building". All had their own budgets. This was a principal difference with Western countries. That's why the MoD budget of the USSR was relatively very small. I think the
  7. I am affraid you mixed the problems. The operating cost in this report is an equivalent of our maintenace cost, i.e. $6 bln, which are included in CF-35 procurement budget. An equivalent of our operating cost at DND (salaries etc.), i.e., the $10 bln. in question, is nowhere in the report.
  8. Have you ever seen a document like "Statement of Operational Intent"? I do not need the BS you refered to. I read the requirements for the 5th generation fighter on the DND web-site. They have little, almost nothing to do to the actual requirements or documents circulating in tenders. And from the Solomon's citation it's clear he is talking BS.
  9. Applying exactly your logics, only inversed, it is much more plausible that you are not sitting in the front row because you don't understand the rules of a MP. Having a conflict of interest without having any interest - this is definitely a progressive step in Canadian "popular justice", I think. Didn't Consrvatives always say they wouldn't fund the Quebec arena?
  10. You and the others similar to you cannot understand one simple thing. The war is about to kill AND to avoid to be killed. There is an enemy with his sophisticated killing machines too. "A modern Multi-purpose fighter" gives you 50/50 chances of survival. The 5th generation is about to shift the ratio towards something 90/10. There are only two planes that can do that: F-22 and F-35. F-35 is not simply a new aircraft. It's new quality.
  11. Solomon is absolutely incompetent. He invented these "requirements", he invented "non-compliance". It seems he's got some preliminary analytical document. Operational requirements, aircraft design specifications are secret documents. I hardly believe a journalist can get them without explanation. For people who are in the business, Solomon's mumbling is ridiculous. Actually, I can say Solomon is lying here. The helmet issue has been known for some time. It works as specified. The problem is a time lag between receiving signals and dispalying the information. The lag is about 0.2 sec now. It's
  12. This is your wild fantasy... The ethic commitioner DID NOT say Paradis used his influence on decisions of bureaucrats. Paradis could not know he was violating the ethic code. It took two years for the Ethic commisioner to dig out a clause in the code to interpret possible actions of bureaucrats (which never happened) as "preferential treatment" due to the fact that Paradis recommended them simply to hear what Jaffer proposed.
  13. Absolutely agree. Now you have to show what public money were allocated or would have been allocated in the cases of Paradis. Without showing a link to the public money all leftist posturing is just pathetic blah-blah-blah...
  14. Sorry, you don't have a slightest idea what you are talking about. Russia now has no more than an empty flattened tin barrel they call T-50. In no way it is a 5th generation fighter. It is not even a fighter yet (no proper engines, no radar, no avionics, no weapons). And even this empty can cannot fly. Out of three "prototypes" one is already broken and is cannibalized to allow imitating test flying to a single plane. F-35A is in a low production rate state now. The end of testing is visible now. Yes, some ultra-fancy gadgets like the mentioned helmet visualization system require improvement
  15. What are talking about??!
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